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Richard Martin

Hi, I'm Richard. I'm just an ordinary guy earning money online, and I'm going to help you do the same. I'm an ex-police officer whose passion is helping people, and I'm determined to help you start your own profitable internet business. No matter what your background, age or location, I truly believe you can make money online just like me. Find out more about me.

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how to ebook

Launching A Five Figure eBook Business

...And How You Can Do The Same

This post looks at how I earn an income from one eBook, how I did it and how you can do the same. If you want a solid start to business, creating a simple eBook or Report is one of the best ways to start.


how to video course

Launching A Five Figure Video Course Business

...And How You Can Do The Same

I launched a video course that earned me 5 figures in a very short space of time. Twice over. This post looks at how you can do the same by using a very sneaky trick to get the help of the top people in your niche.


Income Reports From The Blog

...Interesting Stats From The Blog

If you have ever wondered about the vital statistics of a blog, wonder no more. I started these reports from Day One, and I record everything from how many visitors I am getting, how much income I am seeing and how much time I spend creating content.


money mentality internet business

Money Mentality: A New Way Of Thinking

...And Why You Should Think Like This Too

I can bet that the majority of people's income looks like the first illustration on this post. But wouldn't it be better, safer, to have the income of the second illustration? This is why you need to to start your internet business today.


smart income resources

Your Business Tools

That You Cannot Ignore

I buy the best. Period. When it comes to reinvesting profits into tools and resources for my business, I go all our for the very best. This page reveals the tools I use to make business easier, faster and more profitable.


Online Services

Services Catered For Individual Needs

Richard is more than just an ordinary guy, he shoots from the hip, no smokescreens here. He provides down to earth advice based on his wide ranging experience of online marketing. If you’re looking for an online marketer who you can trust, Richard is your guy.

David Hartshorne - ByteOfData.com

There are some good, honest, hard working, experienced, trustworthy and downright nice people on the web who are eager to share with you how they got their start, what they did and how you can do the same. Richard is one of those guys – and you won’t find a better person to learn from than him.

Adrienne Smith - AdrienneSmith.net

How do I decide who to trust online? First I make initial contact and then I observe actions, words, and attitude. I met Richard last year, and I consider him to be one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know. Richard is forthright and transparent, and in this day and age of scam artists and schemers online, he’s quite refreshing.

Carol Amato - CarolAmato.com


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