Smart Income Detective Blog Income Report NOVEMBER 2013

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how the Smart Income Detective Blog performs on a monthly basis. Not only may something like this interest you, but it will help me keep super focused and drive me on to improve the site month on month. Included is a visitor report, income report and what is coming up next month.

Previous Statistics

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How it is Broken Down

Below is the timeline split into months. There are 4 entries for each month:

  • VISITORS: The total number of UNIQUE visitors to site according to Google Analytics
  • EARNINGS: Blog Income Report – the total amount of revenue directly made by this site (through affiliate commissions and sales)
  • TIME SPENT: From the start of the blog, I thought it would be a good experiment to record how much time I had been putting into the blog.
  • NOTES: Anything noteworthy that is worth a mention will be here.

Some of these blog statistics will be particularly interesting to a newbie (how much time does it really take to start a blog, how much money does it cost etc.) or even if you are in a similar position to me, compare notes.

November 2013 Blog Income Report & Statistics

Visitors:  2143 (Last month: 1841)
Earnings:  $437.00 / £266.77 (Last month: $743.42 / £465.98)
Time Spent: 2 hours

Notes: Thanks for checking out November’s (late) monthly report on The Smart Income Detective Blog.

I am sorry. Yes, that is right, I am apologising to you personally because I have literally done nothing on the blog this month. In fact, I only managed one post this month, which was the Steve Jobs post which you can read right here.

So why have I only spent 2 hours on the blog this month, you may be wondering?

It is not because I haven’t wanted to work on the blog, it is because I simply haven’t had the time to work on the blog. As you can see from my about page, and as mentioned on last month’s blog stat and income report, eBay is my main online business. Traditionally, November and December are my busiest months due to the run up to Christmas, so the bulk of my time has been spent preparing eBay listings, dispatching goods and dealing with customer enquiries.

And as disappointed as I am about not getting much done on the blog, I make no excuse for the fact that I am concentrating right now, on what earns me the most money. I learned the hard way a few years ago that if you take your eye off what earns you the most amount of money, then you can in fact put yourself in a difficult predicament. In that instance, I created an eCommerce site to run alongside my eBay enterprise. I invested so much time in the website, that I took my eye off the ball in terms of my eBay stores, and consequently, my eBay earnings actually took a nosedive.

On a side note, this can be a lesson to us all: Concentrate on what earns you the most amount of money.

So what has been happening in November then? Well, the first thing I have noticed is the fact that I am getting a huge amount of emails. Emails have ranged form help with the Genesis Framework (the WP theme this blog runs on), to help with OptimizePress 2.0, to more generic enquiries such as advertising and joint venture opportunities.

If you have emailed me in November, I would like to issue my second apology in less than 2 minutes: I am sorry. Because I have simply not been able to respond to, or invest the time I would have liked to have helped you all.



Surprisingly then, the amount of visitors increased slightly this month despite my lack of posts (which has led to much head scratching). 2143 total visits were recorded in Google Analytics, with 1757 recorded as uniques. This figure is up from October’s total amount of  1841 visitors.

Here is this months Google Analytics screenshot:

blog statistics


Blog Earnings: $437.00 (Approx £266.77)

I refuse to be disappointed with this figure. Especially as this figure has been earned from doing very little work to the blog this month. In fact, the 2 hours I have spent on the blog this month actually means that I earned nearly $220 per hour this month – when you look at it like that, then it is in fact an amazing feat. And that is the amazing thing about blogging – you don’t have to put hundreds and hundreds of hours in every month to see an income. A lot of the work for this month’s income had already been done in previous months – it doesn’t go anywhere – the posts and the affiliate links stay forever.

Income Breakdown

Whiteboard Video Software: £91.00 ($149.07)
OptimizePress Software: £135.03 ($221.20)
BlueHost: £40.74 ($65.00)

Totals: £266.77 ($437.00)

See the proof for this months blog earnings below, in the order as above:

affiliate income

income report smart

income reports


No purchases directly related to the blog for this month.

On going costs:

Aweber* ($29 approx £19) – Super easy to use email service to stay in touch with my subscribers.
BlueHost* – I paid 3 years upfront at $180, so this equates to under $5 a month (approx £3.27 a month).

Next Month On The Blog…

Again, this will be a super busy month for me in terms of eBay, and then like everyone else, I will be over indulging in turkey, cheap chocolate and re-runs of Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street as we see the Christmas period swing into action.

Which is why for December, I am not promising anything. I am currently working on a few posts, but as I have always said, I am not going to post for the sake of posting. I pride myself on what I think are valuable and informative posts, and I refuse to be drawn into what other bloggers do and just post rehashed rubbish that offers little to no value to their readership.

One of the posts I am working on is a huge giveaway post which will be up soon to celebrate the blog’s 1st birthday – yep, in a few weeks the blog will reach the ripe old age of 1 year old.

And if this is the the last post you read this year, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy christmas, and a safe and prosperous new year – and a big thanks to those who have supported the blog in 2013.

Please keep in touch by signing up to the mailing list below, and connect with me via the social media buttons just below.

Until next time then…

All the best,


  • December 5, 2013
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Emmy - December 8, 2013

You give me huge encouragement richard, I have followed your excellent blog since June, I have a plan in place for my own blog about growing vegetables from home as that is what I do and have done for the last 10 years. I grow everything from chillies to cabbage and carrots and save so much money I want to share on a blog with how to tutorials, videos and guides.

I would like to know if you could take a look over my plan and possibly give your verdict on it I am sorry to ask here I can’t find an email to email you on.

Thankyou again richard, Emmy.

    Richard Martin - December 9, 2013

    Hello Emmy,

    Thank you for your comment – I really do appreciate every single comment I get on the blog and reply to each one personally.

    Your idea sounds great, if you would like to talk more shoot me an email at richard AT smartincomedetective DOT com – I am more than happy to help if I can.


Jay Samson - December 10, 2013

Congratulations on the earnings this month! I was actually wondering where you had gone off to since the last post about Steve Jobs. But heck, you still made more than me, haha.

I do have a question though: I notice you don’t have Adsense set up. Why is that?

    Richard Martin - December 10, 2013

    Thanks Jay.

    Yes, it was a hectic month and I didn’t manage to get much done on the blog – December is looking the same I am afraid, although I am nearing completion on a couple of posts.

    Adsense is something i have looked at, but can’t help but feel that it is something that will irritate and/or distract readers from my content. It can even take them away from my blog, and for a few English pennies, I would rather it didn’t. That’s not saying that I won’t have second thoughts and implement in the future – I just don’t know Jay, but for now, I prefer to run without Adsense.

    Thanks for your comments!

frank joseph - December 12, 2013

Congratulations Richard and i love reading your blog income reports as it encourage me to keep on blogging 😀
I will start sharing my report next year again.
you didn’t get a pr lift?

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