Sniping Snip.ly. How To Stop Snip.ly Users Using Your Content

If you ask any content creator what their biggest fear is, I am positive that content theft would be right up there.

I’ve seen it before with my own products. Just days after launch, my eBook or video course that I have put huge amounts of time and energy into is available for free on torrent sites.

Of course, a quick DMCA notice to these sites, and the links are deleted after a short period.

But what about another type of theft? A theft that is actually ‘legal’, but is completely bereft of any sort of morality?

Could you imagine, for instance, a site that lets a user copy a page from YOUR blog or website, and then lets them overlay that page with their OWN call to action button, or their OWN opt in form?

Or worse, they take a huge review you have done on a product or a service, and then overlay their OWN affiliate link over that review?

Hold on.

There’s no need to imagine any of this.



Snip.ly is a site that allows users to grab a page off the internet, and then place their own call to action button over the top of it.

Here’s two examples using snip.ly from two huge sites.

First, the New York Times:


Imagine if the above was a product review you had spent hours and hours creating. 

Now imagine that button you see overlaid is an affiliate link.

Here’s the problem. It’s not YOUR affiliate link.

It’s somebody else’s. Would you be happy with that?

Next up, is Gizmodo, a leading authority site in the tech related industry:


Imagine if the above is an article you have posted to your blog or website.

In this example, there’s an optin box positioned bottom right.

Here’s the problem. It’s not YOUR opt in box.

It’s somebody else’s. Would you be happy with that?


Well, it’s pretty simple really. Anybody using this service can take a page or a post that you’ve spent hours creating, and simply place their own affiliate link over it, place an opt in on it or place a call to action on it.

It is so damn wrong.

And it is open to some serious abuse.

Recently a friend of mine told me a visitor to his site had made contact with him regarding one of his reviews. He took time to help this person, and guided her to the best option for what she needed.

In return for his review and his help, she said she would buy the product through his link. So she duly cleared her cookies, and bought through his link.

Yet, he received no commission from that sale. 

Could he have been a victim of Snip.ly? 


Just to give you an example, I’m choosing 3 friends at random and I’m going to steal their content for my own, money grabbing gain.

They will really wish they could stop Sniply after they see this!

I really hope they don’t fall out with me :-/

First off, I’m going to hijack Carol Amato’s site. The lead is a blog post about blogging. I want my visitor to read her post, but then click to purchase my product.

Go ahead. Try it now by clicking here.

Second. Who shall I pick? I know, David has done a review on an excellent little plugin. I really can’t be bothered doing a review on it, so I’ll just hijack the review.

See what I did to David’s site by clicking here(Edit: David now appears to be using the free plugin I describe below!).

Third. Who’s my next victim? Ah, Adrienne. She’s done a nice post about getting traffic to your blog, but I’m going to overlay an affiliate link to a traffic generation course. Easy Money!

See what I did by clicking here. (Edit: Adrienne now appears to be using the free plugin I describe below!).

I’m gonna be a billionaire boys! 


Ok, in the above examples, I just linked to their own stuff. I didn’t put any affiliate links in or anything like that. But the point is I could have if I wanted to. 

But you can see the potential for shady marketers to use this for their own advantage.

And that is where my problem lies.

Here’s the awful reality that goes with this service. Imagine I’m a shady marketer. I set up a free social media accounts. And I set up several free Snip.ly accounts (using a fake email, because you don’t have to confirm your email to activate your account).

Here’s the most horrifying thing. I can anyone’s name, and anyone’s image to make my Sniply ad look even more authentic – and make it look like it is genuinely part of a site. All I need to do is pick my victim and start creating Snip.ly links to their content, and then spam Twitter and other sites with my links.

And if I’m promoting ‘Authority Bloggers’, it all looks good. After all, they are household names. People of trust. When people see this, they think nothing is out of the ordinary. They may even think that it’s just one of those brown nosed bloggers.

It all looks so innocuous!

So here’s a little experiment I did to put this to the test.

I tweeted the following people to raise awareness of just how powerful this is. I asked for nothing in return, I just wanted to raise their awareness of how easy I could imitate them and potentially steal from them. Using their own content. Spencer, Adam and Cliff have Tweeted me back so far.

First up, Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard.


All I did was create a free account on Snip.ly, named it ‘Adam Connell’, and uploaded a picture found on the net of him.

Let’s say I shared my special link (which I would cloak), and share it across social media, in blog comments, all over the place in fact. Someone interested in this software may believe the button is Adam’s. Some may even click through using the link at the bottom to buy.

Result? I just used his own work to make a commission.

Adam Tweeted me back. Thanks Adam.

He stole Adam's Connell's content and commission. Find out how to stop him stealing yours...

Click to Tweet

Second up? Cliff Ravenscraft, of Podcast Answerman. I took his podcast equipment page, and stole it. I did exactly the same as before.


Once again guys, it’s simple. I will spam my cloaked link in as many places as possible to try and hijack his site. This is too easy.

Cliff Tweeted me back. Thanks Cliff.

He hijacked an affiliate page, find out how to stop him hijacking yours.

Click to Tweet

Third up. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I do exactly the same once again.


So easy. So, so very easy. 

He LEGALLY hijacked Pat Flynn's @PatFlynn content and affiliate commission - RIDICULOUS!!

Click to Tweet

Last but not least Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits.


Again, simple. I create my Snip.ly profile, cloak it, and outsource it cheaply for someone to flood social media with it. And pick up some commissions for doing very little.

Spencer did tweet back. Many thanks Spencer.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't actually steal any of their content or commissions. I am just using these as EXAMPLES to show how easy it is for the unethical marketers out there to masquerade as other people and steal content and commissions. I shared this with the 4 people above on Twitter, and if they clicked the link it took them to a private message from me. Nothing sinister :-)

So how are they, and we, going to stop Snip.ly users hijacking our content?


So, if you are a website owner worried that one of these shady marketers may use hijack your content, what do you do to stop Sniply?

Well, you need to put the ‘No Entry’ sign up.

stop sniply

You can do that by installing a plugin.

The plugin I bought is actually a social media plugin that floats the share buttons at the bottom of the page (eyeballs down), and built into it is coding which allows you to switch the Sniply blocker on or off – which will stop Sniply users using your content.

It comes highly recommended by me.

You can see details of that plugin through my affiliate link here: Social Warfare Plugin.

However, there is a standalone version that will stop Sniply, and it’s free for those who don’t want the social media plugin. You can get that here.

I have stopped Sniply users adding their own content to my blog now, and I strongly urge you to do the same if you are afraid this could happen to you.


I’m really, really keen to know if you currently use Sniply, or have used it in the past. I’m particularly keen to know exactly what you have used it for, because I know that many of you may have used it ethically and not for the reasons I have outlined above.

Though thinking about it, how can this be used ethically? You will be taking someone else’s content and over-laying your own CTA. Tell me how you have used this ethically if you can.

And also – will you stop Sniply by using the plugin I have recommended? And if not, why not?

Appreciate your thoughts.

All the best,

Richard Martin

  • April 7, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Bob Bales - April 7, 2015

Hi Richard,

Thanks for sharing this. Content theft is a huge problem, not just for online marketers but regular websites, bloggers etc. I guess what they are doing is legal but it isn’t ethical. I appreciate the heads up.
Bob Bales recently posted…#Travel SafetyMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 7, 2015

    Hey Bob, thanks for your comments.

    Agreed it isn’t ethical. I guess there are people using out there ethically, but as we know, there are people out there that would sell their grandma for a few bucks, so I’m sure there’s people out there using this in the wrong way.

    Thanks again Bob.

David Hartshorne - April 7, 2015

Hi Richard,

What can I say? I’m amazed that such a tool can be produced in the first place, with the intent of leveraging someone else’s hard work. I had heard about it and seen it crop up in a few places. In fact, I got an ebook download from an internet marketer who recommended using Sniply as a way of generating a traffic increase. To be honest I didn’t like the download much so I binned it off. Glad I did!

Thanks for giving us a solution – I’m going to check the plugin out now!
– David

PS – its OK using my site as an example!
David Hartshorne recently posted…The Best Quality Picks From My Back PocketMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 8, 2015

    Hey David.

    I guess the problem is that this tool was created with good intentions, but there will always be people out there that turn it on its head and use it for purposes other than it was intended for.

    P.S – thanks for purchasing the plugin through my link 🙂

      Katrin - August 19, 2015

      Hi Richard,

      I am a first time visitor to your blog, and extremely grateful you shared this info about snip.ly

      I only became aware of this tool a couple weeks ago. And I think it is one of these situations where it depends how we choose to use technology. It might have been invented with good intentions, but some have discovered how to use it in less ethical ways and are misusing.

      Thank you very much for sharing a remedy at the same time!


Naomi Dinsmore - April 8, 2015

Hi Richard,

I am surprised that such software has even been developed. I reckon the creator of Sniply knew exactly how their product could be used but it’s properly unlikely that they have even spent real time working hard creating content, otherwise they wouldn’t produce such a thing.

Welcome to the World Wide Web

Naomi Dinsmore recently posted…4 Motivation Killers That Could be Holding your Business Startup…From StartingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 8, 2015

    Agreed Naomi. And yes, welcome to the world wide web, where everyone tries to shaft each other!

    I agree with you – if the creator had been a content creator themselves, there is no way they would have created this software allowing other people to benefit from other peoples content!

David - April 8, 2015

I’ve been hearing a lot about Sniply, but what strikes me as very strange in the discussions about it is that very few people mention the legal implications of the service.

It’s content theft, plain and simple. I noticed they are using the front page of the NY Times as an example of how to steal content. How long before the NY Times slaps them with a lawsuit?

If they are placing banners over copyrighted materials, that’s copyright infringement. It’s not just an ethical issue…it’s actually a mighty big legal one! I’m shocked that a lawsuit hasn’t been filed against them yet. They are certainly asking for it.

Sylviane Nuccio - April 8, 2015

Hi Richard,

What a shame, but this is not new, unfortunately. Back in 2009-20010 I was a member of a paid affiliate tutorial program and I had written a writing tutorial that was stolen word for word and put in some article directory. I wouldn’t even have known if it were not for a friend marketer who told me. And then I had it removed.

So, that mean that even some content that was on a site that you had to pay to be in to start with, someone stole content. No wonder they steal what they can access for free.

I’m sorry to hear that you were stolen from too. I knew about Adrienne and Carol’s story here and that’s a shame.

Someone needs to use they genius brain cells and come up with a tool to prevent that 🙂 I’m sure someone could.

Thanks for sharing this topic.
Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Reach A Momentum Of SuccessMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 9, 2015

    Thanks Sylviane.

    That’s real bad! I hate content theft too, it made my blood boil when I saw my stuff on torrent sites.

Adrienne - April 9, 2015

Hey Richard,

Oh my goodness, how can this tool be used for good? If it’s used to overlay someone else’s stuff then that’s never good. If they are using it for their own then that’s different but as you said, this is a HUGE accident waiting to happen.

I’m really glad they have a free version because I love my social sharing plugin and would hate to change it for this reason. I appreciate you telling us about this because this is the first time I’m hearing about it.

Oh and I don’t mind you having used my blog as an example because I KNOW your cause is always for the good.

Thank you Richard, I’m going to spread the word about this. I think everyone needs this plugin.

Adrienne recently posted…10 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your BlogMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 9, 2015

    Exactly Adrienne – I’m not sure how it can be used for good – unless people use it on their own sites to display their own CTA or opt in box.

    I really do detest things like this, because it encourages content theft – plain and simple. And as another commenter has said, I don’t know how they have got away with it – especially seeing as they are using the New York Times and Gizmodo as examples. Time will tell though.

    Good to see you are now using the plugin.

Don Purdum - April 9, 2015

Hi Richard,

That is absolutely frightening. On the positive side, at least this company built something for good. On the negative I wonder if they thought it all out? If so, negate my first comment about them, lol…

It’s really becoming a serious issue. I wonder if I talk to a good lawyer friend of mine if he would see it as a case of stealing intellectual property? In reality, it’s not different in my mind if a publisher takes a book and changes the real publishers name for their own. That would be stealing… It could also be false advertising?

But, until someone tries a legal recourse there isn’t anything anyone can really do to stop all of this craziness.

Thanks for an interesting post!

~ Don Purdum
Don Purdum recently posted…How I Gain Clarity in My Business and Why I Changed My WebsiteMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 9, 2015

    Absolutely Don. Frightening. Nightmare-ish.

    I just actually updated the post to include how anyone can take someone elses persona on as well – and that truly makes it look like the button is their own button.

    I’m positive this service won’t last too long. The first lawsuit against them and the service will come down.

    Thanks for stopping by and all your shares Don, I appreciate it.

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Dennis Seymour - April 11, 2015

Pretty badass Richard! I never paid attention to Sniply, well, until now.

Damn! Awesome share man! Good thing Im not someone that people would do this to since Im still a nobody at this point lol (though I have some sniply referral links so I guess somebody did do it already)

Again, thanks and I appreciate the content my friend! 🙂
Dennis Seymour recently posted…My Go-to Link Building Strategy That Skyrockets Websites to the MoonMy Profile

Carol Amato - April 12, 2015

Hi, Richard,

Oh my word, that’s awful! Hadn’t heard of this, and I so appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Yeah, I’m with the others – how in the world can this be used for good? No clue!

To answer your questions, NO, I would NOT be happy with that! LOL That is so wrong. How did the FTC not shut these people down?


Thanks for the heads up!

Carol Amato recently posted…7 Vital Action Steps To Succeed As A BloggerMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 12, 2015

    No problem Carol.

    I guess that we just have to keep an eye on things, at some point somebody will file a lawsuit against them. It’s crazy that someone can place their own links over someone else’s content in my opinion!

Megan Cooper - April 12, 2015

I don’t agree at all with your thoughts on Snip.ly encouraging “theft” of your content. I think it actually encourages others to share YOUR content more. Yeah, there’s a link to another site on your content but it’s not right in the middle of your post. I’ve only seen these links at the bottom of a post where it doesn’t interfere with your article. I think it’s really a pretty handle tool for everyone. A smart marketer shares other people’s content but at the same time also takes advantage of ways to promote their own and Snip.ly does just that, ethically.
Megan Cooper recently posted…7 Simple Steps to Getting the Most Traffic to Your Blog PostMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 12, 2015

    Appreciate you thoughts Megan.

    However, you can’t really say that Snip.ly is ethical or not. The ethical part comes down to the individual who is using the service, and I can see many people using this for their own gain. That’s not cool in my opinion.

    If you had a post which was monetized (through an affiliate link for example), would you be ok with me sharing that but using my affiliate link for the button? Megan, truly, I don’t think you would be happy at all.

    Nice blog BTW.

      Megan Cooper - April 13, 2015

      Honestly, yes, I’d be cool with that. I guess it’s just a matter of personal opinion and I’m sure the makers of Snip.ly didn’t intend for people to actually abuse this pretty cool tool and maybe now that it’s coming to light, with your great post here, they will add more security measures to make it work more on the positive end. I’ve only used the tool once and will use it more when it’s appropriate and I’ve seen other well known bloggers mention how great of a tool it is as well. We just need to weed out the bad apples to make this a great product. Thanks for the compliment, BTW 🙂
      Megan Cooper recently posted…5 Smart Ways to Get Blog Post CommentsMy Profile

        Richard Martin - April 13, 2015

        Thanks for the reply. I agree with you on the bad apples – but again, my major concern is that the bad apples will over run the good eggs 🙂

        Thanks again Megan, have a good week.

Fabrizio Van Marciano - April 13, 2015

Hi Richard, I just came over from a link on Don Purdum’s Rewind Saturday post. I’ve not come across Snip.ly before to be honest, but having looked at the site and what appears to be a legitimate service being endorsed by some big name bloggers, it can certainly be abused in the ways you present here in your post, that scares me. Let’s hope that someone over at Snip.ly is reading this and taking down some serious notes.

Thanks for the heads up 🙂 – Fabrizio
Fabrizio Van Marciano recently posted…Make Other Bloggers In Your Niche Your Friends, Not Your CompetitorsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 14, 2015

    Thanks Fabrizio.

    Yes, I would think that the creators of Sniply created it with good intentions, but it scares me also how the service can be used in illegitimate ways and potentially help all those shady and lazy marketers out there make a quick and easy buck or two.

    Thanks again.

sherman smith - April 15, 2015

Hey Richard,

Wow, this was unknown to me. I’m glad that you brought it to our attention. I work in IT and I get the kiddy hackers here, so usually I block certain websites or privileges.

But this here is much more serious. We’re talking stealing your money from all the hard work you put into your opt in forms, headlines, CTAs, reviews, etc… That isn’t very cool when you steal like this!

Since I’m cautious when it comes to this, I’m going to go ahead and get the plugin to help protect myself. I’ve already had a problem with malware, which with the help of Sucuri I got rid of. But now I’m going to have to take precaution and install the plugin!

Thanks for bring this to our attention Richard! Have a good one!
sherman smith recently posted…5 Power Driven Elements To Focus On To Generate Email SubscribersMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 16, 2015

    Hi Sherman.

    Glad you got the plugin. I can’t stand the thought of people citing somebody else’s review for example, but being allowed to overlay a CTA on that persons hard work. It SUCKS in my opinion.

    Thanks for your comments Sherman, have a great week.

Nathan Ambrose - April 16, 2015

Hi, Richard.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I was aware of Sniply, and even installed it sometime last year. But when I set it up, I felt very uncomfortable about it. It didn’t take me long to get rid of it and close my account.

I sympathise with some things that Megan said, but I wouldn’t use it.

Nathan Ambrose recently posted…How to Win Better Clients With Quality Targeted ContentMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 17, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your experience of Sniply.

    I can also see Megan’s point, obviously everyone won’t agree with my stance on this but for me it is just plain wrong. If you are referencing a link out to somebody els’s site, then do it properly and let them have the credit instead of trying to steal back the visitor with a CTA or opt in form.

    Thanks Nathan.

Christy - April 20, 2015

Well I just came to know about Sniply and I guess its really awesome platform for bloggers or may be for webmasters. To be honest I liked it very much and I’m gonna use it now.


Lee Jin Rui - April 26, 2015

Okay, although Sniply might be a bit of a ‘hack’, but it does not mean that you can cheat off anyone’s site just by using this tool. Sniply may have given users the ability to ‘free advertising’ but you must still do your part by advertising the sniply link and getting people to use it.

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    I agree Lee.

    But how hard can it be? Create a Twitter profile, and then link to authority bloggers (whilst cloaking the sniply link), using a few hastags. Clicks will be made, because the biggest part here is that you are linking to household names that people already trust. And if you have uploaded their picture, that overlay at the bottom looks like it’s part of their site.

Kimsea Sok - April 26, 2015

Thanks for sharing about Snip.ly. Honestly, I never heard about those website, or tool. I mean that I never tried it even once a time.

After, reading this article. I found that those kind of website are really damn thing that we all should avoid.

You know..? I guest those website not going to successful, because they used other hard working to achieve their purpose of marketing.

Their business will down one day, after users could recognized what you’ve mention about it.

Thanks for sharing, I will avoid from this website.
Kimsea Sok recently posted…6 Monster Blog Marketing Mistakes You Have to Stop ItMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    And not only should you avoid it, you should download their free plugin to help stop others stealing your content!

    Thanks Kimsea.

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Andrew M. Warner - April 27, 2015

Hey Richard,

Great post. And thanks for exposing this. I’ve been hearing about sniply for a while now as a “great” tool to steal traffic and generate traffic, but it’s obviously more devious than that. And to think that anyone can really do this is really terrifying if you have something to sell or did a really awesome review.

I don’t know who created Sniply … or if this was their intention for it, but their business is destined for failure if they don’t correct this mess sooner than later.

Thanks for bringing these underhanded tactics to our attention.

– Andrew

Andrea Hewett - April 27, 2015


This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time, and I regularly read amazing articles by some of the top names you mentioned in this post! These are some very real threats you have outlined and unfortunately this has become a reality in today’s world. So many try to get something for nothing and this is just one more opportunity to make that happen.

Thank you so much for sharing this information. You could have taken advantage of this or you could have just overlooked it and not concerned yourself with something you knew that you were protected from. By giving others a heads up before it becomes too great of a threat (hopefully) and preemptively striking against this issue, you are probably going to save a lot of good people a lot of headaches and heartaches!

I will definitely be looking into this plugin! I know how much time and effort goes into creating content, especially good or even great content, and it is definitely not something a business should take lightly. Thank you again for not just telling us about the possibility but showing the real dangers involved by targeting real people to back up your words…it really added value to the post! I’m sure the fact that you didn’t do this maliciously really helped those involved and allowed them to benefit greatly!

I appreciate your hard work in getting the news out there!


Andrea Hewett recently posted…Exit Strategy Series: The New Turnkey is the Learning OrganizationMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    Gee, thanks for the kind words Andrea /blushes/.

    Yes, I went a step further and actually made the threat of this very real – all but one of the bloggers mentioned replied to me personally, which I thought was a nice touch. And as I said to them – I haven’t done this for my own gain or anything – I simply wanted to share this with them so they would maybe consider sharing it with their (far bigger) audiences.

    Thanks again for such kind words. It’s comments like this that remind me why i love blogging so much. Thank you.

Monna Ellithorpe - April 27, 2015

Hi Richard,

No, No, this is completely unacceptable for this to be allowed. I’ve never heard of Sniply before but you can bet, I will be telling my readers about it.

Thanks so much for sharing and using the examples to make it more clear as to what is happening.
Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…What’s In It For Me?My Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    No problem Monna.

    I thought the examples were a good addition to the post too – it really has helped to spread the word about this awful tool.

    Thanks for your comments.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr - April 27, 2015

Hi Richard, I’m here from Adrienne’s place where you’re featured. How horrible what Snip.ly allows people to do. I don’t have affiliate links on my blog but I supposed that people could insert them into my articles which would be so very unfair. I’m not making money off of my hard work, I don’t want others doing that!

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, Richard.
Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted…How to Get Your Entire Google Search History — and Delete It!My Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    Hi Carolyn, thanks for jumping across from my friend Adrienne’s blog.

    Awesome to hear that I gave you a good heads up. I agree, hate the thought of people misusing this and stealing from my hard work!

Enstine Muki - April 27, 2015

I think I should just send this post to the creators of this tool. They probably meant well but it’s tuning out to be a bad tool.

This is quite an impressive post with details how the tool can be misused. It also shows how genuine you are Richard. You should have gone ahead yourself and start misusing it.

My respect buddy
Enstine Muki recently posted…SeedingUp ~ Sponsored Posts for your blog and Social Media profiles!My Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    Hi Enstine.

    Thanks for the kind comments. It’s probably one of the most important posts I’ve written recently.

    I could have easily gone out there myself and done this of course, but I was brought up with morals and respect. I could never do this to someone in a million years. Thanks again for your comments.

Jeannette Paladino - April 27, 2015

Hi Richard — came here via the link in Adrienne’s post today. I was unaware of Snip.ly. Luckily, I don’t sell from my site directly or as an affiliate. Yet, I still wouldn’t want anyone stealing my blog content. Thanks for the warning!
Jeannette Paladino recently posted…Now You Can Create Perfect Posts for Social MediaMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    Hi Jeannette.

    Welcome to the blog, thanks for visiting, and I’m glad the post made you aware of people potentially stealing your content. Horrible thought, isn’t it?

    Thanks again.

Swadhin Agrawal - April 28, 2015

Hi Richard,
this is insane! I had used sniply before as I got their premium account in a giveaway. A share or two later I felt I was doing cheap stunts by using other’s hard work and placing my own link at the bottom.
I never thought of affiliate or sign up though but I think even using it to show a related post on your site is disrespecting someone’s hard work.
I have stopped using it since then.

Thanks for this post, I am totally with you and though I don’t think anyone would be interested in “mis-using” my content I still would not give sniply a thumbs up. 🙂
Swadhin Agrawal recently posted…39 kickass Facebook marketing tips to boost engagement and organic reachMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    Hi Swadhin.

    An important comment. I’m glad you used the word disrespect because this is exactly what this software is all about; disrespecting other people’s hard work.

    Excellent comment, thanks.

Anon - April 28, 2015

They obviously did not consults with lawyers before launching this bad idea. It’s not ethical and it’s not legal either. If you advertise on someone else’s copyright or trademarked and patented material then it really is theft and infringement. The Internet is getting too carried away with theft but it’s really surprising that a company would take such a risk to sell a product like this. I’m sure they know what they are doing is theft but it’s unusual that they are trying to be a legitimate company. Most outfits like this stay underground and do this kind of thing underground from remote locations. It would kind of be like someone thinking its a good idea to start a company offering to put ads on other peoples books for you. Just plain dumb.

    Richard Martin - April 28, 2015

    I agree. Many people have also suggested that what they allow a user to do is illegal. Maybe a case will be brought to them soon?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Sherryl Perry - April 28, 2015

Wow Richard! I had just started reading Adrienne Smith’s Magical Monday post and I didn’t make it past her first featured article – yours!

This is a real eyeopener for me. I’m flabbergasted that this has been going on. I’m installing this plugin immediately and I’ll be sharing this and making more people aware of it.

Thanks so much!
Sherryl Perry recently posted…Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Confuse You? #FridayFindsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 29, 2015

    Hi Sherryl.

    Great to hear I have made you aware of this and you want to make more people aware, that was certainly my intention. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it!

Tom Southern - April 29, 2015

This is a shocking tactic. I don’t know who would want to use it but no doubt there are those who will. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention, Richard. How did you come across Snip.ly?

I’m also a little weary of installing plugins on my site and try to keep these to a healthy minimum. However, I’m just thinking about what Snip.ly might do to make redundant (or change) the affiliate disclaimer/information bloggers have to put on their sites to let people know they are affiliates. What’s your view on this? What if a blogger isn’t using affiliate links and so doesn’t have a disclaimer, etc. but someone users Snip.ly to put their own link on a post. How liable would you non-affiliate blogger be?

    Richard Martin - April 30, 2015

    Hi Tom.

    Somebody had told me bout it ages ago, but forgot to check it out, and then a couple of weeks before I wrote the post, i was checking my analytics and it appeared there.

    TBH, I don’t think Sniply cares too much about affiliate disclaimers – they don’t even check if the email address is real when you sign up as you can put any old email address in. I guess if they are not an affiliate, and don’t have a disclaimer they wouldn’t be liable at all – after all, it’s not their CTA button, and it’s not their link.

    Thanks for your comments.

Ikechi - April 30, 2015

Hi Richard.

You are right and I commend you for this post.

I remember last year that this guy who was using this sniply plugin to add his CTA to my blog. I write him to stop but he defended his actions.

Eventually he took it down. I wish I knew this info then. Thanks to you, I can stop these crooks.

Thanks for sharing.

Jens-Petter Berget - May 1, 2015

Hi Richard,

I’m here for the first time, visiting via Adrienne’s site.

I have been introduced to similar tools before, and I understand how powerful they are, but I would never use them. Like you said, it’s stealing. I am sure I would think that if I visited a different site from a link on your site, and I ended up bying something, that I was actually buying from the people owning the site and the content on the site (and not from you).

I’ve just added your blog to my RSS reader, so I bet you’ll be seeing me here sometime soon.

Have a great weekend.
Jens-Petter Berget recently posted…Social media policy – 3 things you must includeMy Profile

Lorraine Reguly - May 2, 2015

Oh. My. God.

I’m astounded.

I cannot believe that you were able to do all of the things you did…

I’m stopping Snip.ly users from hijacking my content on Wording Well.

Thanks for the plugin!!!

And kudos to Adrienne Smith for linking to this article from hers. That is how I found you!

    Richard Martin - May 4, 2015

    Good to know you are taking the necessary precautions against Sniply – and I’m glad Adrienne linked to this post too!

    Thanks Lorraine.

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Freddy Gandarilla - May 8, 2015

Hey Richard!

Thank you for sharing this information man! …. I was aware of how snip ly worked but I didn’t realize how much others could benefit from your work!

I’m going to check out that plugin you mention here. Thanks man!

Keep up the great work with your blog here, it is looking very good! 😉

Have a great rest of the week!

Cheers! 😀
Freddy Gandarilla recently posted…21 Tips to Write Blog Content EffectivelyMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 8, 2015

    Thanks Freddy.

    Good to hear from you. Glad to have been of service, get that plugin installed so you are not the next victim!

    Cheers Freddy!

Lorraine Reguly - May 9, 2015

Hey, Richard. I installed the Snip.ly warfare plugin on my blog and found that it caused some problems. In fact, it caused a looping problem each time I tried to customize either my widgets, my font, or something else.

I think you need to check why your plugin does this!
Lorraine Reguly recently posted…“F.I.T.S.” SERIES: Featuring #freelancewriter Candace SimonsonMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 10, 2015

    Hi Lorraine.

    Bit of a strange one that! It hasn’t affected my site, and I did some changed via my widgets just yesterday.

    I take it yu have deactivated and isolated the plugin just to make sure it is definitely that plugin?

Lorraine Reguly - May 11, 2015

I am emailing you with details regarding this issue, as I had help isolating the problem!
Lorraine Reguly recently posted…“F.I.T.S.” SERIES: Featuring #freelancewriter Candace SimonsonMy Profile

Bill Winterberg - May 11, 2015

Thank you a ton for the Sniply Buster plugin link!!
Bill Winterberg recently posted…FPPad Bits and Bytes for May 8My Profile

Lorraine Reguly - May 12, 2015

Thanks, I contacted them.

Apparently they knew of this and fixed this issue with their paid plugin and are now going to change it in the free one.
Lorraine Reguly recently posted…Wordplay: A Fun Site for Everyone!My Profile

    Richard Martin - May 12, 2015

    Great stuff Lorraine.

    I actually have the paid one (which is the social media one with sniply built in), so maybe that is why I couldnt replicate the problem.

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