6 Ways To Benefit From Having A Business Coach & Joining A Mastermind

​I’m absolutely delighted to have Carol Amato on the blog this week, covering a really important subject: Masterminds and coaching.I’ll be upfront about it – I have never had a coach and never been part of a mastermind, but after reading Carol’s post, I’m starting to think I’ve been missing out.​Carol, here’s the reins…​ Carol […]

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  • July 29, 2015

My Name Is Richard And I’m A Cheat

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because this post may well make you very uncomfortable. And I’m making no apologies. ANSWER THIS QUESTION I want you to answer this really, really honestly. Have you used a service (paid or not) that artificially inflates your social share count? I’ll start the ball rolling with some ultra transparency. […]

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  • May 6, 2015
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