Affiliate Disclaimer

I make certain recommendations throughout the Smart Income Detective website for products or services that I may feel will benefit you. I never promote products or services that I have not used/do not currently use myself for the simple reason that I do not want to put my name, or the name of the website, to products or services which I have no experience of using. Furthermore, I will only recommend products of which I have had a good or excellent experience with.

A great example is the post where I talk about changing my hosting package from GoDaddy, to BlueHost.

In that article, I offer an affiliate link to BlueHost, but not GoDaddy. Why? Because although I have used GoDaddy, I did not find the experience good or excellent. So I do not offer an affiliate link to their site.

Remember, all recommendations are just that. Recommendations. You may or may not have exactly the same experience as me, that is out of my control and depends on a number of variables.

Why do I do this?

Simple. There are far too many websites out there that simply throw out affiliate links all over the site. Their single purpose is to make money. While I would also like the website to make money, that is not the purpose of Smart Income Detective. The first purpose is to provide you, the reader, with quality information on a variety of different topics completely free of charge. If you find any of the posts or articles helpful, then feel free to go through my affiliate link – if you do, thank you very much for your support. If you do not wish to go through my affiliate link, then thank you very much. Keep reading and participating in any way you can.

So, transparency, and honesty are the two main foundations for this blog.