6 Ways To Benefit From Having A Business Coach & Joining A Mastermind

​I'm absolutely delighted to have Carol Amato on the blog this week, covering a really important subject: Masterminds and coaching.

I'll be upfront about it - I have never had a coach and never been part of a mastermind, but after reading Carol's post, I'm starting to think I've been missing out.​

Carol, here's the reins...​

Carol Amato Guest Post

I've recently been counting my blessings for what I've been able to achieve in my online business. I've learned a lot, and accomplished so much, however, I would not be where I am today without a coach guiding me. So I'd like to share 6 ways to benefit from having a business coach and joining a mastermind.

Are you an aspiring, online entrepreneur, but don’t know where to begin or how to set up your business for success?

Or, do you already have an online business, but haven’t realized the success you were hoping for? It’s a common problem among online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

You’re lured in by promises of working at home, being your own boss and making enough money to seriously benefit your lifestyle. You may also know many who have realized the dream and encouraged you to do the same.

Beware of Unethical Coaches Online

The worst scenario is that you were lured in by scammers, lost money and now have a business full of chaos and uncertainties.

It happened to me...


My very first coach scammed me out of hard-earned money ($3,400), and I almost quit.

I'd worked extremely hard to promote his products as his top affiliate, and he'd been paying on time for the first few months.

Then, all of a sudden the payments stopped.

I lost the money, time and hard work, but that wasn't the worst of it.

The absolute worst thing was that my subscribers and blog visitors thought I backed a liar and a cheat! It was awful because he was nice and seemed legit on the surface.

My reputation and good word are worth way more to me than several thousand dollars. That really hurt me, and I almost quit.

I decided to keep going, cleared the air the best I could to warn people, and determined in my heart to become the very best coach I could possibly be.

You can still realize your dreams and ambitions of becoming an online entrepreneur. Just beware that there are plenty of scammers out there who are looking for a quick buck.

They promise fantastic (overnight) results, but in the end offer very little help in beginning or expanding your online business.

The first thing you must realize is that there’s no such thing as becoming an overnight success. Anyone who promises that is dead wrong, and you should avoid him like the plague.

Armed with that knowledge, you can successfully find a coach who will help you make your dreams come true (and guide you to achieve your goals).

This can be done in a step-by-step method which can build your business from scratch – or, clean up the mess and get you on the right track for success.

What To Seek In An Online Business Coach And Mastermind

It’s so very important that you know what to look for in a business coach before you spend money or let someone have access to your business plans. Here are a few things that are vitally important in the process for choosing a coach:

  • Your mentor should have some proof of success of her own in making an online business successful.
  • The coach will personally mentor you every step of the way in the beginning and expansion phases of your online business.
  • Unlimited Q&A on a daily basis. Whether by phone calls, Skype or however it's decided to communicate with your coach, she should be prepared to answer each and every one of your questions.
  • Access to the archives of every coaching call. You may want to go back in time and reinforce what you learned in the past. Your mentor/coach should provide that ability.
  • You should receive a critique of your present website and suggestions on what works and how you can improve it.
  • A resource library (including templates and downloads) should be available at all times.

What to look for in a coach and mastermind #coaching via @carol_amato_ @detectivesid

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When you find that extra special coach who’s going to take you to the next level of success with your online business, you’ll have a priceless jewel. The benefits are limitless, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without her.

6 Ways To Benefit From Having A Business Coach And Joining A Mastermind

One of the most important assets of securing an online business coach is the reassurance that you’re doing the right thing to take your business to the next level.

We’re all full of doubts when starting something new – no matter what it is. But, when you put your hard-earned money and unlimited amount of time into a business plan, you want it to pay off.

A coach can help your business zoom to success without incurring the pitfalls that so often happens in startup businesses. Here are a few benefits you can count on when you choose the right coach/mentor:

  1. No more wasted time and money. Rather than researching for hours to gather information you need for your business, you’ll have access to live trainings, recordings, templates and the latest news about what’s happening online with other entrepreneurs.
  2. Work when you want. There’s no set times for gaining access to help you need. Mastermind forum is available 24/7 where you can access trainings, chat with others and share ideas.
  3. Realize a shortcut to success. No more trial and error and wasting time on things that don’t work. Your mentor has been there and done that, and you won’t have to.
  4. Daily coaching and detailed answers. A coach should help you as much as you need to overcome the learning curve associated with a new business. Then, you can focus on what’s important rather than wasting time on trivia.
  5. Turn confusion into clarity and procrastination into action. You’ll be able to realize your business goals faster and more complete than if you were doing it alone. Accountability is factored in which will help propel you forward.
  6. Encouragement and support. Those two elements are important to anyone beginning or expanding an online business. It’s easy to feel alone in the beginning and be full of self-doubt. A coach/mentor should provide the encouragement and support you need to reach your goals.

A good mentoring program will also make it easy for you to join and provide several ways to begin the program that won’t break the bank, and won’t cause you any more angst about starting a new business.

Take some time to find out what successful entrepreneurs think is important when building or starting a business.

They’ve been where you are now and can help you avoid the same mistakes they made in the beginning.

Some Tips From Successful Online Entrepreneurs

One way to create a shortcut to your business success is to take advice from honest and hard-working online entrepreneurs who have made their mark and have reached the success you desire.

Many would love to have the opportunity that you have now so time and money wasn’t wasted on what didn’t work.

Two online experts, Adrienne Smith and Ann Marie Moore, specifically state that if they had it to do over again, they’d definitely secure a coach/mentor for help.

Adrienne Smith, successful online blogger, states: 

I did it by myself for four years before I finally invested in the right program that taught me everything I needed to do to move my business forward.

Adrienne Smith
Blogger & Coach

Ann Marie Moore is another successful blogger and author. She, too, has a definite opinion about beginning an online business. In answer to the question, “What would you do differently when beginning your business,” Ann Marie stated,

I would start by finding a mentor – someone who would teach me the ropes. I spent so much money trying to figure out things on my own. Having a mentor has made a world of difference in my desired success.

Anne Marie Moore

I did it by myself for four years before I finally invested in the right program that taught me everything I needed to do to move my business forward.

Look around in the forums and other blogs, and you’ll find much advice on how to begin and become successful with an online business.

The common thread you’ll discover is that most now-successful entrepreneurs wish they’d had assistance from a mentor or coach who had their best interests at heart.

Many also state that the relationships they fostered within the program of a good mentor/coach has made all the difference in how quickly they were able to set up their business, and make quick progress in achieving their goals.

When you set up your business the right way, you’re doing yourself and those you want to attract, a real favor by avoiding the pitfalls of a website that just doesn’t work properly, and a message that doesn’t convey the information you want to get out.

A true coach/mentor can help you avoid the mistakes most commonly made by startup businesses.

Avoid These Common Mistakes By Hiring A Business Coach

Some common mistakes of online business owners who try to do it themselves include:

  • Lack of knowledge about how to drive traffic to your site
  • How to direct visitors after they land on your site
  • No business plan, strategy or direction
  • Lack of understanding of technical details
  • Procrastination and lack of focus

Even if you’re already up and running an online business, you should know that “it’s never too late” to get the help you need.

You can turn your business around so you’re making money and the business is thriving, or begin a business that will become successful.

One bit of warning to those seeking an online coach/mentor – don’t get ripped off!

You can avoid being cheated out of your hard-earned money and limited time by taking your time to find the right person who meets all the criteria you require of a coach who will lead you to business success.

Get recommendations – but don’t stop there. Thoroughly check out credentials and testimonials and choose a person you feel treats others as they would want to be treated.

When you do find the right person, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without her – and you’ll be well on your way to the progress and success you deserve.

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First Step Is Working On You

steps coach

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the first step is actually working on yourself.

This is critically important!

Are you a hard-headed, stubborn individual?

You must be at a place in your life where you're willing to hear constructive criticism (given kindly), and have a desire to grow above all else.

When the coach shares their wisdom and discernment about action steps needed for you to be able to move forward in a specific area of your business, there needs to be an open dialogue and overall willingness to proceed.

I've observed folks who have a 'know-it-all' attitude and refuse to take action on the things the coach recommends. It's a shame that they're puzzled by not making the progress they desire.

Obviously the student is ultimately responsible and accountable for their actions (and their site), but having a good attitude is critically important to your success.

Attitude determines altitude.

I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about the information I shared, or more specifically about my coaching program, so please share below.

Take Care,
Carol Amato

Carol Amato Blogger & Coach

Carol is an established and respected blogger and coach. You can visit her blog or find out more about the coaching and mentor opportunities she provides by visiting her coaching page. Thanks to Carol for this hugely informative guest post!

  • July 29, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Carol Amato - July 29, 2015

Hi, Richard,

Well, I was flabbergasted to see what a beautiful job you did on the formatting of my guest post – WOW! I sure do feel valued! 🙂 I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making it the best possible layout and structure for folks to enjoy the content. The images are great!

I truly count it a privilege and honor to have this opportunity, and am humbled that you’ve invited me to talk about this all-important topic and feature my Coaching Program.

Helping others is a joy and a passion, and actually energizes me because I love it so.

Looking forward to getting to know your readers a little more.

˜Carol Amato
Carol Amato recently posted…Carol’s Cut – Best of the Month 3My Profile

    Richard Martin - July 29, 2015

    Glad you like it Carol, and it was no problem at all spending a little time with images and formatting. In fact, the featured image was different when I first published, but I just wasn’t happy with it.

    Glad to have you here and I’m sure everyone will get a lot of value from your post.

    Have a great day!

Adrienne - July 29, 2015

Hey Richard,

First I have to say that I LOVE your new theme. This post is set up so perfectly and I recognize a few things so I know how you did that. Love it though, it looks great my friend.

Now let me get to Carol’s post.

I’m glad you shared my quote from the mistakes I’ve personally made myself Carol as well as Anne’s. I know that when most people come online they’re eager to get started but probably don’t have a lot of money to invest so they “think” they’ll just go it alone and figure this out. What they end up doing though is wasting valuable time and money actually because they’re not going to be able to figure this out all by themselves so they’ll buy things along the way that won’t necessarily help them. It will just end up confusing them even more.

I actually joined a membership program where they dripped the content to us monthly yet we had the support, we were able to ask questions and it was priceless. Before that I was just sliding by like everyone else.

The mastermind groups I’ve been a part of have been so very very helpful that it’s hard to put into words. We both know that I’m rarely lost for words but it truly helped me because I was learning from other people who were experts in areas I was not. Priceless my friend, just priceless.

I agree with not all coaches being on the up and up and I hate that happened to you in the beginning but we are all so very thankful that you didn’t let that stop you and you kept on going. People like that though do need to be called out, we wouldn’t want that happening to anyone else.

Thank you for sharing this and I do know that if anyone wants to learn how to make money online then you are the perfect coach for that. You walk the talk and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Thank you both for this awesome read and I’m off to share it too. Have a fabulous week and happy humpday.

Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Blog Traffic, Success, Blogging, LinkedInMy Profile

    Carol Amato - July 30, 2015

    Hi, Adrienne,

    Absolutely, I couldn’t help but share your quote from the Expert Post Roundup I published a short while ago, because it is so relevant and HELPFUL!

    I did start out alone and then hired a coach because I did not know where the puzzle pieces went! It was so frustrating to be willing to do the hard work and then not know exactly what to do and when to do it…

    It all came together for me when I got a coach, and I started making money, and he taught me list building as the core foundation. For that, I’m grateful. You know the rest of the story of how he ripped me off. Almost quit. But took that energy and put it towards learning, growing and then determining to help others.

    You got that right~! They end up wasting valuable time, and time is money! I bought SO many products that just sat on my computer. I was like a hamster in a wheel, going round and round. Then the lightbulbs went off when I got a coach and joined a mastermind. Real help, step-by-step – knowing what to do and when to do it. Awesome!

    I was a bit slow learning how to become resourceful, so I now teach this because learning to search for the answer in the right places really helps when you’re stuck.

    Me too, I LOVE mastermind because you get daily coaching and can ask an unlimited amount of questions, which to me was super helpful. I’m glad you have also benefited from good coaching – it makes a lot of difference in us being able to get over those hurdles.

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and for sharing to, it’s a big encouragement.

    Hump day – yeah, forgot what that was till you mentioned it. Means we’re half way through the work week.

    It’s been a busy last few days, but I’m enjoying it. Thanks so much for the share as well.

    Take Care,

    Richard Martin - July 30, 2015

    Hi Adrienne, thanks for the kind words – the theme and layout is now a keeper. It’s simple but effective and easy on the eye I feel. 🙂

    I agree – new start ups do tend to make a hell of a lot of mistakes (me included), and spend money where thy don’t need to. I guess the big stumbling block, as with everything in life, is money. It’s sort of a vicious circle because they need to be earning money online before they invest in coaching and masterminds etc.

    I was sorry to hear what happened to Carol with her previous coach too. Too many people online masquerade as experts who haven’t done a thing online, yet they advertise themselves as coaches without earning a dime online. I guess that’s IM for you!

    Thanks for your comments and have a great day yourself!

Sylviane Nuccio - July 29, 2015

Hi Carol and Richard,

Excellent post here.

I had heard your scam story before, but reading about it again here, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Yes, there are scammers out there, I tell ya.

A long time ago I promoted a product left and right as an affiliate, and the guy never paid my my commissions. And that’s just one of the scams I’ve been victim of.

One thing that I wanted to add though, is that scammers can also be fed by people who are looking for overnight success.

Recently you referred a French speaking guy to me, and once I told him that there were no overnight magical techniques to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish, but that he had to do the work necessary for it, I’ve never heard from him again 🙂

So, excuse the expression, but those idiots are the ones who want to hear those scammers telling them about over night success too, and that’s sad if you ask me.

Thanks for the great tips and reason why newbies should start off with a coach, and thanks to you Richard for having Carol here as well.
Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Use Your Magical Mind To Eliminate The Unwanted From Your LifeMy Profile

    Carol Amato - July 30, 2015

    Hi, Sylviane,

    Wow, I’m seeing you everywhere – what a pleasantry!

    Yes, I knew you were aware of that from another post I did, and I remember you sharing a bit of your story as well. Sure am sorry you’ve been a victim as well, Sylviane, that’s awful.

    You’re absolutely right on that account. The scammers are encouraged by folks that want ‘overnight’ riches and flash in the pan schemes that require no work. They egg them on for sure.

    I couldn’t agree more – it is very sad. Things have improved somewhat I think, but it’s still a big problem.

    You are most welcome, I enjoy sharing helpful info. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and for adding value here, I really appreciate it.

    Have a good evening.

    Richard Martin - July 30, 2015

    Hi Sylvianne. Interesting what you say about the French guy. On my welcome page, I openly tell people that this online thing isn’t easy, and the best way to earn money is to actually go and get a job and start this part time instead. I think it’s the only way, because making a success of online does take time – and kudos to you for telling him how it is.

    Thanks for your comments, have an awesome day!

    Carol Amato - July 30, 2015

    Ciao, Sylviane,

    Forgot to mention I have absolutely no memory of referring anyone, LOL, guess it’s old age. 🙂

    Was it someone on Facebook ?

    Anyway, hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday.
    Ciao Ciao,

      Sylviane Nuccio - July 30, 2015

      No, he didn’t contact me from facebook, he sent me an email, even showing the message where you were referring him to me.

      His name is arabic, that’s why he speaks French.

      That’s so funny that you don’t remember. He contacted about 4 weeks ago.

        Sylviane Nuccio - July 30, 2015

        I meant didn’t contact, excuse my French 🙂

Sherman Smith - July 29, 2015

Hey Carol and Richard,

The one thing I was afraid of when I first got on the scene was getting ripped off. This kept me from investing in online programs which as a result I invested in free programs which had a lot of limitations.

But I built up the courage to invest in a couple of programs and one of them really motivated me because it pointed out a lot of options I could take. But yes, you definitely want to do your due diligence in researching these different programs and the people that back them. You want to check out their credit, successes and research the people that give them testimonials. In other words you want to work like you’re the FBI lol.

There are a lot of benefits in having a legit mentor/coach. For me the major benefits are the short cuts you can take based on their trial and tribulations. This can alleviate a lot of wasted time that you could put in by following by their example. Also with programs there are trainings every week on the subjects that’s going to be vital to your success.

Thanks for sharing Carol and I hope you’re having a great week!
Sherman Smith recently posted…How These 31 Successful Bloggers Overcame FailureMy Profile

    Carol Amato - July 30, 2015

    ➤ Hi, Sherman,

    Yeah, the rip off scene was very big several years ago, and is still a problem, but I don’t think it’s as bad. I could be wrong though.

    Haha, love your point, Sherman – absolutely, when we invest our hard-earned money, it’s important to do our due diligence to check into the background and credibility of the person we’re contemplating doing business with. So many people get caught up in the hype and empty promises that they skip really checking them out.

    BINGO! Learning from someone else’s mistakes, a person that is in a place that you want to be in, is a huge advantage. Hindsight is 20/20, and that’s a big benefit to joining a coaching program. Most definitely – time is money, and two heads are always better than one.

    You are most welcome, Sherman – I want to thank you for stopping by to check out my guest article on Richard’s blog. What a blessing to be able to share. Truly grateful.

    Have a blessed evening.

    Richard Martin - July 30, 2015

    Agreed Sherman – coaching can give you all the shortcuts, because like you say, if the coach is a genuine person who has been there and done it, one can learn a lot based on their trials and tribulations as you put it.

    Yes, it is like being the FBI, like I say to another commenter, there’s a lot of people out there offering coaching services who have done diddly squat online and earned hardly anything. The irony being that they are earning money from being a coach, teaching others how to earn money even though they have limited experience themselves. So good research is key to getting the coach or mentor one deserves.

    Thanks Sherman, have a great day!

Cararta - July 30, 2015

Hi Carol and Richard,

Great post and Important information for beginner or even experienced

Getting ripped off isn’t fun or helpful. Besides the money loss there
is the loss of trust in follow man or woman. Can spread and affect more
than just an effort to start a business on the internet.

Signing up with a coach or a mentor is a huge undertaking…not just financially but the investment of self and time.

Think one of the best pieces of advice (after getting a mentor-coach) is to do your homework and make darn sure you know what and who you are getting into bed with.

There wouldn’t be a 1,000 plus videos on YouTube about scams and rip offs from bad coaches and marketers.

They are there, unfortunately. Word of mouth still works, so ask a friend who doesn’t supply an affiliate link!
Cararta recently posted…Omar Martin asked the Question: Are You doing The Right Thing for Right Now!My Profile

    Carol Amato - July 31, 2015

    Hi, Cararta,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

    No, getting ripped off is not fun, and I almost quit over being scammed. It really hurt especially because this was someone I trusted to help me make money online.

    You make a very good observation, it does affect more than the initial plan of starting a business.

    Choosing to work with a coach or mentor is a big decision, and a very important one. I think it’s best to choose someone that offers a monthly payment option, with no binding contract, and ‘cancel anytime’ policy. That way the student is not locked in should they be unhappy with the set up.

    I agree! Word-of-mouth works great, and that’s how things can grow very quickly. The most important quality of any coach, in my opinion, is integrity.

    Thank you so much for your visit and comment, I really appreciate it, and hope you have a great rest of the week.

    Take Care,
    Carol Amato

Ron Killian - July 31, 2015

I am subscribed to your blog Richard, but for some reason I did not get a notice about this post. Odd. Probably somewhere in the cyberspace black hole 🙂

It must be your new theme throwing everything out wack..lol

Site is looking very good though.

Awesome post Carol. Of course 🙂

Sorry to hear about you being scammed as well. Think I read about that somewhere some time ago, probably on your blog. Sad, there are too many scammers out there. Over the years I’ve seen payment processors disappear over night with money, affiliate programs vanishing. Seems it’s a part of doing business.

I am surprised, under what to look for in a coach, you mentioned: “Unlimited Q&A on a daily basis”. Do many coaches offer that? Seems like it could be a HUGE time suck. I know just helping customers alone, some of them can ask so many questions. Can take a great deal of time to help them. Probably depends on your clients I bet?

In the past I did not see the big need for a coach, but over the years, I’ve see so many people that flop around with little to no direction and little chance for any success. Some folks do need some one to at least hold them accountable, some one to give them direction.

You also give some compelling reasons (and valid ones) for getting a coach or mentor. Now if people wise up, huh?

Enjoyed your post Carol and thanks Richard for posting!
Ron Killian recently posted…10 Simple Brain-Dead Tactics for Increasing ConversionsMy Profile

    Carol Amato - July 31, 2015

    Hi, Ron!

    Maybe Richard hasn’t mailed his list yet? Dunno… lol

    Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words. You’re a big encouragement, you know that?

    Being scammed = part of doing business…? Hmmm, don’t like the sound of that, but in reality, it’s closer to the truth that anything else… Haha

    I do know a few coaches who offer unlimited Q&A (most offer one question per call), but not the Hot Seat personal one-on-one coaching calls like I do, especially at this price level.

    Yes, it could be a time suck if the coach isn’t efficient and smart about it. The platform I have enables me to leverage the help I give, so that all can benefit.

    You are most welcome, Ron, and I appreciate your visit and comment. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato

    Richard Martin - August 2, 2015

    Hey Ron – will look into that (I take it you are subscribed via RSS?). I did mail out to my list, but admit I did use a new feature GetResonse now have for the first time, where they will mail out the newsletter at ‘the best time’ (where they look at when the subscriber opens a mail. Will have to look at the stats for that one!

    Anyway, thanks for your comments. Interesting point about unlimited Q&A – as I know some would take the biscuit on this and have someone helping them 24/7.

    Thanks Ron!

      Ron Killian - August 2, 2015

      I was signed up through wordpress.org, think you probably run it through jetpack. No biggie, was more joking, giving you a hard time. 🙂 That’s how I use to get updates for new posts. Least I think so. Now you have me thinking…lol

      Ya, I hate to be negative, just know from experience, there are those that ask a ton of questions. Not that I don’t like helping, just can be extreme at times. But as I think about it, that can be rare. And sure it’s different if your a coach getting paid good 🙂

      Crap, just remembered I need to write a testimonial. I might be too late. I’ll do it today.

Mark - July 31, 2015

Hi Carol Amato ,

Well working on our own could be a risky part and may be we’ll have to invest lot of money and time. By joining any good coach could be fantastic idea.

I’m wondering with their blind work without following any strategy and how they are getting benefiting with their blog.

ikechi - July 31, 2015

Hi Richard and Carol

First. thumbs up Richard for such a lovely post. Kudos for inviting Carol to give her insight on the importance of a business coach.

Carol, you are so right and have opened my mind to importance of a business coach.

First you made realise is that a coach helps save time. All the trial and errors of start up business are avoided.

Then the issue if resources, is another reason why a coach is necessary. The research is made easy and all that is left is to take a decision.

All other points are spot on and even though you had to go through a lot to become a coach, you have saved us from so much loss.

Thanks for sharing. Have a swell weekend.

    Carol Amato - August 1, 2015

    Hi, Ikecki,

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Ikechi, I really appreciate it. I’m super glad you see the benefits of having a business coach, that’s great. Did you go it alone when you started or did you have a coach guiding you?

    Having a coach most definitely saves time and frustration. There will always be challenges but knowing what to do, when and then having accountability built in, is a huge advantage.

    Thanks for stopping by to share your valuable feedback, and I hope you have a wonderful evening.

    Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato

    Richard Martin - August 2, 2015

    Agreed Ikechi, the main benefit of having a coach is that you draw upon their experience. Just like you would have a coach for football or hockey, or even when using a personal trainer in the gym.

    They have been there, done it and worn the tee, so it is a big advantage.

    Thanks so much!

Barbara McKinney - August 3, 2015

Be sure that you are the one who benefits from having a business coach. Some may represent as one in order for them to take advantage from you. That is what scammers are alike. But we can avoid it, thanks for your tips.

    Richard Martin - August 4, 2015

    Yes, there’s many who will take advantage, that’s why you must conduct proper research as Carol suggests.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Carol Amato - August 5, 2015

    Hi, Barbara,

    It’s nice to meet you, and I’m glad you found my tips valuable! I appreciate you coming by to check out my post on Richard’s blog.

    Hope you have a great evening.

    Take Care,
    Carol Amato

newsunshine - August 6, 2015

Well working on our own could be a risky part and may be we’ll have to invest lot of money and time. By joining any good coach could be fantastic idea.

    Richard Martin - August 6, 2015

    Yep, having a coach could save you time and money in the long run!

    Carol Amato - August 6, 2015

    Hi, Newsunshine,

    I appreciate your comment, and it’s nice to meet you. Yes, most definitely – it takes longer on ones own, that’s proven. Having someone that’s been down the path and ahead to learn from is a huge advantage. Just the “avoid my mistakes” part is worth it all.

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day, and thanks for visiting.

    Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato

Andrew M. Warner - August 9, 2015

Hey Richard,

Thanks for having Carol on here to talked about this issue.

Hey Carol, great post here. It was so unfortunate to hear what happened to you with that person, but unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people like that. And if that situation happens, the only thing we can do is what you did … warn our list and hope they won’t turn their backs on us.

Having a right mentor is key and I totally agree with all that you said … regarding the availability, the encouragement and support, everything. But having the right mentor can help your learning curve tremendously. I have one, and I’m learning A LOT.

Great post here, Carol.

– Andrew
Andrew M. Warner recently posted…7 Actionable Steps That Will Increase Your Online Presence ImmediatelyMy Profile

    Carol Amato - August 11, 2015

    Hi, Andrew,

    Thanks much, my friend. Yeah, it was a horrible experience, and I almost quit over it, but ended up using it as a springboard to help others.

    Your encouragement is very much appreciated, and really does make a difference, so thank you. I know it takes time to write thoughtful comments, so I really appreciate it.

    Hope your day is going well. Thanks much and speak soon.


Ijaz Ibrahim - August 10, 2015

Hi admin
these tips are awesome all of them
i like it very much
keep it up
thank you for sharing
Ijaz Ibrahim recently posted…How To Calculate The Pi in C++My Profile

    Carol Amato - September 15, 2015

    Hello Ijaz,

    I’m glad you enjoyed my tips, and it’s nice to make your acquaintance.

    Just wondering – do you comment on a lot of blogs? I hadn’t seen you around before.

    You are most welcome! Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

    Take Care,
    Carol Amato

      ijaz - September 16, 2015

      Thank You For Approve my comments Admin
      And i am new in this field
      Thank you for appreciate me

Ron Killian - October 8, 2015

I just had to comment… on how you used CTA skin on this post.

Awesome, Mr smarty. And very useful plugin 🙂
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