Call To Action WordPress Plugin: CTA Skin Overview

​EDIT: CTA SKIN is no longer available to purchase - thanks to all those who purchased (we continue to support you) and thanks for all those who had an interest in our plugin.

If you're looking for the best call to action WordPress plugin that will help get more eyes on your money links and lead to more click throughs and more conversions, then you have just found the perfect plugin for you.

Of course, you could say I'm a little biased.

After all, this is a plugin I have co-founded and co-developed with my business partner David.

So it's only fair that I give you an 'overview' of CTA Skin , rather than one of my in depth reviews.​


CTA Skin is short for 'Call To Action Skin'. CTA Skin allows a site owner to create a targeted call to action to a specific link on a post or page, which floats at the bottom of individual posts or pages of your choice.

These 'skins' are completely customizable; images, text, colours, fonts, links are all chosen by the user.

The beauty of these skins are in their simplicity and design. They are made up of 4 basic elements.

cta skin example 1
  1. An image. The choice is yours. Add your face picture to your CTA to give it a more personal edge, or choose the image of the product you are recommending. It's completely up to you.
  2. Call To Action Headline. This goes across the top of the 'skin', and is your main call to action. The text, font, size and colour is completely up to you.
  3. Call To Action Sub-Headline. Compliments the main headline, and gives the visitor another compelling reason why they should click that button. And you guessed it, the text, font, size and colour is completely up to you.
  4. The CTA Button. You may have guessed this already, but you choose the text, the font, the size, if you want it underlined, bold, italicised, what link you want, if you want it to open in a new window, if you want to make it no follow. It's completely up to you.


You may have noticed above that I mention the phrase 'it's completely up to you' a lot. I mention it because it is really important - these skins are your creation 100%. They are unique in the sense that no-one will ever ​have the same CTA Skin as you. 

And that is where other WordPress Call To Action Plugins fail. They all end up looking the same.

With CTA Skin, you can create 100% unique calls to action every single time, meaning that your visitor is drawn to the skin, and is more likely to read the call to action, and then more likely to take the action you want them to take. And in my opinion, it's what makes CTA Skin the best Call To Action WordPress Plugin you can buy.



Imagine this. You have a blog post, and in passing you mention a course you have done that has a discount running. You create a stunning CTA which highlights this course, which fades in after 30 seconds. It looks like this:​

cta skin example 2


One of the biggest reasons is banner and link blindness.

Normal links in text (like this one ----> Call To Action WordPress plugin) are great. But the problem is, once a link is scrolled past and out of the viewport, it's usually gone for good, because the visitor doesn't always scroll back up and click on it.

So what's the solution then?

Simple. Have your most important link highlighted in a non invasive way, on the page at ALL times.​ It makes TOTAL sense, especially in a world where we are wanting our visitor to complete multiple actions, like share on media, sign up to email lists etc.

With all these tasks we are trying to put on our visitor, it's no wonder they are missing our most important links; our money links. And I can give you an example of this that happened to me recently:

1.​ I read a review > shared via social media buttons > navigated to the product myself > bypassed the affiliate link > purchased the product.

This wasn't done on purpose. it was just easier to type in the product name on Google than navigate through the post to find the link. That day, that reviewer missed out on an affiliate commission - because their link was out of sight, and out of mind.

With CTA Skin, your money links will ALWAYS be in sight, and will ALWAYS be in mind.​


Creating a skin is super simple.​

Add an image (or choose your default image), add your call to action text, configure the skin colours, add your link and you are set.

Of course, there are more advanced options if required​, such as loading skins instantly or after a set period, giving your visitor the ability to close the skin or not, gradient colours, making links open in a new window, follow/no follow links etc.

Let's take a look at some of the options you will be presented with when creating your CTA Skin.


Amazon Affiliate Sites

Imagine this. You have a post about a Dewalt drill. You want the click through to Amazon. How on earth have you lived without having a stunning floating skin just begging to be clicked for so long?

cta skin example 3


You guessed it - quick load data allows you to load data quickly. It is a great time saving tool, and you have the choice of either loading your default settings (defaults are things like default colour scheme and default images). This is extremely useful if you want your skins to match your brand and if you want a profile image of yourself as your image.

This saves having to load the same image and select the same colours time and time again, as selecting your defaults will automatically load these options into the skin for you - leaving you to simply add your text and link.

The second option is to load a previously created skin as a base. This is especially useful if you are split testing two different skins. In an example below, you can see that I have two skins on one post - with the only difference being the skin colour. Again, it is a huge time saver.

Selecting either of these options are optional though. Bypassing these options will leave you with a completely blank skin that you can create from scratch.​

Want To See How Easy It Is For Yourself?

Here's a quick video of me setting up and deploying a skin to a post:


cta skin wordpress plugin

​The first options in content and behaviour are display and shut down options.

You can choose to make your CTA Skin display immediately to your visitor on page load, or you can define a delay in seconds if say, you want the skin to appear 10 seconds after page load.

The other option in the screen above is the ability to include an 'x' in the corner of the skin (which allows a visitor to close down the skin completely).​


Highlighting Bonuses

Fact. People skim through reviews. Fact. People miss your bonus offerings. Fact, the skin below has already resulted in 3 commissions, and 3 requests for the bonus I offer after months of zero requests. Fact. CTA Skin gets eyes on your info and your links:

CTA Skin example 4


call to action plugin

Some of the most important settings are above - this is where you enter your call to action text, button text and the URL for the button.

It's clean, it's simple ​and it's user friendly, just how a Call To Action WordPress Plugin should be. And below, you can see how easily and quickly it is to select the colour and font options for your skin:

wordpress call to action


Of course, when you are editing your CTA Skins, there is always a preview pane floating at the bottom of your screen - taking the guess work out of your skins. The skin you see in the preview pane is exactly how it will appear on your site, and all changes you make whilst in edit mode appear in the preview pane in real time.

Watch The Video...

Here's a quick video of me setting up and deploying a skin to a post:


One of the most important aspects of using any Call To Action WordPress Plugin is the ability to measure just how well the call to action is doing. And it is no different when using CTA Skin.

Built within the plugin is two things:

  1. The ability to split test skins. 2 skins can be deployed to 1 post or page, and the plugin will automatically rotate the skins to your visitors.
  2. Analytics. With each skin, you can quickly see how many impressions and clicks individual skin are getting.

Here's an example of some live testing I have done on the Smart Income Detective Blog:

measuring call to action

You can see from the screen above that both of my versions A and B have had around 100 impressions each. but one seems to outperform the other.

Using this sort of information wisely is really important, because it shows what works better than something else. In this example, I really now need to delete Easy Azon 1 skin - because the Easy Azon 2 skin shows I will get twice the amount of clicks.​

You can see both of these skins here. Refresh the page​ to see the alternative version (blue and orange versions). Can you guess which is Skin 1 and which is skin 2? Answer at the bottom of the page.


Social Media

Drive people to your social media channels by creating a gorgeous skin that demands a click to your social media channel.

cta skin social media


Click the button below to get this Call To Action WordPress Plugin up and running on your site in the next few minutes, and watch your Click Through Rates increase, your conversions increase, and most importantly - watch your earnings increase.

Since I've had this plugin installed, I have seen a notable difference in commissions. I've had commissions from my Easy Azon review (after a slack period), I've had commission from my OptimizePress review, and I've had commissions from my TPH vs WPengine review.​

I can also tell that CTA skin works a treat because I have had a number of requests for my​ bonus that I offer with OptimizePress. It's been MONTHS since I have had a request for the bonus - now I have added a skin announcing this bonus, the commissions have increased and the bonus requests have increased.

CTA Skin works. Period.


Get in now and get UNLIMITED SKINS + UNLIMITED LICENSES + get more eyes on your most important money links with our unlimited license package. Single site packages start at just $17. Start getting more conversions today.

Answer: Skin 1 is the blue skin, and skin 2 is the orange skin! 

  • August 15, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Mohanraj S - August 16, 2015

Thanks for launching your first plugin. ways to go. Love the plugin especially for the price. Hope to test soon on my site and before that I will write a review on CTA skin Soon 🙂


Mohanraj S
Mohanraj S recently posted…Journey Of My Niche Site 2015 – SERP Rankings,Income reportsMy Profile

Linda Schrier - August 17, 2015

Hi Richard,

Thank you for releasing you first plugin. You make it sound so simple to set up use and I like the name you chose too, CTA Skin.

I think you will really do good with it. You must feel so excited by it’s release.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Richard and you have an awesome week!

Linda Schrier recently posted…Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Social Media?My Profile

    Richard Martin - August 17, 2015

    Hi Linda.

    Yes it is definitely exciting – the exciting bit for me is being called a ‘plugin creator’.

    We will see how the launch goes, and who knows, it may be a different path for me.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

Thyrone Charles - August 19, 2015

Hi Richard,
It’s nice to see that you released your first plugin.
At the moment I used another plugin like this.. but after reading this, I felt like something interesting..
Great work and I wish this plugin goes viral..
Thyrone Charles recently posted…How To Take A Remote Screenshot On MacMy Profile

Ryan Biddulph - August 22, 2015

Congrats on your release Richard! This looks like an ultra impressive plug in, both with all of the options and with the importance of CTA’s. That unique feature is special too; it helps to change things up, to spice things up. Thanks for the in depth share.

Ryan Biddulph recently posted…4 Fun Towns in Costa RicaMy Profile

Enstine Muki - August 24, 2015

Hi Richard,

Congratulations on putting on your thinking caps, you and David.

When I looked at the green CTA pop up you have below this post, I didn’t see the ‘close’ button so I was thinking something lacks. However, while carefully going through the post, I found it to be an option.

I think you guys have added real value to the WP community. I’ll like to come in as a user and affiliate.

Congratulations buddies
Enstine Muki recently posted…Please Help Me! This is urgent and I count on you!My Profile

    Richard Martin - August 25, 2015

    Hi Enstine.

    Thanks so much, and yes the option is there to include a close down icon, but that is down to the plugin owner themselves.

    Thanks for your kind words.

Adrienne - August 24, 2015

Congratulations again Richard for the launch of your new plugin. I know that you and David worked really hard on this and I have a feeling it’s going to be a big hit.

I don’t think there is another one out there or should I say, one that’s legitimate and as you pointed out in the past can be used on someone else’s site underhandedly.

This definitely does stick out and you can’t miss it so if you’re promoting anything in particular it will really catch out eye.

I wish you both the very best and I know you’ll do well. I’ll be sure to spread the word too!

Adrienne recently posted…The Right And Wrong Ways To Do Influencer MarketingMy Profile

    Richard Martin - August 25, 2015

    Hi Adrienne.

    Thanks so much for the kind words, we have worked very hard on the plugin so far. Thanks for your kind words, we will sure appreciate any sharing you can do to help us out.

    Have a great week.

Ijaz Ibrahim - August 26, 2015

Hi There
impressive post
i am very encourage by this post
keep it up
Thank you for sharing

Swapnil Jagtap - August 28, 2015

I have checked the skin and i am also planing to use for my next website. I hope it will be more attractive for visitors. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sherman Smith - August 31, 2015

Hey Richard,

Congratulations to you and David on your release!

This is quite an impressive plugin and I can see how anyone’s conversions can increase with this plugin. I like the fact that it’s non-intrusive and follows the reader as they scroll down each post.

And I have to tell you that I’m in! I’m looking for other ways to help build up my targeted list even more, and it this plugin you created sounds like a winner!

Thanks for sharing this valuable plugin!

Have a good one!
Sherman Smith recently posted…Is Your Online Marketing Plan Building Strong Reciprocity?My Profile

Nanda Rahmanius - September 3, 2015

Hi Richard,

It’ s a promising plugin. What’s more, this is your first plugin. Congratulations to you! 🙂

I like your plugin. But, it looks like I have not needed it right now. I’ll make this as a reference for me in the future. I’m sure I’ll need this plugin later.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up the hard work!
Success for you!

Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Top 5 Crucial Tips For Building A Successful BlogMy Profile

Carol Amato - September 3, 2015

Hi, Richard,

I want to congratulate you and David on the release of your first software product, well done! You worked very hard and persevered through challenges and your idea came to fruition. Awesome! 🙂 That’s the way to make things happen!

Yeah, I don’t see a close option and since it doesn’t take up too much real estate, the option to not close is an acceptable one, although I would probably have put a timer on it.

Looks really cool and love the clean lines and cool style.

Certainly wishing you all the best and lots of success with your plugin. Have a good evening.

˜Carol Amato
Carol Amato recently posted…Five Copy Hacks To Make Your Blog Posts Even More AmazingMy Profile

Terungwa Akaahan - September 12, 2015

Hi Richard,

This plugin appears awesome! I would really love to use it myself, become an affiliate and more importantly, review it on my blog.

However, 2 quick questions:

1. How heavy is this plugin?

2. Any known compatibility issues with other plugins?

Enjoy the day!

Akaahan Terungwa
Terungwa Akaahan recently posted…Ask Me Anything…Or, Hire MeMy Profile

Gambar Lucu - September 12, 2015

hai richard, is it your first plugin? i wanna say congratulation to you.

Tom Southern - September 24, 2015

Hi Richard,

Congrats on your launch. Sounds like a cracking plugin. Makes me want to create a product just so I can use it now. It’s one of the most attractive and compelling plugin “skin” that I’ve seen so far. The look and feel is really neat and professional. And @Carol’s right, it fit nicely and neatly into content.

Once I get my site’s re-design completed, I’ll be looking into getting it to use to promote free PDFs or other posts.

Great job Richard.
Tom Southern recently posted…Blogging Tips, Strategies And Tactics: How To Sort Through The Pile and Find The One That’ll (Actually) Work For YouMy Profile

Ron Killian - October 6, 2015

I think we need to start referring to you and David as the Dynamic Duo 🙂

No matter the outcome, you two come up with the idea’s, take massive action, finish it and get it out there. You guys rock. Doing more than 90% of the people trying to bang out an income on the world wide web.

Great idea for a plugin.
Ron Killian recently posted…Unlock Hidden Profits From Your BlogMy Profile

Ravi - December 10, 2015

such a nice post.. i am looking forward to using it soon. thanks for sharing keep posting.

LunchMyBlog - December 22, 2015

Hi Richard,

First i would like to Congratulate you for your first plugin. I would really looking forward to use that plugin. 🙂
LunchMyBlog recently posted…Robots.txt file And How To Optimize For WordPress Blogs?My Profile


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