Why Building Relationships Is THE Most Important Thing In Blogging

I’ve been involved in various businesses since 2002. In that time, I’ve learnt a huge amount; everything from editing HTML, filling out a tax return, providing excellent customer service – and everything in between.

But without doubt, the most important thing I’ve learnt is something that I have only learnt in the past couple of years.

It’s this:

Successful businesses are based on successful relationships.

Relationships are important in ANY business. The type of relationship, and who the relationship is with may vary depending on the type of business, but one thing is for sure; without them, you aren’t going to get far.


For many of us, our blogs are also our business. And I can think of no other business that relies so heavily on relationship building than blogging does.

Building relationships in blogging is a two tier thing. As bloggers, we need to build a relationship with two sets of people:

1. Our audience.
2. Fellow bloggers.

Of course, our audience are our most important asset. Without them, we would just be blogging for our moms. Building a relationship with our audience is important on so many levels; it harnesses trust, turns a visitor into a subscriber and turns a one time visitor into a repeat visitor – amongst many other advantages.

Equally important in my eyes, is your fellow bloggers. Connecting with them, building relationships and even becoming friends can have huge reciprocal advantages – just like in any business.

I build relationships by doing two things:

1. Being myself.
2. Trying to create meaningful engagement.


Being yourself is SO important in blogging. Being yourself is a Unique Selling Point all in itself.

People are not drawn to blog content in isolation. It’s my belief that they are drawn to the blogger just as much as they are drawn to the content.

The blogs I follow are not just about great content – they are also about great people.

I’m sure you agree with me.

And it’s no coincidence that these bloggers fully understand the importance of building relationships and creating purposeful engagement. Yes, they respond to comments, they reach out and thank me if I retweet/G+/FB/LinkedIn their posts, and they engage in a meaningful manner.

Bloggers such as Cliff Ravenscraft at podcastanswerman.com, Adrienne at AdrienneSmith.net and Ryan from bloggingfromparadise.com.

They are all very unique people who I find engaging and interesting. And I feel personally connected to not only what they have to say, but to who they are as individuals.

And again, it’s no coincidence that these people have very, very successful blogs.

If you take away just one small thing from this post, it’s this:

Be yourself.


Make no mistake about the above sub heading; the most important word is MEANINGFUL.

building relationshipsThere’s engagement, and there’s meaningful engagement. How many times have you logged into your WordPress dashboard to see a bunch of comments, only to disappointingly find that the majority of those comments are three word comments such as ‘great post, thanks’?

The biggest disappointment is finding that the commenter has no interest in you, or whatever content you have put out there; rather, their only interest is leaving their website URL on your post.

All take, take, take, giving little value back.

Sure, leaving any blog comment, no matter how short, is engagement. But it’s not meaningful engagement.

And it’s not how relationships are built.

For me, meaningful engagement is also about adding value. The bloggers I mention above were all found on other people’s blogs.

That’s right. I found these people because they had left a comment on someone else’s blog. Not a ‘thanks, great post’ comment, but a comment that was meaningful. A comment that added value.

A Pillar Comment.

You’ve heard of ‘Pillar Articles’/’Pillar Posts’/’Pillar Content’.

Now you’ve heard of ‘Pillar Comments’.

The best bloggers on this planet go one step further – they create pillar comments. They go out of their way to engage in a meaningful manner and they go out of their way to add value.

Now here’s your challenge. Next time you visit your favourite blog, leave a pillar comment. Forget going to 20 different blogs and leaving a one liner, just go to your very favourites – and leave a comment that engages and adds value.

And the next time a visitor takes the time to do this on your blog, thank them, and leave an equally engaging reply back.


Once upon a time, there was a guy who I looked up to. The more I got to know him (through his podcast and blog), the more I liked him as a person and as an authority in some areas of the internet marketing niche.

Whilst I will stop short of naming him, what I will say that I no longer look up to him, no longer listen to his podcasts, and no longer have his blog listed in my bookmarks.

And here’s why.

Because I liked him, his podcast and his blog, I took the time to engage with him. I have left several comments on his blog, and tweeted some of his posts. And when I say I have left comments on his blog, I mean comments that I would consider purposeful, relevant and adding something to the blog post. Not a 30 second quick reply, but a 10 minute, 15 minute, 300-500 word reply.

For every one of these comments I have left on his blog (about 7-8 now), how many times do you think he has personally responded?

You guessed it.

A big fat zero.

Now, for some reading those last few sentences, you might be thinking ‘Who the hell does Richard think he is?’ or ‘This person may be so big and get so many comments that he may not have the time or resources to reply to every one of his comments’.

And I forgive you on the spot for having such thoughts.

But the fact is, the person I am talking about actually receives very few comments on his blog. In fact, the last comment I left on a blog post remains the only comment on that post.

What’s that done to me, and any perceived relationship I thought I had with him?

Well, all I can say is that I no longer bother listening to his podcast, I no longer read his blog – and I no longer comment on his posts.

It may sound like a classic case of throwing the toys out of the pram; but I can assure you that it’s not.

I no longer engage with this individual or his online endeavours simply because he has not reciprocated a relationship that I tried to build with him. For me, it feels like it has been all give, give, give. And I have received nothing back.

Hell, even a courtesy ‘Hey Richard, thanks for your comments’ would have gone a long way. But the fact that he has not even acknowledged that I have visited his blog and took the time to write a purposeful reply to the published content means that he has just unbuilt the very work he has done naturally to get me there in the first place.

Fancy that. Building quality content through blogging and podcasting, and then losing me simply because he has not engaged with me.

This, my friends, is true example of how NOT to build a relationship with your audience.

business relationships


One of the key elements that you need to get your head around is how you see other people in your industry.

Do you see other bloggers as competitors, or peers?

Once over, I used to see them as competitors.

Now, I see them as peers. Acquaintances. Friends.

Hit me on the comments below – do you see other bloggers as a competitor?


In the income reports for the first half of 2014, I lament the fact that my traffic stats had stagnated and actually decreased over time.

I can see now that there were 2 main reasons for this. I was not being proactive enough in sharing my content.

And I wasn’t building relationships.

And it’s no coincidence that as I have been more proactive in trying to change these two things over the course of the last couple of months, I have seen an increase in visitors, an increase in the number of comments I receive and an increase in the number of emails from people wishing to reach out to me.

What are you doing to build successful relationships in your blog or business? Drop me a comment below!


All the best,

Richard Martin



  • August 4, 2014
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Albert F A Matthews - August 4, 2014

I reckon that building relationships online goes deeper than blogging and down to product launching even you need to build relationships between JV partners to promote your product and sometimes it is not all about the money.

    Richard Martin - August 4, 2014

    I’m 100% with you on that Albert.

    Relationships are important in ANY business, and you are quite correct in saying it’s not all about the money. For many it is though, and because they focus on the money so much, they forget the most important thing; building a relationship FIRST.

    Thanks so much for your comments Albert.

      Albert F A Matthews - August 4, 2014

      Agreed, So much so I started even going to event a few year back now to build on relationships and it is surprising what you can even learn at some of them while holding up the bar 🙂

        Richard Martin - August 4, 2014

        I would love to go to an event Albert. I’m in the UK, and they aren’t advertised well.

        I missed one that was close to me last month, but I will be definitely keeping an eye out and attending one – because like you say, it’s a great way to learn and build relationships with others.

        Thanks again for taking time to comment.

          Albert F A Matthews - August 5, 2014

          I am UK as well buddy, Watford
          Search Eventbrite for – Product Launch Bootcamp London
          coming September reach out to me if you come along as I will be their.
          Albert F A Matthews recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

          Richard Martin - August 6, 2014

          Awesome Albert – thanks for the heads up with EventBrite. I will certainly go and search that out right now.

          Thanks Albert.

Lisa - August 4, 2014

Hi Richard, first time visitor here. I found you on Kingged. Love your blog and this topic is so true. Many beginner bloggers do not realize how important relationships are. I cannot imagine not responding to comments, why have them?
I think you can learn a lot from your readers via their comments and sometimes it even gives you ideas for more posts. You can learn what they know and don’t know too. Plus you may get to know them personally and become good friends. I’ve been good friends with several bloggers over the years and met a few in person. Such an added bonus!
Thanks for sharing RIchard and have a good day. Hope to check out more of your posts.

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Adding great value here Lisa – thanks for your comments…which actually just reminded me of another point.

    Comments. Why have them if you don’t respond. I have been on some blogs where they actually don’t allow comments at all. I am not sure how this promotes any sort of relationship at all. It’s like, what I have said in my article, is all you need to know. No discussion needed. I don’t value what you have to say.

    It’s a head scratcher for me.

    Thanks again Lisa, and welcome to the SID blog.

Andrew M. Warner - August 4, 2014

Hey really good post. It truly is all about building relationships online – I’m just upset that I didn’t realize that from the very beginning. The old saying goes,”If I knew what I knew now back then, I woulda done things differently.”

Well, that’s the truth.

I too looked up to someone when I first really got into blogging and I listened to podcasts, read blogs, commented like a fiend, and sent emails from here to there – but I didn’t get a response as well. When there were webinars and I would do a live comment, I wouldn’t receive anything either.

I was upset, initially but over time I’ve learned to spend my time connecting with people that would actually take the time to engage with me back rather than spend time trying to engage with someone who doesn’t have any time for their readers.

Nonetheless, pretty good post and entire concept for your site. Reminds me of a Pat Flynn thing. Keep up the good work.

– Andrew

P.S. I saw this post on Kingged.com
Andrew M. Warner recently posted…How To Effectively Use Social Proof To Your Advantage To Convert More VisitorsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Andrew, thanks for taking time to write such a great reply.

    100% with you – if I only knew back then, what I know now. It sucks!

    But I guess everything comes with experience, mistakes, and errors. Life is trial and error. Blogging is 100% trial and error.

    I feel your pain. It’s kinda like the Eminem song ‘Stan’ “I waited for you in the blistering cold for 4 hours, waiting for your autograph, but you just said no’ (or similar). It is frustrating, and then you feel undervalued.

    Again Andrew, thanks for the kind comments, and sharing and Kingging!

Sunday - August 4, 2014

Hi Richard,

Indeed, building a relationship in blogging is highly important. This can be achieved by meaningfully engaging the audience as well as other bloggers.

Many bloggers calling the shots in the industry do so because of the influence of high relationships they continuously build with bloggers!

I couldn’t agree with you more when it comes to the use of comment for relationship building. Making it ‘meaningfully” long would attract better response, advice, and inspiration!

This post “kingged” or upvoted in kingged.com where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers
Sunday recently posted…The Evolution of Semantic Search and Why Content is Still KingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Hi Sunday, glad to see you again!

    I agree – many bloggers DO call the shots simply because of the relationships they have built up.

    Thanks for Kingging and sharing your thoughts, have a great day Sunday.

Ken Kai - August 5, 2014


Great write up there mate. Totally agree with building relationships and keeping them strong.

And I know what you mean about the blog commenting. It’s a great way to build relationships, but sometimes you’ll just receive no returned engagement. I understand that people can be busy, but thats the beauty of being online. Everything can be addressed in the one place. So really, it should be easy, right?

But I guess over time, the amount of things to do can be overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that some people also run several websites or even hundreds. I’m trying to stay on top of things at the moment and I feel I am doing quite ok. But there is always room for improvement.

Thanks Richard, tweeting now.

Ken Kai recently posted…My Top 5 Travel Safety Tips to Avoid Hassles OverseasMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Hey Ken.

    Thanks so much for your input – and a slightly different view.

    Of course, in the post I don’t mention huge blogs that receive hundreds of comments per post. I am nowhere near that stage at the moment, but when I do get to that stage, i will certainly have some sort of strategy in place.

    The fact that I am replying to you a number of hours after you have left your comment also qualifies your other statement – people have other businesses (like me), so can be difficult to keep on top. I understand that totally Ken.

    Keep on staying on top, and thanks for the comment and share once again!

Kingsley - August 5, 2014

Spot on, Richard! This is a very well thought out post about the significance of, not only building, but most importantly nurturing business relationships!

Gone are the days (if there ever were) when people could survive in insolation. In today’s business climate, you either build good business relationships that help you growth, or you perish.

It’s even truer in the Internet marketing and blogging industry. Remember the days of the IM gurus doing million dollar daily launches? They were able to do that not because they products were the best ever, but because they had good business relationships with the right people who helped them reach even more people that they had relationships with. Mr A knows Mr B. Mr B knows Mr C, Mr D and Mr E. Therefore, by default, Mr A can reach Mr C, Mr D and Mr E, and even everyone they know, just because of his relationship with Mr B, 🙂

I remember my first $20,000+ in few hours product launch many years ago. I was able to achieve that because of the right business relationship I built with the right people, in the right platform.

Talking about that, it’s mostly because of the importance of building and nurturing good relationships that Kingged.com is growing everyday. We have been able to connect bloggers together that have even taking their relationships far beyond our platform. And that’s what it’s all about!

Your example of the blogger who didn’t respond to your comments on his/her blog is certainly a sign of how NOT to build relationships. No matter how big and important someone we look up to is, we also want to be appreciated. And something as simple as responding to comments now and then on one’s blog, can go a long way.

Anyways, all said and done, let me conclude this with what the GREATS have said about relationships, 😉

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
– Dale Carnegie

“You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people and I’ll build the business right back again.”
— Henry Ford

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”
— Winston Churchill

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”
— Theodore Roosevelt

Thanks again, Richard, for writing and sharing this on the #1 Internet marketing social networking site, http://www.Kingged.com. I “kingged” it and hope others will too, 🙂

Kingsley recently posted…Let Kingged.com Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Wow Kingsley, wow! Thanks so much for such a great input.

    A pillar comment indeed!

    You are so right, of course. The biggest selling products out there are not necessarily because they are the best, but because the product owner has good, solid relationships behind them – like you say, Mr A know Mr B, and so on.

    Thanks for the quotes Kingsley. They really add that extra to the post. I especially like the Churchill one.

    Thanks for Kingging it and sharing it, and I will see you around on Kingged.com 🙂

Swaraj Nandedkar - August 5, 2014

Hello Richard,

Building relationships with other fellow bloggers in industry is important nowadays. Having our own bloggers network helps our blog to grow our blog. It is helpful to get traffic, receive comments, getting backlinks from other bloggers blog and also it can increase our alexa rank too.

I just post comments to other fellow bloggers blog to connect with them. It’s a great technique which helps us a lot.

Thanks for this post richard.
Have a Nice Day Ahead!!

Well, i found this post shared on kingged.com and commemted on it!
Swaraj Nandedkar recently posted…Optimize your Blogger Title Tag For Better Search RankingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Hello Swaraj.

    Thanks for your comments – it sure does help our blogs grow. But we must also connect with these other bloggers in a wholesome and authentic way. It’s a trap many fall into, and usually you can see it a mile off.

    Thanks again and have yourself a great day too!

Emmanuel - August 5, 2014

When it comes to building a successful online enterprise, the power of relationship can’t in anyway be undermined.
No man is an island, and we all need each other in other to survive. I see fellow bloggers as peers instead of competitors.

Seeing fellow bloggers as competitors instead of peers at the end brings down your effort and enthusiasm to succeed as a blogger.

Hi Richard, this was a great piece and I found this shared on kingged.com
Emmanuel recently posted…Don’t Waste your Time BloggingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Hi Emmanuel.

    Thanks so much for your comments, I especially like your ‘No man is an island – we all need each other to survive’.

    I think you just smashed it up – perfect.

    And this is as true in blogging as it is in real life.

    Cheers Emmanuel.

DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] - August 5, 2014

Hello Richard !

I totally agree with you, in business, there is something we call customer relations, this helps to build more faithful and loyal customers and has a great share in growing your business.

It is of no exception with blogging, to me it is the most fun thing to do as a blogger, building a relation with my readers.

I enjoyed your post and thanks for sharing

DOK Simon
DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] recently posted…How to Increase Your Instagram EngagementMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 5, 2014

    Hi DOK Simon!

    Thanks for your insight. I agree that it’s really fun building a relationship with your readers. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

Adrienne - August 6, 2014

Hey Richard,

Bravo my friend, bravo! You get it and it’s sad that so many others don’t.

Thank you for mentioning me by the way, I appreciate that and it’s been great getting to know you too.

I recently met this guy and I really like him, think he’s awesome, he has great content and he’s also understanding that he has to build those relationships with others. He leaves awesome comments and it now telling everyone that they need to do the same. He’s out there bragging about how many comments he gets on his posts now because they are over the 100’s but they are one liners. They are going beyond the few words but they are mostly saying things like “I really enjoyed the information that you shared and I’ve learned so much from this post. I’ll remember this moving forward.” Really!

Now to each his own but that’s not contributing to the post, that’s not sharing your own experience nor is that giving the author anything to work with in order to try to help you or start building a relationship. To me it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships but you have come to know that about me now.

Let’s use Google or social media as an example. Let’s say that Google stops ranking any of your posts and Twitter deletes your account. So all that hard work that’s gone into ranking your posts and getting all those followers are now not going to do you any good. But if you’ve build relationships with any of the people you’ve made connections with then you could email them and let them know what happened and could they help spread the word about your recent post. That’s why relationships are important, they will help support you and that’s what we’re all here for right! We can’t reach everyone all on our own.

Great share and I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one. I hope that moving forward people will start to understand that none of us can do this alone. We all need help and support from one another so let’s start by being more relevant in other people’s eyes and that can start by adding value in the comment section.

Thank you again Richard for the mention here and you have a fabulous rest of your week.

Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, GoogleMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 7, 2014

    Hi Adrienne, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here.

    Sharing experiences and adding to a post is crucial. The best bloggers I follow all do this – and that is what separates them from the here today, gone tomorrow bloggers. When they share an awesome piece of advice, or their own thoughts or experiences in a way that is relevant and authentic, it naturally portrays them in a good light, and anyone reading the comments section will sit up and take notice – whilst skimming past those who leave the typical one liner ‘Great post, thanks for sharing’.

    Your social media example is spot on. The platforms you mention are terrific, but what if they were gone tomorrow? If you had taken time to build up meaningful relationships with people in your niche, then as you say, it wouldn’t be a problem as much.

    Thanks for a great input Adrienne, and you have a great week also!

Jade - August 6, 2014

Well, I can personally verify that you really walk it like you talk it, Richard.

I have found you to be easily one of the most friendly and proactive bloggers I’ve come across. You are always sharing other people’s work and welcoming bloggers as friends, rather than competitors. I thought your blog was great before I left my first comment – but I had far more loyalty to it once I had personally interacted with you thanks to your full responses.

I completely agree with your point that being yourself is your USP, and in fact, you’ve actually inspired me to finally add my photo to my About page and avatar!

I put off doing so, partially because of issues with my mobile’s camera, (excuses, excuses!) but also because I felt I looked a little young and was worried that it might undermine my credibility. However, given I love the personal touch of bloggers like you and Tim Ferriss, I decided it was time to just do it. I think the benefits in terms of the individuality it brings means beats being a faceless blogger. I have simply put a note next to my picture at the end of the page, stating that I’ve over 10 years experience in producing online content and blogs and have listed out my biggest clients and employees. I’ve also acknowledged any doubts people might have by stating that I’m older than I look.

You mention on one of your responses above that there are limited events for bloggers to get together in person. That’s probably true if you’re not in London, like I am, but Meetup can be very good, and I also often do a search for “blogging” on Eventbrite, and have attended some truly amazing events for bloggers though many are more broad/SME related. I also recommend the talks and workshops around content and email marketing at City Business Library – they are so cheap and I’ve been to around about 10 of them already. Also….how about you launch your own Meetup event re. your blogging journey so far? I know lots of us would pay to hear about it in person!

Jade recently posted…Can You Make Money Blogging?My Profile

    Richard Martin - August 7, 2014

    Hello Jade!

    First up thanks for the kind comments. I really appreciate it a lot – and it’s what makes blogging and writing so special to me. Forget the money, it’s all about helping and inspiring others. I believe if I can get that right, then everything else will come naturally.

    I’m glad to hear and see you have an image of yourself up as a gravatar and on your blog. I do think it adds personality and authenticity to any blog, so I think you have just done one of the best things you can to take your engagement level up a notch or two with your readers.

    Thanks a lot for the heads up about EventBrite. I have looked and there are some events listed that have sparked my interest already. Perhaps my own event would be something to think about in the future, 100%!

    Once again Jade, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and add your own thoughts to the post.

Ken Kai - August 8, 2014


Great to have you over at my blog just recently. Wanted to pay my visits to your blog. You’ve got a crisp design as well. Neat!

I like your points about building relationships. It’s funny the online world. We humans tend to forget that there really is a person behind the text. At times, the internet is a blur. A place run by robots. But somewhere there is a person just like you, who is working on really building trust-able relationships with people. Not just to make money, but just to simply have a good proper friendship.

But, the internet does allow for robotism (is that a word? I have no idea), and so the places we once could enjoy are now filled with spam bots. This destroys the possible connection that could be achieved if we all knew everyone was actually genuine and real, as opposed to running a 24/7 macro.

Anyway Richard, glad to get that off my chest! You have an awesome weekend mate.

Tweeting your article now,

Ken Kai recently posted…3 Absolutely Stunning Places To See In CairnsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 10, 2014

    Hey Ken!

    You make some awesome points indeed! It is sad to see the the robotization of some parts of the internet – you are so right. As you say, we can’t make true connections with a robot, we need that human interaction to build a true and meaningful relationship.

    Your comment about building a friendship is also spot on. Actually, with friendships and trust, comes referrals – and money. Just yesterday someone that I regards as a friend sent a referral through to me. I guess it was sort of ‘Go to my friend Richard, and he will hook you up with what you need’, which resulted in me earning money.

    Glad to have you here, thanks for the retweet and I appreciate you coming here to leave a comment.

    Have an awesome weekend (what’s left of it!)

Don Purdum - August 8, 2014

Hi Richard,

It’s my first time to your blog. I’m glad I found it.

I don’t even know where to start you had so many things to say that I’m passionate about.

It absolutely kills me that someone like yourself takes the time to say something meaningful and the the blogger doesn’t even take the time to reply to you! It shows that they have no idea about customer service, relationship building, marketing, sales…. this person does not understand business 101.

Second, I don’t have competitors. You make an excellent point! Only so many people will need or want to buy from me. Not everyone is for me nor I for them. What a great thing it is when I can help people through referrals. In addition, we can all learn from one another. None of us have the market figured out nor do we know it all.

What a great post. I could say more but I don’t write another blog article on your post, lol…

I look forward to reading more of your articles.
~ Don Purdum
Don Purdum recently posted…Your Problems with SEO May Not Be On Your WebsiteMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 10, 2014

    Hey Don, welcome to the blog!

    You are so right – they don’t understand the importance of relationships. If I no longer follow the blogger mentioned, how many other people have thought the same? How many loyal readers has he lost? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Thanks for the great points you make, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have an awesome day Don!

Metz - August 11, 2014

In blogging business, you need to cultivate better relationships with your business community.

Relationship or building relationship in blogging is important, even though it is crucial to your success as a blogger. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done – especially if you are an introvert.

I agree with your pointers here in your post, that is why we should be all out about making new connections.

Attending a conference is a good thing to meet new people and build new relationships. So you need to attend blog conferences and never afraid to say hello, there, you will learn about the tools you need to grow your blog and to build relationships with others!

Lastly, I have learned a lot in your post, the scenarios and the ideas.

I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
Metz recently posted…Keep Facebook Videos Short and Sweet for Best EngagementMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 11, 2014

    Hello Metz 🙂

    Thanks for Kingging this article, and thanks for your additional insight. Relationships are absolutely crucial to blogging, you are so right.

    Thanks again – I appreciate it a lot!

Swapnadip Chakraborty - August 11, 2014

Hi Richard,

While commenting on Kingged.com, I came across your blog. And believe me when I say that it was a true serendipity. I know the importance of a relationship. It always helps to create understanding between two. So every blogger should built relationship with other bloggers to take the advantage. Here you explained about the reason of an importance of relationship is so well, that anyone can easily understand.

Thank you writing such an wonderful article. I will look forward to your blog to get more useful topic in near future.

thanks & Regards,
Swapnadip Chakraborty recently posted…Google Considers HTTPS As An Important Ranking SignalMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 11, 2014


    Thanks for the kind words and stopping by – I am extremely grateful my friend!

    I agree – every blogger should reach out and try and interact and build with other bloggers – but there are many who don’t, and these are usually the ones who quit blogging after a short period of time.

    Thanks again Swapnadip!

Sylviane Nuccio - August 12, 2014

Hi Richard,

Well, nice meeting you! I think that’s my first time here and boy what a great post which I certainly agree with.

First off, I want to say that like you, it’s only about a couple of years that I came to fully understand the importance of building relationships online to build my blogs and my businesses. I used the plural form because I have 3 blogs and 3 businesses 🙂 but no matter what, each one of them require me to build relationships. There is no way around that anymore.

When I first came online, it was different, nobody spoke of relationships, only niche, niche, niche and keywords 🙂 Now those things are only secondary to relationships.

Boy, I so know what you mean with your example here, that has happen to me with a handful of people. There’s that big blogger woman that suck at relationship, I wont’ name her to protect the guilty, but in her case I think she’s got a case of getting a big head, I think. I even mentioned few things we have in common and she never responded to me about that. Ever!

Then there’s those bloggers who have very few comments yet they don’t even seem to appreciate my comments still. I really feel sad for those guys and my guess is they’re might not be able to hold on very long.

I found your post on Kingged as I was browsing on there. I’m a very good friend to Adrienne Smith too .

Thanks for those valuable tips.
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    Richard Martin - August 12, 2014

    Welcome to the blog Sylviane!

    Yes, and I bet you, just like me, wish you learned the importance of relationships years and years ago!

    It’s a cornerstone of every business now – and with 3 businesses, you will sure know how important it is.

    The woman you talk about – it’s like a slap in the face isn’t it? Sure, I know some people may get hundreds of comments every single post, but you would have thought that she would have recognised your contribution at least once by now. It’s what I think turns you from a fan, into a super fan – simply being acknowledged in some form.

    Thanks for Kingging, and i saw and responded to your comments.

    Thanks again Sylviane, do say hi to Adrienne for me!

    (PS – I have had a look at your blog btw. Great blog, and strange enough, I am in the middle of constructing a small post on freelancing!)

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shanmugapriya.B - March 2, 2015

Thanks For Your valuable posting,this is for wonderful sharing,I would like to see more information from your side.I am working in Web Designing software company in chennai

Gino Bulova - June 21, 2015

I’ve always said” we’re not in the blogging business, We are in the business of establishing good relationships with our audience. A blog without relationships is like a car dealership with no customer.

Thank you for the info Richard.

Gino Bulova
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    Richard Martin - June 21, 2015

    Hi Gino.

    Yes! Or a restaurant without and diners. Or a carwash with no cars. Relationships are extremely important, glad you enjoyed the article.

Linda Schrier - September 7, 2015

Hi Richard,

What a wonderful blog post on building relationships with our audience and fellow bloggers. I do agree with you Richard and in order for us to become a customer, we have to know like and trust the poster. It takes time.

We need to help our potential buyers solve their problems so we better understand them and create killer content.

I am 63 years old and sometimes I forget things, like today I commented on a blog twice and of course it was a great post!

I add a little bit of myself in my comments but am learning how to do that in my posts. I’ll make it happen in time.

Thank you for sharing, Richard and I shared this on kingged

You have an awesome week!
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