An (Info)Barrel of Smart Passive Income

One of the most common questions asked by readers of Smart Income Detective is undoubtedly ”What is the easiest way of earning a true passive income”.

A true passive income can only be defined in one way; complete the work once to set it up, and then never touch it again, while it continues and continues to yield an income.

These types of Smart Passive Income are extremely hard to find, but fortunately Smart Income Detective has been hard at work and come up trumps again.

InfoBarrel is an article directory that allows anybody to sign up for a free account, submit articles on a huge range of different topics, and then monetize those articles with Google Adsense adverts. When visitors read one of your articles, the adverts are displayed throughout your article. If a vistor clicks on one of these adverts, then you will receive a small commission from Google.

These earning are shared with InfoBarrel; 75% of the revenue is retained by you, the article contributor, with the remaining 25% retained by InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel Background

passive income InfobarrelInfoBarrel was formed back in 2008, and it was marketed as a community based knowledge sharing media site. The site has come a long way from its humble beginnings, with a huge community of people sharing articles on everything from gardening to egg shell painting – and earning a passive income in the process.

InfoBarrel Visitor Statistics

For such a site to work (and for you to make money), we must analyse the traffic statistics to see if they are getting good quality traffic to their site. This is important as the more traffic that visits the site, the higher chance of getting your article read, and in turn, your advert links being clicked. According to Alexa, who are the leading online analysts for website visitor statistics, show us the following (as of 27th of January 2013)

Traffic Rank: 7,460 in the world. This may seem high, but it is in fact very good. there are millions of websites out there, so this is a good ranking.

Unique Visitors Per Month: 670,000 (according to Google Ad Placements).

Average Pageviews Per Visitor: 4.5 per visitor. This means that for every visitor to their site, that visitor views 4.5 pages of the site content before they leave.

If we break that down to what that means to us, then the site is getting over 3 million page views a month!

How InfoBarrel Works

You will need to create an account at InfoBarrel here: InfoBarrel Free Signup. Once signed up and you have verified your email address, you will also need a Google Adsense account. Google Adsense is a free service from google, that allows anyone to place adverts on their website or blog. In return for this, Google pays a commission for every visitor to that website that clicks on an advert. The only difference with InfoBarrel of course, is that you don’t need a website to run these adverts on – all the adverts are displayed on the page that your article appears on.

In addition to Adsense, InfoBarrel also allows you to add other methods of monetization – the Amazon Associate programme pays commissions of 4-10%, when a visitor clicks your link and then purchases something from Amazon.

Once you have signed up, it is time to start writing articles!

What Can I Write About on InfoBarrel?

Infobarrel income writing articlesYou can write about anything you want. Without doubt, the best way is to write articles about topics that interests you. This means you can write naturally from your own knowledge of the subject. So for example, if your interest in life is computers, write articles about computers. If you are interested in scrapbooking, write some articles on scrapbooking and so on.

Mind Mapping software is also a useful tool for generating idea’s for articles. Most mindmapping software is free, and helps get those creative juices flowing.

What Can I Expect to Earn on InfoBarrel?

There is no answer for this. It depends on a number of factors, including how many articles you have on the site and how long they have been on.

Is InfoBarrel Worth the Time & Effort, & Can I Make a Passive Income?

If you enjoy writing, and genuinely want to build up a good portfolio of articles then YES! Whilst you will not see an instant income from InfoBarrel, you should see a small, passive income coming in from your AdSense account over a period of time. Obviously the more articles you have, the better the potential there is for earning a passive income on InfoBarrel.

Smart Income Detective Rating

Smart Income DetectiveSmart rating: 4/5 This is a very smart way of creating an passive income stream over a period of time.

Work rating: 3/5 Quite a bit of work is needed to make this work. Aim for 100 articles to see anything substantial coming in every month.

Earning potential: 3/5 Whilst this will not make you a millionaire, it does have the potential to make you a good passive income every month, but this does depend on the amount of articles you have – the more the better.


All the best,

Richard Martin

  • January 29, 2013
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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dreamaker - February 9, 2013

First of all let me say this is a very informative post. i like the site it looks really great.

I happen to be one of the writers at InfoBarrel and I thought it would be worth mentioning that we are presently beta testing a new internal payment system.

This new system will allow a user to sign up and earn without having an Adsense account.

With the new system, users will have the choice of using their own Adsense account or InfoBarrel’s account.

If they choose to stay with their own account then nothing will change, other then they will now get paid directly from InfoBarrel for second tier advertiser clicks.

If they choose to use InfoBarrel’s Payment system for tier one ads, (Google Adsense), then they will be paid by InfoBarrel for all of the earnings through their percentage of page views.

InfoBarrel will be paying members on a forty five day payout schedule, in other words when you make payout, you’ll be paid 45 days from the end of the month you got there.

Of course if you don’t reach the forty five dollar payout, the earnings will roll over until you do and at the end of that month you can start counting to 45.

As far as I know Paypal will be the only means of payment when the new system is rolled out, this may change to checks and other payment methods in time.

There are so many benefits to this new addition to an already incredible writing platform.

For one you get the benefit of InfoBarrel’s massive page views attracting higher paying ads.

Two you no longer need an Adsense account.

With the new strict rules about owning a conforming top level domain with a good amount of content up, its become impossible for just any writer to sign up.

I’ve been writing at InfoBarrel for over two years now and I have over 230 articles published on that site.

I not only make a great passive income from my articles there I also use their user page and all of the signature boxes on each article to promote my eBooks on Amazon.

In closing I’ll reveal a little about me.

I am an author on InfoBarrel as I’ve said, my name there is dreamaker.

I am also a featured author at yahoo voices.

My real name below can be searched on Amazon to find the eight eBooks I have published there.

I write how to books about hot water heating systems and other topics.

Thanks again for this great post and keep up the good work.

Robert VanNorden

    Richard Martin - February 9, 2013

    Hello Robert,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and adding your experience on writing for InfoBarrel.

    Once the beta testing is done, and the new system is implemented, I will revisit this post and update accordingly.

    I did take some time to visit your page on IB, and it is good to see you echoing my sentiments about writing around topics you both enjoy and have an interest in (and in your case, have an extensive knowledge in).

    For anyone else looking to see a great example of using this platform for both personal pleasure and financial gain, you can see Robert’s InfoBarrel homepage right here:


    All the best Robert

    Richard @ Smart Income Detective

Moorika - February 15, 2013

Thankyou very much for very interesting article Sir!

Keep up on good work!

    Richard Martin - February 19, 2013

    I am glad you have found it useful, thanks!


Ahmed - February 21, 2013

ARI can look for this as many income can have from it, thank you, friend!

WestCoastWriters - March 24, 2013

Great info, great blog i am giving this a shot!xx

Tabitha - June 21, 2013

Richard, I was wondering what your own experience of using Infobarrel has been, please. Also, how are you fairing there so far in terms of earnings?

If you don’t use Infobarrel that much and plan to in the future, it would be great to read a blog update on it if you don’t mind.

Thanks and take care…

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Jay Samson - September 14, 2013

Hey Richard,

I just started writing for Infobarrels yesterday, and right now they do have the option of not having an Adsense account, which is GREAT for me since I was banned from Adsense in 2011. Just wanted to let you know. Great and informative post, by the way!


Jackie B - May 29, 2016

Infobarrel, it is! Certainly, this is the best website especially for beginner writers who have yet to find their market and who don’t have their venue for posting their most creative thoughts! I love this post!


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