Easy Azon Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review

If you’re an Amazon affiliate, and you build your Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites using WordPress, then I want to ask you one question.

How easy is it to link to Amazon?

I’ll cheat a little here. I have 2 Amazon Affiliate Niche sites, so I’ll answer the question for you.

It’s insanely hard, insanely complicated and insanely time consuming!

Enter Easy Azon 4.


Easy Azon 4 makes inserting Amazon Affiliate links a breeze on any site you own. The old way of doing things is shown in the video, and then the new, easier way is shown (watch up to 1:43, opens in new window).


As well as time saving (who wants to go back and forth between Amazon and your site just to get links?), it also brings some really awesome features to your sites.

My 4 favourite features are:


No more flipping between Amazon and your affiliate site. No more multiple tabs open. All your Amazon links are controlled from your WordPress dashboard, within your post editor:



So you’re a US affiliate, building a site to the US Amazon store. A resident of the UK lands on your site, clicks a link, and is taken to the US store. No good. He navigates to the UK store, and buys the product there. You receive no commission. 

That was the old way. No more lost commissions:



If your visitor hovers over a link, they get a beautiful, instant pop up, giving them quick details on the item and the price.



Forget the 24 hour cookie period you are used to if you send a visitor to a product page. With some clever use of this feature, you can set the cookie for 90 days, meaning even if they don’t go ahead and purchase now, if they do so in the next 89 days, you still get a commission.



So, what’s under the bonnet then? How easy is it to use Easy Azon 4? The answer is very, very easy, learning curve is about 10 minutes and once you have set up all the default settings (like below), it all works like clockwork.


After you have configured the default settings and entered your Amazon Asscociate ID, it’s pretty simple to link to something within your WordPress Editor.

Say for example, I wanted to link to a book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (One of my all time faves).

All I do is type the name of the item in my WP editor (1), highlight it and then click the Easy Azon button (2):


After clicking the Azon button, you are taken to a screen where all your options are available, including product choice. From this screen I can select numerous options like adding a list of best sellers, adding a text link, image link etc:


If I select the text link, you’re then presented with further options. These options are already set at the defaults, but you can change them for individual products:


I change a couple of settings (like enable popup and add to cart) and I click ‘insert’, and on my page, it looks like this (hover over the link to see what it does):

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

See how this plugin has been used on a real Amazon Affiliate Niche Site by reading the Public Case Study.


This is an accomplished plugin offering a huge amount for such a tiny price tag. If you’re a blogger who routinely recommends Amazon products to your readership, or if you’re an affiliate marketer with Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites in your portfolio, then this plugin will take away the stress of adding these products using Amazon’s cumbersome Associates page.

It will also help to increase click throughs with features like tables and best seller lists, and also increase conversions regardless of what country your visitor is coming from.

I thoroughly recommend Easy Azon to anyone who is part of the Amazon Associates Program.


Couple of things here. Firstly, buy through any one of my links on this page, and you will get special pricing for this plugin as opposed to searching for it through Google.

Developer Rights: $39 (Install on unlimited personal and client sites).
Multi-Site Rights: $29 (Install on unlimited personal sites you own).

If you don’t buy through my link, the price is $67 and $47 respectively.

Secondly, I will earn a commission if you purchase through my link – thank you so much if you do purchase through me.

Grab it now: Easy Azon 4 Special Price


What do you think of Easy Azon? What do you think of my Easy Azon Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review?

Are you a member of the Associates Program, and if so, will this plugin help you add links that convert easier and quicker?

Let me know your thoughts on this below.

  • June 8, 2015
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Sylviane Nuccio - June 9, 2015

Hi Richard,

By the way, I’m writing this comment from Wilmslow, England 🙂

I think that this is the dream plugin for affiliates, because God knows how many sales are lost in one way or another when we have nothing to control anything that’s going on when it comes to that.

You’ve done an excellent review with images and all. Great job!

Even though I’m not selling anything as an affiliate right now, I’ll keep that one in mind.

Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Engage And Build Trust With Your AudienceMy Profile

    Richard Martin - June 11, 2015

    Wilmslow, Cheshire. Beautiful town, beautiful county. I hope you are enjoying the UK!

    You are right, it is a dream – saves time, and helps the end user earn money in many ways. Thanks Sylvianne, hope you are enjoying this Great British summer (enjoy – it won’t last long!).

David Hartshorne - June 9, 2015

Hi Richard,

This looks like a very useful, and almost necessary, plugin for use on Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites. Productivity and Profitability must be increased by it. I’ll definitely be using this in H2 when I start my Amazon Affiliate Niche project.

One observation from your screenshots…would I be right in assuming you can only use this plugin via the standard WP editor, as opposed to TCB.

– David
David Hartshorne recently posted…7 Sharp Shooting Professionals Reveal Their WordPress Hosting SecretsMy Profile

    Richard Martin - June 11, 2015

    You would be right to assume that David, yes. it doesn’t show up in TCB (unless you use the shortcodes in the normal editor), however I use Genesis + Magazine Pro for my niche sites (although not ruling out using a Thrive theme in future).

    Cheers David, speak soon.

Vicky - June 11, 2015

Yet another awesome post, I must admit that i never heard of this awesome plugin, Easy azon amazon affiliate plugin will surely help to get more leads.
Vicky recently posted…Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in The WorldMy Profile

Noman - November 18, 2015

Hi Richad,
Thanks for your awesome post.It’s a must have amazon affiliate marketing plugin.I will buy easy azon plugin my asap!thanks again for your details review

Md Arman - April 3, 2016

I study this case study on my iPhone the other night and was just blown away! Honestly I’ve not observed anything as good as this on Niche Sites, and I consist of Spencer and Perrin from NichePursuits in that. Wonderful! Entirely Amazing .I urge each newbie to stick to them since they contain instructions that could be utilized for affiliate good results.
My best takeaways from this post remains the ease with which installations of affiliate links are explained. More so, the tricks on such as the assessment segment are rather revealing!

Just converted this submit into PDF format for future reference .Like you stated, it’s SO important to drill down to as a narrow niche as you can. Much less competition, and usually significantly far better conversions on the traffic. Properly, as you’ve identified, it doesn’t get as several hits to make money.

Though I have not completed as well a lot of it, so folks only target solution lines with high ticket things. But may well be tougher to locate ones with decrease competitors.

One query, I’ve usually heard that Amazon was not up for people using their evaluations on their web sites. Or it is a touchy subject. Was I not hearing that accurately? Just want to stay out of difficulties. I get in sufficient trouble at residence . Even however I already knew a lot of what you mentioned in this blog submit, I realized a couple of new factors. And general, it was a excellent refresher as well. It’s always fascinating to read through about how other people are discovering their achievement and I’m glad that you discovered yours.

Thanks for sharing your expertise. It will be fascinating to see how this new website of yours performs and you’ve picked a wonderful niche as properly. All the ideal to you and significantly accomplishment.


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