Public Case Study: Starting An Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

After having a lot of requests through email and comments on my other Amazon Affiliate Niche Site, I decided to open up a public case study and guide you through exactly how I set my site up, and what steps I took.

Many of you will have read my shock at earning money through the Amazon Associates Program through my half baked niche site. I literally fell off my chair when I saw commissions from that site – not least because I had literally only put 2 or 3 articles up and left it at that.

That site continues to do really well, even though I still only have a handful of articles on it (Up to about $150 in commissions from that site now, with 20-30 daily visitors).

In this case study, I want to show you exactly how I researched that niche, and how I went about setting the site up.

This post then doubles up as case study, and also shows how you too can create an Amazon Niche Site in a short amount of time.

I have two principles that run through this case study, and they are principles that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

1. Low cost start up. You can do this whole thing very cheaply (even cheaper if you already have a hosting plan).

2. Simplicity. Keeping things simple is key to Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites, so I keep things very simple.

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Before I go any further, I want to reveal the site I have created.

I have a natural interest in listening to podcasts (listening to them in the gym the car, and even in the bathtub), as well as an interest in creating them (I’m at the stage where I could easily create one right now as I have already done all the research and purchased all the equipment).

So creating a site around podcasting equipment was perfect for me, and I got to this niche by doing the below.


Before you start buying domain names and the like, it is crucial you do some solid research before you commit to this project. Going in blindly will not get you results, and will ultimately lead to failure.

The research is in 3 stages:

  1. Choosing a product area/niche.
  2. Analyse the keywords.
  3. Analyse the potential profitability.

But of course, before doing any of this, you need to decide on product areas you want to focus on. 

Here’s my best advice on choosing the products you want to focus on.

Get a pen and paper, and make a list of things you are personally interested in. The key phrase in that last sentence is ‘what you are interested in’.

Ideally (but it won’t always be possible), it’s always a good idea to enter into something that you have an interest in and prior knowledge of. 

For example, here is my list:

  1. Football (soccer to my American friends).
  2. Running.
  3. Video Games.
  4. Computers.
  5. Cars.
  6. Women (nope, not anymore, I’m married).
  7. Movies.
  8. Weight training.
  9. Podcasts.
  10. The solar system.

YOUR ACTION #1 - Write Down Your Interests

Grab a pen and paper, or create a quick Word document, and list down all your interests and hobbies - no matter how broad they may appear.


Now you have a list, your next task is to shave the fat off those items on that list.

By this, I mean focus on one particular area.

Let’s take an example. I’m interested in running, and I have a lot of gear that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on.

But running is just too broad. We need to narrow it down and focus on individual niches within the running niche. We need to super focus our efforts on one area.

Off the top of my head, here’s four different areas of running;

  • Trail running.
  • Marathon running.
  • Treadmill running.
  • Fun running.

So why do we need to narrow things down? 

Simple really. With each of these levelled down categories, comes different equipment and different types of visitors looking for different solutions.

A trail runner will need different equipment to a runner who wants to run on a treadmill for example.

So why don’t I just create a general running site then, which caters for all of the above mentioned?

You can. However, a site catered for a specific runner is far more likely to succeed than a general one, plus it takes a lot less work. Can you imagine trying to build a site around running in general? It would take hours and hours of research – and that’s before you even begin to start writing your first pieces of content.


This is perhaps the most crucial step of them all. Whatever you do, don’t neglect this part.

You’ve written your list, and you have narrowed down the subject area to focus on one particular area. Your next step is to create a list of keywords and analyse them.

From here on in, I will explain what I have done. feel free to copy the exact methods if you wish.

My keyword research is maybe a little different to what others teach. 

I use two free tools.

1. Ubersuggest. This is one of my favourite sites for getting keyword ideas. Simply type in your keywords and Ubersuggest lists your keywords and all associated search terms from A-Z.


Once you have scraped and downloaded all of your keywords from Ubersuggest, take them over to the 2nd free tool I share below.

2. Google Keyword Planner. With this tool, we can see the figures for average monthly searches for our keywords.

If you’ve never used the planner before, I give a very brief overview of it below.


It is here where we will get a good indication of whether our initial keywords have enough searches done on them to consider building a site around them.

– STEP 1

Navigate to the keyword tool, and sign into your account. If not, sign up when prompted (it’s free).

Select the very first option ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas’.


– STEP 2

On the next page, copy and paste your keywords and phrases that you got from Ubersuggest. In this example, I enter ‘podcast equipment’, though it’s advisable to enter a bunch of keywords in at a time, separated by a comma.


– STEP 3

You are now presented with your keywords. There’s two tabs at the top, I use a combination of them both to suss it all out.


– STEP 4

Once you have the results, it’s now time to start copying them over to your spreadsheet. You can do this easily by clicking the arrows to the right of the results and adding them to a plan which you can download in .csv format. Or you can do it manually using copy and paste.


This is a nice little trick that will quickly measure the amount of competition for your keyword.

Open Google, and type in allintitle: ‘Keyword’. Here’s how it looks:


And here’s how it works. By using this tag in a Google search, you are essentially asking Google to tell you the number of pages that have that exact keyword in their title tag. Make no mistake about it, title tags are extremely important in SEO, so this is a great way to determine how many other sites are also using those keywords.

Of course, the more sites that use those keywords, the more difficult it will be to have a page one ranking.

In the example above, I have used one of my keyword phrases and asked Google to tell me how many competing pages there are with this exact phrase in the title tag. There are just 5 competing sites, meaning it may well be easier to rank for such a keyword phrase that’s included in the title tag.

It is important to note that you should couple this type of search with your Google Keyword data. This particular search term is searched for on average 90 times a month.


Another crucial part is the profitability analysis that you should do before going into any niche. Remember, you only earn between 4% – 8.5% of the total basket price, so this is really important to consider (little point in going into a niche where the items are under $10 for instance). While it’s fine to have some items in this price range, you really should look at the overall picture.

1. Does the niche have at least a handful of items that are high ticket? (I class high ticket over the $100 mark)

2. Do these high ticket items have a decent popularity on Amazon? (i.e, 10 reviews+)

YOUR ACTION #2: Complete Your Research

Use the methods above to complete research in your chosen product niche. Create a specific folder on your computer where you can save all of this research for later.


Once you have your niche pinned down along with a spreadsheet of your keyword ideas, the next step is to sort out your site.


Before we go any further, we now need to purchase some hosting and a domain name. I know most of you will already have hosting, great. If not, I recommend:

Cheap & Cheerful: Bluehost Hosting. Incredibly cheap, but yet incredibly reliable. I started out with Bluehost and still have some sites running. If you are on a strict budget, then this is the host to go with.

Pro & Superior: WPengine. This site runs on WPengine (as does podcast-equipment.com). The cheapest hosting plan at the minute is $29 a month for 1 site.


If you already have hosting, then all you will need is a domain name. Choose your domain name very carefully. Ideally, you will want the name to convey the sort of product your site is about. 

Here’s the domain I registered:


PodcastEquipment.com wasn’t available (well, it was, but I wasn’t prepared to pay $2.5k for it). So I went for the next best thing.

Yes, it has a hyphen in the domain. And yes, I know it is not recommended. Moz says that you shouldn’t have hyphens because these domains are often associated with spam.

However, it is a debatable subject. I don’t think for one moment that any future site ranking will be affected because there is a hyphen in my domain. As long as I provide a high quality experience with high quality content, I can’t see it being a problem.

On another note, using a hyphen actually helps break up two reasonably long words, and makes the name of the site legible quicker than if it was the two words stuck together.


Ideally, you want a theme that is simple and straightforward. Trust me when I say this – you don’t want to buy one of these all round themes that has a zillion layout options. I’ve been there and wasted the time and the money.

For complete simplicity, I will be using the exact same theme and layout I have used on my other Amazon Affiliate Site. 

I use the Magazine Pro Theme on the Genesis Framework, and it looks like this:


This theme is elegant, professional and looks the part in my opinion. As the title suggests, it has the layout style of a magazine type of site.


I’m using just 2 paid plugins for this site.

Easy Azon 4: This is an essential plugin when creating an Amazon Affiliate Site. Forget messing about on Amazon getting those links, EA4 cuts your time right down, and allows you to insert different CTA’s, tables, best selling tables, images with CTA’s embedded and more (My review is here). Also offers localisation, cloaking, open in new window, and an add to cart function (giving you a 90 day cookie period). No need to visit Amazon, everything is done through your WordPress dashboard.

Find out more about Easy Azon 4: Features Page

Thrive Leads: Whilst this is not essential, I’m using Thrive Leads because it is awesome. I have signup options in 3 places: as a ribbon at the top of the page, an optin box in the sidebar and at the end of every post.

Find out more about Thrive Leads: Features Page

YOUR ACTION #3: Get Your Site Up & Running

Get your house in order. Get yourself some hosting, a domain name and a theme. Alternatively, let indigo Heights do it for you. Click here.


As I said at the beginning of this post, I like free, and I like simple. And I said you would probably appreciate that as well.

Thankfully then, creating a simple logo is both free and simple if you follow my advice below.

To design the logo, I used 2 free to use tools.

  1. Canva – a site where you can create graphics, and then download them for free.
  2. Iconsdb – a site which lets you download simple icons in any colour, size or format.

Within 10 minutes, I came up with this very simple, but elegant (I think) logo that I could use on my niche site.


I’m really, really pleased with it. Immediately the visitor can see that they are in the right place with the icon image of the microphone taking central position, with the clear fonts capitalized. The logo is clear in that it communicates exactly what the site is about.

TOP TIP: I’ve used the term ‘#1 Resource Site’ at the top left of my logo. Strictly speaking, this isn’t true because for one it’s a brand new site. However, I couldn’t find another site out there that dealt solely with podcast equipment. Therefore, that makes my site the number one resource 🙂


So the site is up and running. By now you should have:

  • Your spreadsheet of keywords with average monthly search number.
  • Some ‘allintitle’ research complete.
  • Your logo complete.

Now it’s time to put things into action.


It’s one of those things I don’t like, and I bet you don’t either. But nevertheless, it’s always best to get this part out of the way first.

Having a bunch of pages with terms and conditions, privacy, disclosures and the like serve to increase the perceived professionalism of any site.

Although we don’t actively look for such pages when we visit a site, I think we do subconsciously notice them. So it’s important you start with the boring stuff.

I have these pages on my niche site:

Contact: http://www.podcast-equipment.com/contact/ (It’s always good to have a simple contact page on any site you have. I use Contact Form 7 which is free)

Disclaimer: http://www.podcast-equipment.com/amazon-affiliate-disclosure/ (You need this. Amazon says you must have it. This is the official disclaimer you must show on your site).

Privacy & Cookies: http://www.podcast-equipment.com/privacy-cookies/

Terms & Conditions: http://www.podcast-equipment.com/terms-conditions/


The most important part of your niche site.

Your posts.

It’s also time to dig that keyword research spreadsheet you saved a little earlier.

Posts should be:

1. Between 300-600 words.
2. Keyword rich.
3. Focused on getting the click.

To start with, I advise you go through your keyword list and choose 5 keyword phrases. Use those keyword phrases, and copy and paste them into 5 separate posts, and then save them as drafts.

This gives you 5 articles to work on gradually. I set my target for 2 posts a day, over a period of 5 days, giving me 10 in total. 

My next target is another 5-6 per month, which is easily achievable especially if your posts are 300-600 words.

The key here is not to overdo it. I don’t mean on an energy level either. I mean on an enthusiasm level. I’ve often found when working on new projects that the more I work on them in a short space of time, the more my enthusiasm and interest in the project declines.

Don’t rush, and don’t overdo it. Keep your interest up by having a break and working on other projects. This isn’t an overnight thing.


One of the things I decided to add was a review section into the majority of my posts in my Amazon Affiliate Niche Site.

A review section is advantageous because it offers another Call To Action area (see below screenshot).

Of course, I don’t own most of the products on the affiliate site (and you won’t either), so all we need to do is take real reviews from Amazon and use good old copy & paste, as you can see below.


You’ll notice I’ve formatted these ‘reviews’ slightly different to how you might normally see a review formatted. These are little ninja tricks that I implemented on my first Amazon site, and have proved to work extremely well for me. I now want to share these ninja tricks with you. These tricks will help with click throughs and conversions.


1. Copy and paste only a sentence or two. The idea is to give your visitor a glimpse of the review. The aim of course, is to get your visitor to click the ‘read more’ link to go and read the full review (with the link being your Amazon affiliate link).

2. Cut off the review mid sentence 50% of the time. You will notice I use dots. Again this leads to the ‘read more’ link (which will be your Amazon affiliate link).

3. The ‘Read More’ link. This is your Call To Action (CTA). This link is your Amazon affiliate link.

4. You will notice a symbol at the end of the ‘read more’ part of the link. That symbol is this: ▼. Generally speaking, this symbol is associated with expanding something (usually, click a downward pointing triangle opens up further content without straying from the page).

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site - NINJA TRICKS EXPOSED

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If you want to include a review section, Amazon of course already have a ready made resource, ready for you to use.

Depending on your niche, you may want to find reviews that mention your niche.

My niche site concerns audio equipment for the podcasting niche. A lot of reviewers I found were DJ’s, or amatuer guitar players revieweing the equipment. I didn’t want reviews from these people, I wanted reviews from people who were using the equipment for podcasting.

So this trick shows you how to search for keywords inside of these reviews.

At the bottom of any product page on Amazon, you’ll usually find plenty of reviews. Usually they only show a couple of reviews, then a link that says ‘See all customer reviews’. 


Once you have clicked that, Amazon offers you the chance to sort through the reviews.

It also has a really handy search box where you can type in your keywords. So for my reviews on Podcast-Equipment.com, I want to look at reviews that specifically mention podcasts.

So I type in ‘podcast’ into the search box.


After clicking ‘search’, all the reviews shown now have the word ‘podcast’ in – which is perfect because it saves time scanning through reviews and it also makes any reviews we include in our niche site highly relevant to the niche we are in.

Note: Depending which Amazon site you are on, the search feature is in a slightly different place.


With EasyAzon 4, you can easily set up pricing tables with just a few clicks. Just enter a product area (for example ‘USB microphones’) and Easy Azon 4 will list all products with this keyword in it right in your editor. All you are left to do is click ‘Add to table’ and select what info to display in the table.

It’s an excellent feature. Here’s a table I built in just a few seconds:


Here’s an additional ninja trick for you when building these tables. Easy Azon will automatically fetch the title and price from Amazon for you, but you can easily edit the table from your WP post editor.

I edit the prices for some products. I don’t change the prices (as this is against TOS anyway), I simply delete some of them and place ‘Check’ where the price should have been. Again, this is a good way of getting your visitor to click through to Amazon to check the prices for themselves.

(NOTE: Easy Azon 4 also allows you to import ‘Bestseller’ Lists into a post with one click.)

YOUR ACTION #4: Populate Your Site

Get your keyword research out and start churning out some posts, start creating your pages and start making your site look like an authority niche site.


One thing that surprised me was the sheer amount of content Amazon provides their affiliates. There’s a huge amount of additional stuff you can do to make your site even better.

For instance, I’m part of the mobile popover beta. I became aware of it through a banner on my dashboard, and signed up.

Basically, it’s a little bit of code that you insert into your head tag, and it enables mobile popup when someone views your site on mobile. If you take a look at podcast-equipment.com on your mobile, when you scroll past an item, a popup appears showing that item, a little bit like this:


TOP TIP: If you are new to the associate program, take your time to explore the different tools and options Amazon has made available for you.


The site is now live: Podcast-Equipment.com

I have about 10 articles on there at the time of writing. For this to go anywhere, I know I have to ramp this number up considerably, and then get some quality backlinks.

Just before I was ready to publish this article, I also did the following (and recommend you do the same):

1. Submit your site to Google.
2. Set up your Google Analytics.
3. Integrate your site with Google Webmaster Tools.

In addition to this, you can also set up the same thing with Bing.


As with any project, I usually give it a minimum of 12 months to see if it is working. After 12 months, if I’ve seen nothing or very little in return, I bin it. Bag it up, wrap it up, and bin it. Shout at it. Set it on fire. And list it under the category of failures (of which there is many, I can assure you). Or, sell it on Flippa, which is always an option.

Time investment is crucial to me and my life. I don’t like to over commit in the first instance. It sounds the wrong way around, but I like to scratch the surface of something I am doing before I go full steam ahead on it.

There’s stories across the internet and the world of even the biggest companies investing millions of dollars in new projects and investing thousands of hours on something that just…well, fails.

I don’t want to be that person, and I don’t want you to be that person either.

Some will disagree with me here, but like I said, I just want to scratch the surface to see if it is worth scaling up and firing up – small earnings at the start will tell you this.

So first of all, I set some very realistic targets, going on a 6 month initial plan. I believe they are both realistic and achievable:















In short then, I’m looking to earn $150 over the first 6 months. I’ve set this target because that is near enough to what I’ve earned from my other Amazon Affiliate Site in the same amount of time. However, the other site only had 4 or 5 articles on it for the first few months, so I am secretly hoping that these target are met – and easily beaten.

For those of you who are interested in this 6 month plan, June 11th 2015 will be the end of month 1, and November 11th 2015 will be the end of month 6.

Want to see how this goes? Get monthly reports on the progress of this Amazon Affiliate Niche Site, as well as access to my VIP Subscriber Vault by CLICKING HERE


I have absolutely no idea how this site will perform. Absolutely none. However, if it performs as my other Amazon affiliate niche site is performing at the moment, then I will be coming back reporting a success.

And to finish off, here’s a handful of other tips and tricks for you:

  • Interlink heavily within your site, and include links in as many places as you can to your internal content (including the sidebar).
  • Don’t be afraid to create your own adverts in the sidebar. You’ll notice the Heil advert was created by me.
  • At the same time, don’t include too many adverts in your sidebar.
  • Do include content that is graded on price (like ‘Best XYZ for under $100, Best XYZ for under $200 etc). On my other site, these are my most popular articles.


And finally, if you want your own site set up, for just $69, Indigo Heights will do it for you. Included in this is all the basic set up you see on the Bronze Package, the Perfom Mag Theme from Thrive, and Easy Azon 4. All you need is your hosting and a domain name. You will be set up with that theme and the plugin, ready for you to add your content.

Just start a free email consultation and mention this offer.

Alternatively, Easy Azon 4 also comes bundled with some speciality affiliate themes that you can use. 


If you want Easy Azon 4, use my link to get special discounted pricing.

It’s $47/$67 if you get to it through searching Google.

It’s just $29/$49 if you use my link – which is right here.

I will earn a small commission on it if you purchase through my link (thank you) but won’t affect the price you pay. I also have a full review on it coming in the next few days.


Interested to know your thoughts on this.

Have you tried the Amazon Associate Program?

Have you got an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site that you want to share with us?

Whatever your thoughts, drop a comment in the section below.

  • May 11, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Merle Gibbins - May 11, 2015

I found this post very interesting Richard and I will be saving this for future reference. I signed up last year as an Amazon affiliate but I have never done anything with it. I really must try and find the time to start setting something up. Thanks for sharing all the great tips and advice.
Merle Gibbins recently posted…How To Get The Most From Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 15, 2015

    Hi Merle.

    Thanks for your comments and your kind words. I appreciate it!

    You should definitely look at where you can integrate AA into your existing content Merle, good luck with it all!

Renee groskreutz - May 11, 2015


WOW! What a great article. Thank you so much for taking the time to share so much detail with us.

How many of these type of sites do you build in a year? Also, how much time do you dedicate to blogging a week?

As always, great stuff.

Renee groskreutz recently posted…How to Set Up Google AdSense Ads on WordPressMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 12, 2015

    Hi Renee, long time no see. How are you?

    I only have 2 dedicated Amazon niche sites at the moment. I am still testing and modifying the first one, to see what works and what doesn’t.

    Blogging time varies Renee. In terms of content, just a few hours a week with another couple of hours promoting.

    Thanks for your comments.

Chery Shmidt - May 12, 2015

Hello Richard, What an article, you have covered so much Wow I am impressed. I did become an Amazon affiliate last week, yet never really gave any thought what so ever about setting up a website for this.

What a grand idea. I am off to read your article again and this time take me some notes…

Great share.
Chery :))
Chery Shmidt recently posted…Success Is Knowing Your Purpose In Life- Part 1My Profile

    Richard Martin - May 12, 2015

    Hi Chery.

    Glad to hear you are also part of the Amazon Associate program. Even if you dont set up a dedicated site, you can still earn from recommendations you make on your blog.

    Thanks for your awesome comments, appreciated.

Freddy Gandarilla - May 12, 2015

Hey Richard!

What an EPIC blog post on the Amazon Affiliate Niche! …

I have learned about building amazon niche sites to rack in some good affiliate commissions from amazon.com – I just never really taken the time to experiment with this myself. I gotta admit, after reading your post here, I’m getting very curious to find out what I could accomplish with a project like this!

You shared a very valuable and interesting post here man. Thank you for sharing your insights and tips on this topic – this info will definitely help so many people online!

Keep up the great work on your blog here man!

Have a great week!

Cheers! 😀
Freddy Gandarilla recently posted…5 SEO Tips for Youtube VideosMy Profile

Dennis Seymour - May 12, 2015

Love it Richard!

I also LOVE podcasts and women (scratch that, married too)

I hope that new site brings in great money for you for a good amount of time!

Once it ranks, you might as well package up some products.

Too bad I already ordered my equipments.
I got a Rode Procaster + usual boom etc + a Scarlet, AT 2100. Im looking into recorders though, still not sure if I need them at the moment, so I might pop into your amazon site for that 😉
Dennis Seymour recently posted…SEO Checklist: Never Forget Anything About SEO Ever AgainMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 12, 2015

    Hey Dennis.

    That’s awesome my friend – yes I love a good podcast. I want to release my own but it’s on the back burner for a while. I have the Heil PR40, with boom and shockmount, a Mackie mixer, a USB interface (Behringer) and an Edirol digital recorder. It was quite expensive but I bought it with earnings from this site, and although i haven’t started my podcast yet, it does make my YT videos sound really good!

    Thanks for your comments!

Sunday - May 12, 2015

Hi Martin,
That was very awesome! For many wanting to create a niche site, the ideas needed have been delivered here. The steps are systematic and well explained.

I urge every newbie to follow them because they contain instructions that could be applied for affiliate success.

My best takeaways from this post remains the ease with which installations of affiliate links are explained. More so, the tricks on including the review section are pretty revealing!

Just converted this post into PDF format for future reference 😀
I left this comment in kingged.com where this awesome post was found.

    Richard Martin - May 12, 2015

    Thanks Sunday.

    Yes, I have seen some success with the review type sections within some posts, as it really does get the visitor clicking (which is the ultimate aim).

    Thanks for the comment, and I’ll also look into the converting the tips into a PDF (thanks for the idea!).

David Hartshorne - May 13, 2015

Hi Richard,

I read this case study on my iPhone the other night and was just blown away! Honestly I’ve not seen anything as good as this on Niche Sites, and I include Spencer and Perrin from NichePursuits in that. Awesome! Totally Awesome!

You’ve got everything here: Strategy, Planning, Execution, Tips, Best Practice.
I love the actual niche site too; its super clean and easy to read.

OK, some questions.
a) did you think about social media connections for the site or have you found that not to be effective?
b) how do you get an Amazon Affiliate membership? Do you create your site and content first and then request it or vice versa?
c) interesting to see a comments section as other niche sites tend to leave that out; do you find it works?

Thanks again for a great resource to bookmark and cherish!
– David

~ Good job you’re not podcasting this week after the wisdom teeth extractions!
David Hartshorne recently posted…Google’s GAS Problem and How To Avoid ItMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 15, 2015

    Hi David. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Glad you like the site – my intention was clean, simple and easy to implement. I’ve bought themes before that have taken hours and hours in the settings menus just to even get it looking remotely like the advertised theme – this theme though is very easy to set up.

    Questions. Glad you asked.

    A) I have thought about social connections, but am giving it a miss for now. It’s a deliberate act. I want the focus of clicks going on the Amazon links, and not social media. I’m not ruling it out altogether, but for now, no social media.

    B) It was a long time ago – over 2 years since I got in. I can say the AA program is easier to get into than the eBay Partner Network! AA approved me quickly, and yes, I had to provide at least 1 URL where I was going to use the Amazon links.

    C) Again, another test. I haven’t had much engagement on my ‘secret’ niche site, so this feature may well go in the next few months – again, to focus solely on the click.

    UPDATE: I have seen my first commission from this site! Yep, a whole $0.58 – somebody has obviously gone through a link, but instead of buying podcast equipment – they bought a book on podcasting. Great start, even if it is under a dollar!

    Thanks again David!

Bilal Tahir Khan - May 15, 2015

i find this post it is very helpful for me i want to start blog on Amazon affiliate it is very helpful for me Thanks for sharing with us keep up it have a nice week Ahead.
Bilal Tahir Khan recently posted…How to Find Your WordPress Login URLMy Profile

Sherman Smith - May 15, 2015

Hey Richard,

This was a nice break down of how you can set up an Amazon Affiliate Niche site. I never thought about create one, but this gives me a great option.

The creation sounds quite similar to creating blog posts, but less wordage is used. I just really like the fact that you went into detail for each step. You don’t find too many blog posts that goes into detail like this. Many of us veterans and newbies will appreciate this information.

A lot of us have this mentality that you have to spend a lot and create this complex site in order to get great results. You’ve shown that it doesn’t have to be like this. Being Simple and cheap (maybe a better term is cost effective for all the anal people) can also push your site to get the conversions you want.

Thanks for sharing Richard! I’m going to have to bookmark this. Have a great weekend!

I found your post on kingged.com under the category of Affiliate Marketing/Making Money Online
Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Writer’s Block Is A Myth To Seasoned BloggersMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 17, 2015

    Hey Sherman, thanks for your comments.

    AA sites are great options, and I have deliberately tried to cut costs down – you could do without the Easy Azon (tho it does save a lot of time and has some great, conversion increasing features), and just go bare – it would cost under $100 to set this sort of site up. I know start up costs are a huge hurdle, so it was important to me that I should set a site up exactly how I teach it.

    Anyone can copy this Sherman, and if you do give it a go – give me a shout if you need any help!

Ron Killian - May 16, 2015

I’m late again. 🙂

Think I’d be repeating what other commenters have already said, but I agree, AWESOME post. So much detail. You’ve covered every step in the process and some idea’s I had not thought about.

Surprised you gave up your site. Braver than me. Or nicer? lol

Like you said, it’s SO important to drill down to as a narrow niche as you can. Less competition, and usually much better conversions on the traffic. Well, as you’ve found, it doesn’t take as many hits to make money.

Though I have not done too much of it, so people only target product lines with high ticket items. But might be harder to find ones with lower competition.

As for prices, I do the same, don’t list any on my sites. My main goal has always been to get them to Amazon. Don’t want anything to get in the way of that.

One question, I’ve always heard that Amazon was not up for people using their reviews on their sites. Or it is a touchy subject. Was I not hearing that correctly? Just want to stay out of trouble. I get in enough trouble at home 🙂

Home run Richard. Gotta share this 🙂
Ron Killian recently posted…The Blame Game – Your Talking NonsenseMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 17, 2015

    Late again to the party. But you are one of those who brings one of those giant bottles of Jack’s, so late is good!

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. Yes, I have given up the site. I do have another one that I won’t give up though 🙂

    I’m sure this will spawn copycats, but that is always the risk.

    Yes, I couldn’t emphasise enough how important it is to find an angle on a niche, or drill down. I could have just created a site around microphones and mixers, but I’m targeting specific people which I think will make conversions easier.

    As for the reviews – I couldn’t find anything directly relating to this (although their Terms pages are really hard to understand). But their API actually lets you pull in reviews amongst other things, so I guess that is not the case. (“The Product Advertising API helps you advertise Amazon products using product search and look up capability, product information and features such as Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Wish Lists and New and Used listings.” – Amazon). I’m not making them up, I’m just paraphrasing the reviews and giving them a link to read more of the reviews I guess.

    Thanks for your comments Ron.

Anthony Godinho - May 16, 2015

Hi Richard,

This is an excellent post with a lot of valuable information on how to effectively use the Amazon Associate program via niche sites. I’ve been an affiliate for a few years now and have enjoyed some consistent commissions. I first started off at Squidoo, which is no more, but it was a great learning experience.

Even though I already knew a lot of what you discussed in this blog post, I learned a few new things. And overall, it was a great refresher as well. It’s always interesting to read about how others are finding their success and I’m glad that you found yours.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It will be interesting to see how this new site of yours performs and you’ve picked a great niche as well. All the best to you and much success!

Anthony Godinho recently posted…Overview of Google+ CollectionsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 17, 2015

    Hi Anthony.

    Thanks for adding your insights to the conversation. I was also on Squidoo years ago, but never monetized in with AA.

    Thanks for your comments.

Samir - May 17, 2015

Super awesome article and you have shared everything to start a niche store in a single post. Well I’ve been thinking to start niche site soon and this post is really helpful to learn everything to get started and also monetization tips.

I’d like to your promotion strategies for niche sites!
Samir recently posted…TOP 10 Google Play Store Banned appsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 17, 2015

    Hi Samir.

    Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that!

    Good luck with your own site – get it started today, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

Mohit - May 17, 2015

Richard, this case study is going to be helpful for all the bloggers who want to earn money by making an Amazon affiliate niche site.

You have provided all the info that a newbie may want to earn money from the amazon affiliate program.

The best thing you have done is that you have revealed your niche site and the things you did to get sales.

Richard will be trying to visit your blog regularly. I hope that you’ll make many more amazon affiliate niche sites.
Mohit recently posted…9 Tips to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google EasilyMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 20, 2015

    Hi Mohit.

    Thanks very much my friend, I am glad you found it useful, and glad you think a newbie would find it useful.

    Thanks again!

Shamsudeen - May 17, 2015

Hi Richard,

Honestly, you’ve provide very practical useful info on how to make the most out of affiliate amazon niche site.

I sign up with amazon affiliate program some years ago, but never up till now make anything meaningful progress with it.

This post is full of many tips and useful advice…I have bookmarked it and will regularly get back to it when I finally wants to get started with setting up my niche site.

Thanks for sharing.
Shamsudeen recently posted…16 Effective Tactics To Get Traffic to Your BlogMy Profile

Donna Merrill - May 18, 2015

Hi Richard,

This is the first time I’m visiting you via your guest post on Adrienne’s blog. Wow I’m so blown away with this, I want to become an Amazon Affiliate! But realistically, I do have to keep my blinders on these days with my business.

I liked the way you have taken us step by step to create a site. The most important thing of all is to pick something you are passionate about. You love podcasting, so I’m sure you have lots to say about it and many things that you can sell to go along with that niche.

A few years back, my husband had an Amazon affiliate site which we forgot about. We received money about a month ago and couldn’t figure out why. Then we remembered! Between that surprise and reading this, I’m getting the itch to do it. Maybe in the near future.

Thanks again!

Donna Merrill recently posted…Shrink Your Email ListMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 20, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    thanks for coming across, and thanks for the kind words – it was an especially hard post to create because I was building a site – and at the same time writing about it!

    Wow – that is the best surprise ever isn’t it – getting money when you didn’t expect it! I bet you and your husband were over the moon with that one.

    Don’t forget, you can add Amazon links to your blog as it is now – no need for a separate site!

    Thanks again Donna.

Pritam Nagrale - May 20, 2015

Hi Richard,
Great post on Amazon Affiliate.
You have covered every small detail in this post.
It will be great help for starting affiliate niche site.

I really loved the way you have written this post , it is so easy to understand . will share your post , so that maximum newbies can take ideas from this post.
Pritam Nagrale recently posted…Make Money Online – Top 10 Ways to Earn Money OnlineMy Profile

Jim - May 20, 2015

Hello and thanks for this great post. Some people say that Google penalize sites that has affiliate links. Is this true? Do we have to disawow them?
Jim recently posted…Rent a Friend and Give Life a New MeaningMy Profile

    Richard Martin - May 20, 2015

    Hi Jim.

    Absolutely not. Its advisable to have affiliate links ‘no follow’, but apart from that, whoever you have heard from is incorrect.

Samantha - May 23, 2015

Nice article, the best thing about your case studies is you share everything without hiding any secret tips :). Indeed amazon affiliates are the best way to earn money from niche sites.

Thanks for share
Samantha recently posted…Which is better Bluehost Pro or Bluehost VPSMy Profile

Yavan - May 24, 2015

Hello Richard,

This case study is really amazing and helpful for making money online via amazon affiliation program.

I signed up for Amazon Affiliate program few months back but I am not so much interested in that. But after reading this case study, I found that this will be very interesting and amazing way to make money with Amazon.

Thanks for sharing this case study with us 🙂
Yavan recently posted…11 Twitter Tools that make you Social Media ExpertMy Profile

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Nisha Pandey - May 31, 2015

Hi Richard,

This is such a detailed and comprehensive post on the topic. It is going to help so many like me who haven’t made the most of Amazon’s affiliate program.
Thanks for the info. I will use this as my guide to build my affiliate site.

Thanks again! Have a great day!

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Tonmoy Parves - August 12, 2015

Hello Richard,

Just OWA! This is my first on your blog and I’m really so much interested to build #ANB Amazon Niche Blog. And that’s why i always read Amazon niche blog case study and today i checked one of my friend share your this article and it’s make me crazy to read about this one. So that’s why I’m here. And Believe it, This is my big helpful article on this month 🙂

One question, I just checked your niche blog and that’s REALLY great looking and with high quality article and they niche is really good as well We can target any Bloggers, Internet Marketers 😀 I’m thinking to start with the niche (lol, kidding) But the price rang is not good i checked. So now how much you earning month and how much time total you invest to setup and everything and Do you outsource the article If yes then how ?
Tonmoy Parves recently posted…5 Quісk Steps tо Lіnk Buіlding Ѕtrаtеgies for ΝewbіesMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 12, 2015

    Hi Tonmoy. I haven’t worked on this particular niche site for a good few months now, and without going into my Amazon account and adding stuff up that is directly related to this niche it is hard to say – I will have an update soon (in a post).

    I have 4 niche sites at the minute, and over the past few months these 4 sites have been earning me around $250-$300 per month in total.

    Total time to invest in initial set up is around 10-12 hours – that is doing the keyword research researching the competition and then creating 4-6 high quality articles. I then leave it for a couple of months and see how traffic is doing – if it is doing ok, I then invest time monthly (about 12-4 hours) adding new articles.

    Hope this helps my friend!

      Tonmoy - August 12, 2015

      Richard, Thanks for your quick response. I just login my mail and got your comment on my Mail box 🙂

      Would you share, How can we search the perfect keywords for our niche blogs ? Or do you have already any resource, IF please then do share

        Richard Martin - August 14, 2015

        No problem. Sorry the response wasn’t as quick on this one!

        OK. let me give it to you straight. Grab a personal niche that interests you. like what i say in the post, choose something that is close to your heart, and take it forward. Keyword research – I just use what i mention in the post, so no need to purchase anything special – it’s free.

divyansh - August 19, 2015

Hi richard, nice article as i like it especially how detailed you have been, thanks, personally i too believe that the initial brainstorming phase and niche research is the key to any successful website on the internet as it is the most tough but most rewarding thing in the end, anyways thanks for the post.
divyansh recently posted…4 real life examples for how & why ‘get rich quick ideas’ actually workMy Profile

Ellen - September 15, 2015

Thank you Richard for the detailed information.
I actually made lots of mistakes with my first niche site

Now with all the things i learnt here, am going to apply them to the next project. Most importantly keyword research and niche selection.

Tim - January 4, 2016


I really love the article. It looks like many of your images are no longer showing on the article. I was particularly interested in the snapshot image for “Amazon Affiliate Site” below the following copy:
“Of course, I don’t own most of the products on the affiliate site (and you won’t either), so all we need to do is take real reviews from Amazon and use good old copy & paste, as you can see below.”

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Md Arman - April 3, 2016

I study this case study on my iPhone the other night and was just blown away! Honestly I’ve not observed anything as good as this on Niche Sites, and I consist of Spencer and Perrin from NichePursuits in that. Wonderful! Entirely Amazing .I urge each newbie to stick to them since they contain instructions that could be utilized for affiliate good results.
My best takeaways from this post remains the ease with which installations of affiliate links are explained. More so, the tricks on such as the assessment segment are rather revealing!

Just converted this submit into PDF format for future reference .Like you stated, it’s SO important to drill down to as a narrow niche as you can. Much less competition, and usually significantly far better conversions on the traffic. Properly, as you’ve identified, it doesn’t get as several hits to make money.

Though I have not completed as well a lot of it, so folks only target solution lines with high ticket things. But may well be tougher to locate ones with decrease competitors.

As for rates, I do the identical, don’t record any on my web sites. My primary purpose has always been to get them to Amazon. Don’t want something to get in the way of that.

One query, I’ve usually heard that Amazon was not up for people using their evaluations on their web sites. Or it is a touchy subject. Was I not hearing that accurately? Just want to stay out of difficulties. I get in sufficient trouble at residence . Even however I already knew a lot of what you mentioned in this blog submit, I realized a couple of new factors. And general, it was a excellent refresher as well. It’s always fascinating to read through about how other people are discovering their achievement and I’m glad that you discovered yours.

Thanks for sharing your expertise. It will be fascinating to see how this new website of yours performs and you’ve picked a wonderful niche as properly. All the ideal to you and significantly accomplishment.


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