$10k In One Week – And How To Find A Laser Focused Affiliate

At the start of December 2014, I launched my brand new product to the world. 

After weeks of putting together the content, structuring the site, recording and editing the videos, and then organising the content into an online course, I was mega excited to open the doors and start earning some money!

In this post, I want to share with you how I made $10k in just a single week, and how you can find an affiliate who is laser targeted to your niche.


Well, before I go any further, I want to explain something important.

The $10,498 was shared 50/50 between my affiliate and I.

The affiliate drove most of the traffic in that first week, and it directly resulted in 116 sales. 13 customers asked for a refund within the 30 day money back guarantee, which gave a total of 103 sales, which generated a healthy £6,901 ($10,498) in sales.

We both received $5,249.25, which was a nice chunk of change. This income was cemented at the beginning of January, when the 30 day money back guarantee ran out.


In December 2012, I launched Auction Academy 1.0.

It was my first foray into the world of video courses. I decided to go down the route of a video course because I believed that video was a perfect fit for what I was teaching in my course.

It was also the next step up from the Instant Start Business eBook, and gave my business some degree of diversity, because now I was able to market two products – one of which would be sold as a ‘Premium’ product.

Another reason I went down the video course route was down to the responses I got from some affiliates when I asked them to promote my eBook. 

The ‘big’ affiliates I approached in my niche all came back and said the same thing;

“Your eBook is priced too low to make this joint venture viable.”

When I investigated further, some of these affiliates were only promoting high ticket products – so of course, making 50% on a £17 eBook was pennies compared to what they were making on a £97 product.

And that gave me the push I needed to create something that catered not only more towards them, but also catered towards my target customer as a video course was perfect for the content I had been delivering through eBook format.


On the back of that success ($20k+ in revenue from the original Auction Academy with the help of an affiliate), here I am now with Auction Academy 2.0.

It’s bigger and better, and the production values have come on in leaps and bounds since the first iteration (In fact I squirm at the quality of the video in version 1.0 now!).

And once again, I wanted an affiliate on board to give me a huge push in terms of sales and earnings.


When the idea of getting affiliates on board to promote my product first popped into my head, I went down the traditional route of Clickbank or JVZoo.

While I saw some success, it wasn’t what I had hoped for. In fact, I stopped offering it on these platforms because the affiliates were not targetted enough. I had one affiliate who promoted my product to a list that just wasn’t in keeping with the niche that my product was in.

So I did things another way.

I actually did some quite extensive research, and got a list of names and email addresses of people who were connected to my niche. In effect, I was taking a laser like approach to finding an affiliate that operated in the exact niche I was selling.

Makes sense right?


If you have a product, and want to get affiliates who are closely associated within the niche your product caters for, then you really should give this a try. It’s a simple 3 step process that will have you lining up potential affiliates in no time at all.



In one sentence, write down what your product is about. In my case, my sentence was "Starting an eBay business and making money on eBay"



Using Google, copy and paste that sentence in, and hit the search button. You can also try different keyword combinations if you wish.



Find sites/articles that discuss your niche, and then find the contact details of that website. Email them with your proposal (and of course, free access to your course), and record all details.


My products are about starting a business on eBay, and making money on eBay.

So I wanted my affiliate to be someone in this niche. Or at the very least, have an article relating to that niche.

Simple really.

What happened with Clickbank and JVzoo was that any affiliate was coming along and promoting it blindly, with little or no knowledge about the product or the subject matter.

What I found was my product being offered to people on lists that had no interest in the niche my course was in. Naturally, it just didn’t work out.

With this simple 3 step approach, you and I will be approaching people who are connected to our niche, meaning you will have a greater chance of getting a sale.

Below, I explain the 3 step process in more detail.


It’s really really important that you define exactly what your product will do for the end user. Without this, you really are taking a leak in the wind.

Define what your product is about, and then enter the terms into Google.



On the results page, go through all of the results. You may find products already there, ignore these and concentrate only on the results that are from sites that are article driven (ideally blogs).

As an example, I found this article which was ideally suited to my product.


This sort of article was perfect because this blog was all about making money. The post, which was from August 2014, is a case study style post, where the blogger attempts to create a small ebay business.


Once you find a site or article that matches your product niche (like the example above), now is the time to search out the contact details for that site and make an approach. 

Most sites should have a contact me link, this is what I found on the Skint Dad site.


This was great, because it showed the site was open to Joint Ventures such as the one I was proposing. If you find something like this, the better chance you have of success.

Once you have emailed that person, do ensure you keep a record of it. A simple Excel spreadsheet is fine, detailing the date, the email address, the contact name and any other miscellaneous items you want to add in.


I found 24 sites that I felt would have been a good fit for myself as the product vendor, and the affiliate.

Of the 24 emails I sent:

  • I got 11 responses (45.83% response rate).
  • I got 6 flat out ‘no thanks’.
  • I got 5 provisional ‘Yes, I’m interested’.

From these ‘interested’ replies, 1 of them never got back to me, so that one was scrubbed off. Which left 4. Ideally, I wanted to work with more than 1 affiliate, but 1 wanted 80% commission (see below) and 2 of them although liking my product, decided that they would not promote it after all due to them promoting other products of similar nature. The dialogue was left open with these affiliates, and they told me to contact them again in a few months.

Which left me with one affiliate. This affiliate had a website, and was excited about my product. He didn’t ask for any more than 50%.

Originally, I had wanted him to review it on his website and then send an email to his list. However, he told me that he did not want to go down this route as my product has a shelf life (eBay is a constantly evolving platform) and he didn’t want to put his reputation on the line if I pulled the product in a few months or whatever.

So it was agreed that he would send it to his list, twice over.

I was happy with this, and agreed. 


Of course, some affiliates will want the world from you. Two of the emails I received back demanded more than the 50% commission rate I had proposed. The biggest demand I had was for 80%, with another wanting 60%. 

These were demands that I simply wasn’t going to meet.

Now, if this happens to you (which it may do), then saying ‘no’ is actually the WRONG thing to do. There are a couple of things you can do to negotiate without killing the deal stone cold in the water.


Negotiating with affiliates is a key skill you will need to acquire. While I was taken aback at the 80% cut one affiliate was asking for, it wasn’t new to me. And my response was not an immediate ‘no way!’ like you would have thought.

Instead, I got back and asked them if they would consider staying at 50%, but with performance related rewards built in.

It still wouldn’t match the 80%, but I went in with the 50% commission rate plus:

  • £100 bonus at 50 sales
  • £200 bonus at 100 sales
  • £300 bonus at 150 sales

So on my £67 product, if the affiliate made 100 sales they would get 50% of every sale plus a total bonus of £300.

On 100 sales, that would give them £3350 (on 50%) and £300 in bonuses meaning they would walk with £3650. Still a far cry from the £5360 they would have walked with on 100 sales at 80%, but it showed willing at the very least.

If you do find yourself in a situation where the affiliate wants more than the ‘standard’ 50%, these are useful bargaining chips that you can come back to the table with.

$10k in one week, and how to find a laser focused affiliate for your product

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Here are the overall stats for the affiliate campaign.

  • 2491 visits were sent by the affiliate
  • 116 purchased (4.6% conversion rate)
  • 13 asked for refunds (11.2% refund rate)
  • £6,901 ($10,498) total income
  • We walked away with £3,450.50 ($5249.25) each

I was a little disappointed with the refund rate. 13 customers asked for a refund, which meant I had a 11.2% refund rate. However, all being said, you are always going to have the tyre kickers and the ones that are simply there for the free ride. As well as the odd few, who, well, they just didn’t like it or find value in it.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the results, as was my affiliate.


As well as the affiliate campaign, I had my own campaign where I promoted the course as above.

I gave away free access to previous customers of Auction Academy (because the content and methods I teach are similar to version 1), and also promoted it on the forum I am associated with.

I’m actually fairly disappointed with it if I am being completely honest, and proves why you should find an affiliate to help you with the promotion.

Here’s my stats:

  • 31 customers
  • 423 visits
  • 1 refund
  • Revenue £837 ($1,272.74)

I have 2 pages and 2 slightly different set ups. For the forum, I marketed the course at just £27 ($41.04)

With the affiliate, I offered it at £67 ($101.84), but that did include extras such as personal consultations (which by the way, only 18 of the 103 people have taken me up on so far).

I marketed the course at £67 to the forum at the start, but I had 0 takers. I then offered it as a Black Friday Special at £37, again 0 sales. On reflection, I decided to remove the consultation and a couple of the other extras, and market it at £27 to the forum.

I decided on this strategy because the forum is full of people who are just starting out – and who also have very little capital. So it made sense to market it at the lower price to that customer base.


The following costs were incurred building and creating the Auction Academy course.


  • Hosting with WPengine: $9.90 a month (I have the 10 site $99p/m package, with each site costing $9.90 on breakdown.
  • Profit Builder Theme: $67 Developer License. Drag and drop page builder which helped me build my sales page and all internal membership pages. My Review is here.
  • Vimeo: £159 ($241.68) per year for the Pro account, allows me to upload videos and have them played from within my membership site.
  • WishList Member: $97 single site, protects my inner pages and allows only paying customers to gain access.
  • WP Affiliate: $49 single site license. Allows you to create an affiliate program within your WP site.
      • TOTAL COST: $454.68 (Not including the hosting)

Adding my own sales campaign to the sales the affiliate brought in, the course as of February 2015 has personally brought me in $6523.99.

Minus expenses of $454.68, my gross profit is $6069.31 (£3988.57).

* All earnings you see on this page is based on a £1/$1.52 exchange rate, which is the rate on February 10th 2015.


If you have a product and you have not found an affiliate to help you promote it, then you are missing out big time.

An affiliate can reach people that you may not have a reach to. They provide customers who may not have otherwise seen or heard about your product.

And they put money in your bank account.

Of course, the first thing you should do is offer your product to your own lists and websites. So I offered it to:

  • Previous customers
  • Specific lists of my own
  • Forums I am associated with

But after that, you simply must enlist the help of affiliates who are in the niche of your product to help drive the traffic – and the sales.


Over to you now. I want to know what experiences you have had with affiliates. Was it a success? Have you tried a method similar to what I describe above, completely overlooking the big affiliate platforms?

Let me know in the comments below!

  • February 10, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Kingsley - February 10, 2015

Hey Richard,

Very inspiring and revealing post. I like that you not only talked about how you made this much money within a week, but you also showed how one can do the same thing. That’s what is usually missing in such posts about “how I made $$$$ within xxx”. With this post, someone can read, get inspired and work towards accomplishing same or even better results.

Regarding how the big affiliates were not keen on promoting a £17 product when they could be promoting a £97, that makes business sense of course. Why spend the same amount of time and effort to promote a £17 product when they could spend the same time and effort to promote a £97 product?

I remember the first product I created (several years ago). I priced it at $97 and it sold a lot of copies; goes to show that if the product is high quality (and if the audience is right), why price it low when you can sell it high right off the bat?

Regarding your technique of contacting the right affiliates directly, rather than waiting for them through Clickbank and JVzoo, you are absolutely right. I have used similar techniques in the past and the results are always way better than “waiting” for the right affiliate to contact you.

And the fact that there are now so many scammers looking to rip off product owners in places like Jvzoo, Warrior+, etc, you certainly don’t even want to approve unknown affiliates. Many are now in the habit of promoting products on these platforms only to turn around and buy using stolen card details, to get the instant commissions and leave you to deal with the refunds later.

Back to your post, I like how you detailed the results you got from those you contacted. As expected, some would not respond and some would respond. Your 45.83% response rate was certainly high; obviously because they were “targeted” to begin with, which lends even more credence to the power of the technique you used, and why it’s the right way to find and get the right affiliates on board.

Also, the fact that you ended up going with that one affiliate but made this much money further shows the value of finding the “right” one. But am curious though, after the first successful result, did you try finding more “right” affiliates, especially as you then had the “results stats” to show? Some affiliates only promote a product when they have such stats to work with, to know if it will be worth their while or not.

I remember one of my most successful products a while back. I was able to get other “right” affiliates to promote it only after I had the stats to show from the first runs, re conversion rate, refund rate, etc. So, again, did you try finding more “right” affiliates, especially as you then had the “results stats” to show? I know I would, 🙂

Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely week ahead.
Kingsley recently posted…MUST SEE: Kingged.com Gets Your Post Read By CNN, Mashable, HuffingtonPost, & Other Big Sites’ Readers!My Profile

    Richard Martin - February 11, 2015

    Hey Kingsley.

    Thanks for such an amazing input 🙂

    I’m glad you have had success this way too – it really is a great way to get an affiliate who understands your product and most importantly – the audience. I was pleased with 45% response rate. It was the same template I sent to everyone, maybe I should stick it on the blog for others to use?

    I am continuing dialogue with a couple of the affiliates (as mentioned), so I’m hoping I can work with them in the future. As for going with the stats from this run to other affiliates – yes, already thought about that. I will also be going back to the ones that said no and saying ‘Look, here’s the results me and affiliate X got…”

    Thanks again for the comments Kingsley, have a great week also.

Ron - February 10, 2015


What an awesome post! Love this one and may want to pick your brain a little more about this process. I am trying out Udemy now, but will probably go this route if I find that Udemy doesn’t do what I want it to…
Ron recently posted…How to use the Hootsuite bulk upload toolMy Profile

Ron Killian - February 11, 2015

Another awesome post Richard. As Kingsley said, VERY inspiring.

I think it was a fantastic success for only a week. You still have the product to make sales from in the future.

Totally agree, about your thought process that finding the right affiliate can make all the difference.

There is a stat bantered around, saying something like “80% of the sales come from 20% of the affiliates”. Well, that can fit other scenarios. I have not had huge success with affiliates, but it seems that for affiliates marketing your products, it’s more like “98% of the sales come with 2% of the affiliates”. Least from my experience. Though I don’t hunt them down like you do. And that of course could really ramp up the success.

I say the above because, like you’ve mentioned, there are so many affiliates blinding product this and that. And they wonder why they don’t make money from their lists or traffic. I’ve put up a number of products on JVzoo and have had many affiliate requests, but only one or two have made any sales and only one or two sales at that. Need to track them down like you’ve done.

What is curious, I wonder if your using your own affiliate program was a hindrance or a plus? Wonder if using a known platform, if you would have had different success attracting more “good” affiliates? Was the platform an issue with any you contacted? Just thinking out loud.

If your post doesn’t motivate people, they need to stay or go back to their day job 🙂

Really enjoyed you sharing such detail and being so open with everything. To be admired 🙂
Ron Killian recently posted…5 Simple Digital Product Profit HacksMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 11, 2015

    Thanks so much Ron.

    I like what you say – I ‘hunted’ down my affiliates. LOL. I certainly did.

    The affiliate platform didn’t even get mentioned if I’m honest. The only time it got mentioned was when the affiliate who ended up promoting my product was told. There was absolutely no problem there.

    I’ve used iDevAffiliate before, but didn’t want to mess around again with setting it all up. AffiliateWP was certainly easier to set up, and worked pretty well right out of the box.

    Thanks again Ron!

Jeffrey - February 11, 2015

Hi Richard, just wanted to leave a quick comment to tell you thanks for sharing this. Very inspiring stuff. I’m working to release my own product in the near future, so this was very helpful (I loved the stats!).


Adrienne - February 11, 2015

This is what I love about you Richard. You’re an open book, always sharing with us what you’re doing, how and why. Who wouldn’t want to learn from you right?

That’s actually pretty impressive that out of all the people you contacted that one person helped you make that many sales. Seriously, that’s pretty cool although I’m sure you would have wanted more.

I’ve done affiliate marketing myself for years but I definitely haven’t concentrated on it as much in the last three to four. Now having my own product I didn’t put as much into releasing it since I was much more focused on finishing it but you’ve given me some great ideas on what to do the next time.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and great job. I have no doubt what you share it top notch.

Adrienne recently posted…Why No One Wants Your Free ReportMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 12, 2015

    Hi Adrienne.

    Thanks for those very kind comments – sure I try and share everything here – whether it works or not.

    For sure I would have liked more – £100k would have been nice! But it is what it is, and I was very happy with what it has achieved so far. I’m glad it has given you some ideas, the tactic I mention is definitely worth pursuing.

    Have a great end to the week.

David Hartshorne - February 12, 2015

Hi Richard,

If commentluv allowed short posts I would just say “Awesome!!”

Congratulations on this success. But I have to say from reading the post that it is well-deserved because you have been so precise in your planning and execution. It really is a great example of using your extensive knowledge of eBay to produce a high-quality product that customers want.

I don’t have much to add in terms of affiliate experience. I offered my eBook on WF/JVZoo before Christmas and I received several requests from potential affiliates. When I asked each one for more information about themselves and their audience I got zilch response. That sums up my experience of JVZoo. I really don’t like the platform at all, for other reasons aside of this.

Well done again (and you can buy the drinks next week 🙂
– David
David Hartshorne recently posted…How to Backup WordPress for FreeMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 13, 2015

    Cheers David.

    You are right – this is a case of using my knowledge and interest in something to create a product that has helped many people as well as earn me some money. I always say that you have a much better chance of succeeding at doing something if you are genuinely interested in it.

    I know about your experience with JVZoo David, and it is a real shame because as you know I really recommend your product and think it is absolutely solid. But it’s not all doom and gloom, still early days my friend.

    And yes, on Wednesday, the Milkybars are on me! (Well, the coffee).

    Cheers David, have a great weekend.

Mohit - February 12, 2015

Richard this post is going to be helpful for many bloggers who’re looking forward to get into affiliate. I got to learn some new things by going through this post. I always suggest people to know everything about the product they’re looking to target. Richard I’m really happy to see that you’ve shared your success story with your friends by using your blog as a medium for it.
Mohit recently posted…How to Interlink Blog Posts Properly? Also Know the BenefitsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 13, 2015

    Hi Mohit.

    I’m so glad I helped you with some new things here, and if it helps others as well then awesome!

    Thanks Mohit.

Gangadhar Kulkarni - February 13, 2015

Hello Richard,

First of all congratulations for your great achievement…….!!!

Secondly thanks for sharing such a helpful info which not only reveals secret of online money making but also set great example in-front of peoples who desired to make money online.

Thanks again for sharing this inspirational post and have a great weekend…….!!!

I found this post on kingged.
Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…Surefire Tips For Instagram Marketing To Grow Your BusinessMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 13, 2015

    Hi Gangadhar

    Thankyou very much. I really do hope you took something from it, and as I always say – I am just a normal guy earning online. If I can do it, anybody can do!

    Have a great weekend too.

FreedomBlogger - February 13, 2015

Congratulations on all of your success with your latest digital product!

Well done man! ..

You broke it down very well here. This post will help a lot of those who are trying to accomplish the same. You must keep track of everything and pay attention to the numbers. Just like you did here.

I think that is a great tip right there. A lot of people trying to do the same, might not pay good attention to the numbers and just do everything blindly.

Thanks for breaking everything down here. These are some powerful tips for sure!

I wish you the best!

Keep up the great work!

Cheers! 😀
FreedomBlogger recently posted…Gain More Exposure Online with Audio Marketing!My Profile

    Richard Martin - February 13, 2015

    Hi Freddy and thanks.

    Numbers are so important – yes.

    I know this is a small success compared to some launches I have seen by some of the leaders, but it is a success nonetheless.

    Glad you found this helpful, and I hope you have taken some ideas for when you release a digital product.

Dana Mills - February 14, 2015

Richard, thank you so much for sharing so many tips and details! Heck, I see this topic as being the subject of your next product launch–this is valuable info for a new product creator. I added affiliate marketing as an additional income stream to my online income portfolio a few months ago and have quickly discovered that even though there is definitely money to be made in affiliate marketing, the big bucks are in product creation. That is, if the product gives loads of great value!

You are so right about the value in matching the right product up with the right affiliate. If this isn’t done properly, it just comes across as a big spamfest. I’m trying to get better at this myself, as I have tried to hone in on promoting products that would interest youth entrepreneurs in getting started online. Which by the way, I think making money on ebay would be of great interest to young entrepreneurs looking for a way to get started online! 🙂

So far, most of the affiliate products I’ve promoted have been through the JVZoo or WarriorPlus platforms. I’ve had great success at getting approved to promote products, but I believe it’s because I look for products that sensibly tie into my niche and I try to give details about myself to the product creator when I request approval. I think the best way to do this is by sending a personal email to the product creator to let them know I’ve submitted a request on the affiliate platform, and then give them details about my audience, how I promote, and my sites, so they can see my past product reviews and videos. After all, I like to know as much as I can about the product before I promote, it’s only far to share info about me and how I do business in exchange for a review copy.

Thanks again for the value you’ve shared. I will keep these tips in mind as I move forward with my adventures in product creation! I look forward to diving deeper into your blog. (Found you on Kingged)
Dana Mills recently posted…Teenager Finds Big Business at a Content BrokerMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 14, 2015

    Hi Dana.

    First of all, welcome to the blog, and second – thanks for such an amazing input!

    You are right about the spam thing. I get emails from people I follow and sometimes they get it totally wrong – the offer is nothing to do with their business model or the content of their site – so to me it just screams out that they are not thinking of me, but only thinking of their own wallet.

    You have an interesting niche Dana – looking at younger entrepreneurs. I’ll b checking out your blog soon.

    Interesting strategy you have with JVzoo Vendors. Do they tend to reply to your emails, and do you receive many replies? I always put my name, email and URL in the comments field on JVzoo, I have always found this to be acceptable instead of the ‘plz accept me’ messages that i used to get as a vendor.

    Thanks for the comments Dana, have a great weekend!

Dan - February 17, 2015

Hey Richard,

Thanks for such an awesome post. As mentioned by Kingsley, this is very inspiring. I’ve only recently started marketing affiliate products online. whatever monies I’ve made online has been through directly providing services.

Quick question. Did you find that that having a previously published product helped you in any way in terms of getting the affiliate to promote your product?


    Richard Martin - February 18, 2015

    Hey Dan, thanks.

    I am not sure if it helped or not. I used a templated email that I created (which I really should share here) which did have my experience on it (i.e Instant Start Business and the first version of Auction Academy).

    Although I did mention the numbers I achieved in general, I think only one person referenced this in their return email (and they didn’t become my affiliate anyway).

    I am absolutely sure however, that such previous experience WAS taken into account, after all it is like a resume or CV; if I wanted to become a car salesman, I would need some previous experience. Although some would take a gamble on a rookie, I guess that they would prefer experience.

    Thanks Dan.

Sherman Smith - February 19, 2015

Hey Richard,

The closest I have ever getting to get affiliates to promote products was through network marketing where I was promoting a companies products and services.

Besides that I never went out on my own, created my own products and above all gotten affiliates to promote for me. But i tell you what though! It is on my agenda to do something similar to what you did.

Your stats are quite impressive! You and your affilate made over 10K in just a week, got 116 sales, 13 refunds which left you with 103 sales. And above all you had only 1 affiliate to do all the marketing. This is unheard of and quite inspiring to people like myself showing what’s possible!

Thanks for sharing Richard! Have a great weekend!

I found your blog on kingged.com under the category of Making Money Online
Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Write Eye-Catching Traffic Generating Blog Post HeadlinesMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 20, 2015

    Hi Sherman.

    If you have a skill or know-how in an area, and you can put it into a course, then there is no reason why you can’t do something similar. Go for it, that’s what I say!

    Thanks for your comments Sherman, have a great weekend.

Richard - February 23, 2015

Hi Richard,

Great post and thanks for sharing.

Found your post on kinged.com
Richard recently posted…What Is The Best Hosting Service To go For Your WordPress Website ?My Profile

Nanda Rahmanius - February 24, 2015

Hi Richard,

This is my first time here. I found your blog from kingged.com 🙂

One word for this post is AWESOME!!.
You explain it in great details. I read every word of your article properly. It’s great! 🙂

Congratulations on your success (it makes me a little jealous..LOL). The three ways that you provide will be used not only in the affiliate business, but also in other businesses. I will apply your ways in my struggle to make money online. Thanks for that! 🙂

In the past, I’ve tried to affiliate, but not as successful as you. It could be a learning experience for me. It may be from the beginning I did not quite understand about affiliate though..hehe

Thanks for sharing this great post, Richard.
Nice share, indeed!

Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…12 Killer Tips to Increase Website TrafficMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 24, 2015

    Hi Nanda.

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

    100% – yes this can be used cross platform in other business areas as well.

Carol Amato - February 26, 2015


Congratulations! You’ve done a spectacular job in using your skills and what you’re knowledgeable in and marketing it spendidly!

Your methodical approach has rewarded you many benefits, one of which is seeing many people helped with this specific yet valuable product.

I appreciate how you shared your step-by-step approach and the results, which could be labeled a case study, by the way… 🙂

So happy for you, and you’ll be helping a lot more people because you’ve documented everything and shared it in an organized way for folks to replicate.

Carol Amato recently posted…Attract and Influence Readers with Case StudiesMy Profile

    Richard Martin - February 26, 2015

    Hi Carol.

    I’ll be doing a further post on this which will be a case study, including the 2 email templates I sent to the bunch of affiliates.

    I do agree it was a methodical approach, and like anything it takes a bit of experience and practice to get it right.

    I was really pleased with the results of my product and I am sure the sales will continue to roll in throughout the year.

    Thanks Carol.

Ryan Biddulph - March 4, 2015

Hi Richard,

Congrats! And oh yes, I hear you on the affiliate thing.

I’m thinking about bringing Amazon affiliates onboard now that I’m selling my eBooks there – with a promo blitz – as I know folks set up affiliate channels through th big AZ. If they add 10 or 15 or however many books and eBooks I have over there to their account it’s win win across the board.

Amazon does take a chunk but there’s a good reason; they offer one access to a global, monster audience, that no other digital platform can. Such is the power of authority.

Inspired share, thanks Richard!

Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Visit the Blogging from Paradise Library on AmazonMy Profile

    Richard Martin - March 4, 2015

    Hi Ryan.

    Yep they take that chunk because they are one of the biggest brands in the world too. Renowned for trust and a solid online shopping experience.

    Good luck with the eBooks I am positive it will be a success.

Income Report - Smart Income Detective February 2015 - March 8, 2015

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Kimsea Sok - March 23, 2015

Thanks for sharing…! You know..? This is really brilliant article about online monetizing that I ever read about. Actually, it is great idea to create own products and launch.

Honestly, I planned to start my own product with ebook and SEO marketing but I am not read to start. I feel I am not able to do it a lot so I response the plan to next year.

Now, I keep on going and strive my best to build the authority in the area of business.

Thanks sharing the amazing experience about online product launch, it is really really useful to me.
Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - March 25, 2015

    Hi Kimsea.

    Thanks a lot – yes creating products is a great way of earning money online.

    Glad you found the post useful.

      Kimsea Sok - March 25, 2015

      Thanks for responding..! Sure, I am going to create the own product soon, but now is to gain authority. I plan to do some guest post on other famous blog, and to get more traffic. Also, grab better hosting such as business package. Anyway, did you have some recommend about better hosting..?
      Kimsea Sok recently posted…Complete SEO Writing Tips and Tricks for Better ContentMy Profile

Siddaiah - June 26, 2015

Hi Richard,

It’s nice to see your exact steps you followed to make 10K in one week, just praying for sales will not make you any money, we have to work towards it to grab the money, getting money without establishing any reputation online difficult but you proved wrong by this case study.

Thank you very much for sharing the information, it is an eye-opening topic for me.
Siddaiah recently posted…List Of Freelancing Sites In India For Freelance Writing JobsMy Profile


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