OP 2.0 – Latest News On OptimizePress 2.0 Release Date & Features

Hot off the press, I have just learnt some of the confirmed features of OP 2.0.

I just don’t think I have been this excited about something since the purchase of my Playstation One in 1999. Check out some of the best features I have handpicked, straight from my secret source!

But if you want to jump to the very latest video (Pre Launch Official Video), just click here to see OP 2.0 in action.

OP 2.0 Confirmed Features -NEW-

*CONFIRMED* WordPress Theme & Plugin Versions
Now you can use the OptimizePress plugin with ANY WordPress site no matter what theme you are using, so you can create custom sales pages and landing pages while keeping your existing blog intact.

*CONFIRMED* GoToWebinar Integration
Send your opt-ins straight to GotoWebinar to register them for a webinar, and also add them to an autoresponder list (at the same time!).

*CONFIRMED* Save Your Pages as Presets
Use our Preset and Clone features to duplicate your pages on your site so you can design once and reuse that design to keep your pages looking consistent.

*CONFIRMED* Export Your Designs as Templates & Share on our Marketplace
We’re extremely excited to announce our marketplace and template export feature for OptimizePress 2.0. Now you can export your pages as templates and share them on our OptimizePress Marketplace for other OptimizePress users to download and use.

(The Marketplace will be launching soon after launch and will allow you to even make money from selling your templates!)

OP 2.0 – Membership Features

*CONFIRMED* Powerful Membership Templating System – means you can easily organise your content into products or memberships with categories, subcategories and lesson pages.

*CONFIRMED* Membership Security Built-in – Use our included Membership plugin that works exclusively with OptimizePress to secure your posts, pages and content including secure file downloads.

*CONFIRMED* Integrate with most major platforms including Paypal, Clickbank, Authorize.net and Infusionsoft to take payments and deliver your members to a secure members area.

*CONFIRMED* Create completely custom Members areas with our membership elements including page listings (list pages from any membership product or category including thumbnails and descriptions of your content).

*CONFIRMED* Create custom membership sidebars for ANY page so each page of your membership can be different if you wish.

Final Word

I think you have got the hint by now – I am loving all the new features, and I am just totally amped up for the release.

If you want a hands on video of OP 2.0 in action (and a demo of how to use video marketing to advertise your products – the video is AMAZING quality), then  hop across to the the Pre Launch Video for OptimizePress 2.0.

All the best,

Richard Martin

  • July 26, 2013
Richard Martin

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kim - July 28, 2013

Very interesting to see the membership options and how they will integrate – the first version was a nightmare because you had to integrate with S2 Member, hopefully this can do it all in one place and one plugin without the need for additional plugins – and I would expect it for the huge price tag I have heard.
kim recently posted…Hello My Friends!My Profile

    Richard Martin - July 28, 2013

    Hi Kim, yes you are right, it was difficult to set up the membership portal with OP 1.0, I too am hoping for a much more intuitive interface.

Make Money Home - July 30, 2013

I thought they would of treted customers of 1st product better than they have so far i heard original customers where to get the invite a day before public launch

    Richard Martin - July 30, 2013

    Sure, however they have an incredible product wanted by a lot of people. Yes, i would have handled things different, as it was customers of OP 1.0 that have allowed them to create this. BUT, it is their strategy, and let’s face it – you will be buying on the 31st, because we both know it will be a uality product.

    And I have heard there is a special, time limited discount for existing customers. I believe this to be $147 for the 10 site licence, instead of $197.


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