Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Update

It's no secret I have been missing for the last couple of months. I've hardly posted to the blog recently and I've hardly been on social media. But for 2 very good reasons. The first is Top Secret (hint: more will be revealed over the next month or so), and the second reason: My Amazon Affiliate Niche Site.

Or should I say, my four Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites!

Since you read this post on my shock at earning $33 with a half baked niche site, I've not only been building that site up, but also building 3 more (I made one a public case study, find out more here).​

So although I've hardly posted here recently, I have still been extremely busy.​ Including another blog theme change. DOH!


​I started the Public Niche Site at the in the middle of April, and posted about it on May 11th. You can see the Google Analytics graph below.

amazon niche report

There's just one word to describe the traffic so far: sporadic.

But still, traffic has been coming, despite me doing absolutely no offsite SEO or backlinking with this site​ whatsoever.


What you really want to know is if I've made any money from this site yet, isn't it?

Well the answer to that is: YES!

Below are the orders attributed to this site to date, totalling about $22.

amazon affiliate niche site

However, this may not be a true reflection of what that site has actually made. Once these 4 items have been purchased, I also get commissions from any other purchases these customers make from Amazon in the next 90 days (as long as they don't click another Amazon affiliate link in that time).

But for the purposes of this report, I can only report on the items linked to the niche I am in, as there is no way of finding out which items are linked to these purchases.​


I started back in September​ with my very first niche site, and checking it on February 16th, I saw that I had total commissions of $33.

Since then, I have started an additional 3 niche sites, with the latest one being just a couple of weeks old. Here's the totals I have earned in that period.

Amazon.com earnings:

amazon earnings

Amazon.co.uk earnings:

amazon.co.uk earnings

It's worth pointing out that the income from Amazon UK is earnings from a site that is less than 3 weeks old, and has just 4 articles on there. That's right, I'm ranking on Google after just 3 weeks. And I've done absolutely no SEO work apart from on page optimization with serious attention to specific keywords.


Working on one of my Amazon affiliate niche sites is a breathe of fresh air. Truly. It's like going from walking in the city t​o walking in the countryside.

You will love building your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site because:

  • It's truly passive. Do the work once, and reap the benefits from it time and time again.
  • No marketing to marketers. You market your links to 'normal' people, people who aren't going to go out of their way to avoid your affiliate link.
  • No social media. My suggested strategy, because your focus should always be on the click to Amazon.
  • No commenting or outreach or building communities. Seriously, you don't need it for this to work.
  • No replying to comments. Think of your sites as informational sites, where visitors come for information. They hardly ever comment.
  • No customer support to deal with, no emails to send or reply to - a hands off experience to its fullest.
  • Cheap to set up, and as risk free as you can get. Most of your cost will be your time.


My second bullet point may have taken some of you by surprise. It's a big one for me, and is another small reason why I haven't been blogging recently.

Here's a quick story.

A few weeks ago I received a message from someone on Twitter regarding Optimizepress. This lady had seen my review of Optimizepress, and told me she had found it very helpful. She just had a few more questions though, which we took to email.

Nothing uncommon here. I've probably had 50+ emails just like since publishing that review. So we went back and forwards a few times with emails, and I gave her my opinion and best practice based on my experience (as well as screenshots) on how she could use Optimizepress for her membership site.

No problem I thought. Usually, it leads to a nice little commission if they go through my affiliate link for the product.

The emails ended and then I got a Twitter message from her a few days later.

And this is where I snapped a little. You see, the emails ended without her acknowledging my last reply, and without even as much as a 'thank you'. So before I replied to this message, I decided to check my commissions for Optimizepress to see if her name cropped up.

You know what's coming next. Yep, she didn't even bother to use my affiliate link to purchase Optimizepress, which meant the hour or so I had spent emailing/tweeting her, and the 40+ ​hours I spent putting together the review earned me absolutely ZERO from this person. Needless to say, I replied to the Tweet with a link to the Optimizepress Support page, and nothing else.

It may seem like a moan, but really it's not. Because she's not the first to do this, but I've made a promise to myself that she will definitely be the last.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Updates + Why marketing to marketers sucks big time #marketing

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See, I'm done on working for free.​ The marketer concerned in this instance, in my opinion, was all take, take, take. I didn't even get a simple 'thank you' from this person.

And that's why Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites ​are so appealing to me right now. The people who visit these sites aren't necessarily aware of how affiliate sites work and they are not aware that I may make a commission if they go through my link (even though I have the appropriate disclaimers on my site). They just want information on the product they are researching, and if the information is there, they will happily use a link I provide to go and see the item in question on Amazon - and then hopefully, purchase that item.

Furthermore, they don't email you. They don't tweet you. And they don't go out of their way to avoid your affiliate link, because they can't stand the thought of you earning money from their purchase. And believe me, these people exist. ​


Without even knowing you, I'm saying yes. Getting out of the 'Internet Marketing' space has made a huge difference to me, and I know it will to you too. 

While I will never give up on the blog, I am shifting my mentality to ensure that people like the above mentioned person don't use my time for nothing again. I'll still provide awesome reviews​ on products and services I use and love, and while I have no control over who clicks the links in those reviews (some people will go out of their way to make sure I get a commission, while some will do the opposite - no point worrying over this), I do have control over my emails and who I help and who I don't.


I have a couple of questions that I'd love you to answer if you could.

  1. Have you got an Amazon affiliate niche site currently? If not, what is holding you back?
  2. Have you experienced 'commission slippage' - from marketing to marketers like I have? Share your story below.

​Thanks for being awesome. Looking forward to seeing your comments below.

All the best, Richard.​

  • June 26, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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David Hartshorne - June 27, 2015

Hi Richard,

I’m really pleased to read about your on-going success with your Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites and the enjoyment you are getting from it.

On the other hand its not good to hear about ‘the taker’ – there is no place for people like that. You do provide tremendous valuable content to your readers, both on and off the blog, and you deserve a little credit by way of affiliate commissions. Its not like you’re ramming it down people’s throats like some marketers. All I can say is don’t be too downhearted and disillusioned with ‘the taker’ as there are plenty of us who love your stuff on here.

1. I’m going to get an Amazon Niche site up and running in H2 – there I said it!
2. I’m not aware of any commission slippages. I had an interesting experience with one commission not showing up when I expected it, but that was down to some ‘cookie mischief’ I believe.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
– David

PS – nice theme 🙂
David Hartshorne recently posted…Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting – Join The Revolution!My Profile

    Richard Martin - June 28, 2015

    Cheers David.

    I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of these affiliate sites. The key to this enjoyment is that I have a general interest in the niche areas, which I think is a massive help.

    Never mind about the taker, we can’t win them all, just incredibly annoying to realise that I was working for absolutely nothing. I mean, not even a thank you, but I guess that is the nature of some of these people.

    Glad to hear you are looking into an Amazon niche site – you won’t regret it David. Cheers!

Edwin Torres - June 27, 2015

I used to be HEAVY into amazon back in the day. This was when I didn’t really know what I was doing and made all my sites using Blogger. Still managed to make some money from it though so its all good 🙂

Keep going, these reports are really useful!
Edwin Torres recently posted…My Exact Formula For Getting Your Subscribers To Buy From You Again and Again!My Profile

    Richard Martin - June 28, 2015

    Edwin, welcome to the blog.

    Glad to hear you made some money with Amazon in the past, hoping you use that experience to build some new ones on better platforms in the future!

Pallab kayal - June 28, 2015

Hi Richard,
I’m visiting your blog first time and I’m getting very distracted man because I can’t decide which article I’m start reading. Anyway I’m thinking on a niche site for sometimes so it’s gonna help me for sure. I’ll come again to explore few more superb content. Keep posting such content.
Pallab kayal recently posted…The Best Chrome Extensions Resource You Will Ever NeedMy Profile

Ron Killian - July 1, 2015

So awesome to hear about the amazon thing doing so well for you. Actually it’s a perfect example of why that kind of affiliate marketing can be so awesome. Like you said NO ONE bugs you or emails you. You never hear from any one! I really miss that model. I did it for almost 10 years (not amazon), and it was such a low level or responsibility.

Only drawback I’ve found, or experienced, is that you’re usually relying heavily on search engine traffic. And we all know how fickle G can be. Not being negative, just something people need to keep in mind. With article marketing being almost dead, it doesn’t leave you with as many traffic sources. Though I am guessing social media could be a good stream for many niches these days. I didn’t have that option back in the day.

I know what you mean about marketing to marketers and commenting “seems” to be a waste of time some days. But it’s one of the few ways to get comments if you don’t have a following. Unless you can leverage social media. Thinking that might be more of a game plan for myself. Might be a more productive use of our time? Just thinking out loud.

The one thing that bugs me about commenting is how many FAKE comments there are. When people praise content when it doesn’t deserve it, or when the grammar makes it tough to even read. Every one kissing each others butt? Or I am just in a bad mood tonight 🙂

Know what you mean about takers and some people not even saying thank you. Happened to many times.

I’ve had many people resell my stuff, mostly the ones that require quite a bit of support and their customers often come to me looking for help. I hate to turn people away, but I just can’t start down that road. And hour or more with 10-20 people each and for free? Surprising how many marketers DON’T help their customers. And some big names.

Think I need to go take a happy pill. Or get some sleep 🙂

Good read as always Richard 🙂
Ron Killian recently posted…WordPress Blog Forget Me Not ChecklistMy Profile

    Richard Martin - July 3, 2015

    Hi Ron. Great points here.

    Yes absolutely – low level responsibility, no comments, no social media, nobody bothering you. LOVE IT! It really is true passive income.

    I hear what you are saying about Google. yes, I rely on Google to send me traffic. All I can say is that I’ll cross that bridge when/if it comes to it.

    Marketing to marketers – it a huge frustration, because I KNOW people have used my reviews, I KNOW people have emailed me and asked questions about certain products, yet they don’t bother to give the courtesy of going through the link. It sucks, but it’s part of the IM game I suppose.

    Commenting can be helpful I believe Ron, but there has to be a limit. I talk more about this and fake comments next week, hope you get to read that one.

    That sounds like a horrendous situation. So you’re selling PLR to people, they are reselling it to customers, and those customers are coming to you for help? That is CRAZY my friend. I’m thinking of a stock email to send these customers (a polite one of course), telling them to go to the vendor for help. What a horrid position to be put in, as you say, you can’t spend all your time helping people for nothing.

    Thanks Ron, have a great weekend.

eBook Bisnes Online - July 5, 2015

i have amazon affiliate niche, but dont know how to get the traffic to start make money
eBook Bisnes Online recently posted…Jenis Kesilapan Membuat Niche Blog Untuk AdsenseMy Profile

    Richard Martin - July 6, 2015

    Quality articles on a quality site is always a good start. 90% of Amazon affiliate sites I see out there are poor quality free themes, with poor quality content.

Nauf Sid - July 7, 2015

hey Richard, what’s your off site SEO strategy for this site?

Lawrence Tam - July 13, 2015

back in 2011 i had about 15 niche blog amazon sites.. i sold a CRAP ton of vizio TV and DVD players…

i highly suggest you build niche sites just for black friday.. I think I made a couple grand JUST selling call of duty in a couple days then the site tanked… but like you said.. it’s not much investment..

to me it was just sad to see it not repeat the next year and some of my strategies to rank weren’t as easy anymore.

I had the EXACT same feeling when you help someone online, thinking they will buy something and they don’t… SLAP!

and now why I do what you do… market online to “buyer traffic”

PS. i got out of Amazon niche selling after i saw i generated 100k to amazon and i made a measly $4,600.. it’s a lot of work (yes it’s not expensive to run)… but it’s way easier to just sell optimize press to marketers vs niche sites (unless you can massively outsource and scale it out…) my 2 cents

keep up the good work

    Richard Martin - July 14, 2015

    Hi Lawrence, thanks so much for contributing and sharing your experience.

    Sounds like a plan – black Friday is huge in the USA, it’s also catching on here in the UK too. It’s a great idea, though I’m sure that it would take up a lot of time leading up to the event. My sites are sort of evergreen, all year round sort of thing.

    I know exactly what you are saying about the commissions. They are low, and sending $100k worth of business to Amazon and getting under $5k back in return is hard. BUT that being said (and coming from an ex eBayer), I like the fact that 1) i’m not marketing to marketers, and 2) there is nothing else to do apart from getting the content up there, promoting it and getting people to click and buy.

    To me it’s truly passive, and one way I see it is this: I’m off to vegas in September, and Amazon are paying for my spending money when over there, as I will have easily exceeded the $1k mark by then.

    Thanks again Lawrence!


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