5 Ways To Market And Sell An eBook (#4 Will Blow Your Mind)

Ways to sell and market an ebook

You have researched your eBook, planned it all out, written it, rewritten it and then rewritten it again. You’ve got your artwork done for the front cover, you have got your website up, set your auto responder up and even perhaps submitted to the Kindle Marketplace.

Give yourself a big pat on the back. Congratulate yourself knowing the fact that you have done what 99% of people only think or dream about; You have taken decisive action and seen out a project from start to finish.

But whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much.

Because you have actually only completed the easy part.

Now is the hard part. You need to find ways to market and sell your eBook.

Below are 5 ways to market and sell an eBook. They do all sort of overlap, and go hand in hand with one another. And because it is quite lengthy, it may be worth bookmarking this page!

#1 Forum Marketing

Without doubt, forum marketing is the single major reason why my eBook has sold well and continues to sell well to this day.

Without it, I am convinced I would not have seen the sales I have seen over the past 2+ years (over £10k/$16k).

Scrub that. I am 100% certain of of it.

If you only use a couple of ways to market and sell an eBook from this post, then this has got to be the number one way of getting an eBook in front of the right audience.

The strategy is a basic five step strategy:

  1. Find forums relevant to your niche.
  2. Do they allow signature links? If so, join!
  3. Help people, participate in discussion, but never sell!
  4. Become an expert or authority within your niche.
  5. Watch your eBook sell all by itself!

I really don’t want to go deeper than that in this post – I have a really in depth post on forum marketing right here.

#2 Dedicated Sales Page

Second on the list of the best ways to market and sell an eBook is to have a dedicated point of sale for your eBook.

When I say dedicated, I mean dedicated.

A landing page with your eBook cover, blurb, and a buy button. Simple.

Two options that will get the job done easily:

  1. Cheap Basic eBook WP Theme
  2. OptimizePress 2.0 (recommended – review here)

I recommend this strategy not only because it goes hand in hand with #3 below, but because it gives you another outlet to sell – and this outlet will be totally controlled by you.

It also allows you to promote on a variety of different platforms. For instance, if you have a blog (and if you haven’t, then you should – see #5), you can promote the URL to your readership. If you stand out as an expert in your field, then the liklihood is your readers will at the very least visit your eBook sales page.

It also opens up other possibilities – like the ability to have affiliates promoting your product.

Let’s use an example. You have written an eBook on ‘How To Grow Vegetables In Your Own Back Garden’.

You have a blog, and you have a dedicated sales page for your eBook. You will naturally promote your own products on your blog. Your blog reader clicks the link to your product from your blog, and visits your eBook sales page. They can purchase the eBook and download it to their computer or tablet as a PDF eBook if they wish. The buy button on your sales page links directly to your Paypal account, and after payment they are directed to the download page where they can access their purchase.

But also imagine this.

You have an exact copies of your sales page, but with buy buttons from platforms like ClickBank and JVZoo.

So, your URL structure would look like this:

1. yourebooksite.com

2. yourebooksite.com/cb

3. yourebooksite.com/jv

Here’s the explanantion:

URL 1: You would send your blog visitors and email subscribers to this URL. This is the page YOU promote through any means possible (like on forums, blog commenting, back linking etc). You control the purchase because the purchase goes directly through your Paypal account.

URL 2: If you want to add your eBook to the ClickBank MarketPlace, you would use this URL in the set up within ClickBank. And this is the URL affiliates would send their visitors and email subscribers to. This page would be a carbon copy of URL 1, except it would have the ClickBank buy button on it. Of course, any sales made here would be subject to commissions to the referring affiliates.

URL 3: If you want to add your eBook to the JVZoo MarketPlace, you would use this URL in the set up within JVZoo. And this is the URL affiliates would send their visitors and email subscribers to. This page would be a carbon copy of URL 1, except it would have the JVZoo buy button on it. And of course, any sales made here would be subject to commissions to the referring affiliates.

Again, all 3 of these URL’s would be the same sales page – the only difference is the buy buttons would be linked to different platforms.

The reason for using these Clickbank and JVZoo is not only to build an affiliate base to promote your product – it is actually beneficial in other ways, such as receiving backlinks and exposure from affiliates who promote your product on blogs and websites.

#3 Building A List Of Hungry Buyers

This goes hand in hand with #2 above. If you have a dedicated website where you are promoting your eBook, it gives you the ability to collect leads.

You can easily collect leads (build a list) in a number of different ways on your own site.

The best way I have found is using the ‘exit strategy’.

The exit strategy is very simple: When the prospect lands on your sales page, they can either purchase your product, or they can leave your site.

If they buy, then great, job done.

But if they go to leave the site, it means they are not making a purchase. Which is not so great.

So what can we do?

Well, the easiest thing we can do is create an ‘exit popup’.

The good news is that software such as OptimizePress makes this very easy to do.

Here is how it would work:

  1. Prospect lands on sales page.
  2. Prospect either buys, or leaves.
  3. If the prospect leaves (by clicking the back button or shutting down the window), a small popup appears before they leave the page.
  4. You can configure the text of the popup. For example, you could put “I am sorry you are going! But before you go, I want to give you this free report!”
  5. To close the popup the prospect either clicks ‘Continue and leave site’ (without going to the free report) or hits ‘Stay on site’ (which then redirects them to another page with the free report on.)

If they go for the free report (which ties in with #4 below) then you have just been given an extra life – because now you have another chance to convince your prospect that the eBook they were just looking at, is definitely worth purchasing!

#4 Free Stuff and Lead Generation

This is an absolute killer tactic and has the ability to absolutely skyrocket your sales figures.

Since implementing this strategy, I have seen a 19% increase in like for like sales in the same periods of the previous year.

Here goes.

So we have established that you’ve written your eBook. And we have established that now is the time to market and sell your eBook.

The best way I have found to increase sales of my eBook is to offer your audience something completely FREE.

This could be something like:

  • A Short Report.
  • Extracts from your eBook.
  • Additional Bonuses.
  • A short email course.

market an ebookIn my case, I use one of the ‘bonus’ files that is packaged with my eBook as a lead generation tool.

This file is a PDF document with some Microsoft Word templates – that helps people overcome a specific problem within my niche.

The free PDF document I give away is slightly different to the one that comes as a ‘bonus’ with the eBook package.

It is different because it contains two additional elements:

  1. Curiosity Action Triggers (CAT’s).
  2. Advertisements and a Call To Action (CTA’s).

The above two work together really, really well.

I don’t want to dwell too much on Curiosity Action Triggers in this post – because I have recently written an in depth post on this strategy in this post right here. It is well worth a read.

Advertisements and a Call To Action (CTA’s) are also essential inclusions in your free giveaway.

Scattered about within the freebie, I include the following CTA’s:

  • Visuals of the eBook Cover
  • Text links to my eBook website
  • Website URL in header/footer
  • And a targeted advert for my product at the end of the freebie

These Calls To Action are there because I want my prospect to go ahead and make the purchase. It is additional selling time, time that you wouldn’t perhaps have if it wasn’t for this freebie.

In other words, you and your audience are getting the best of both worlds. Your audience is getting a report from you for free, but you are also getting additional selling time within that free report to try and turn them from a non-paying customer to a paying customer.

So how do you deliver your free report?

Two options for you here:

1. Simply place a download link on a page on your sales page or blog, and direct prospects.
2. Create a simple squeeze page which asks for the customers email address in exchange for the report. (Recommended)

squeeze page example optimizepress

Again, OptimizePress makes it stupidly simple to create squeeze pages like above (the above is my squeeze page you can see here).

Whatever you choose, you are win-win here. I prefer option 2 because you are further increasing the chance of a conversion.

Let me explain.

If you create a brand new list in your autoresponder specifically for this giveaway (I use GetResponse because they are cheaper than the rest as you can see here), then you have the option of emailing the customer after they have the free report.

Here’s what that would look like:

  1. Customer arrives at squeeze page, enters their email.
  2. Customer receives email with free report attached.
  3. 3-5 days later, they receive an email from you asking if they found the report useful, and a reminder of the link to the main paid product.

This email would read something like this:

Hey <first name>

I am just checking in on you, wondering if you enjoyed your free report?

If you found it useful, you might want to check out my full eBook – it goes into more detail, and also covers x,y and z.

<Insert further sales copy here>

<Insert link to the paid product sales page here>

So as well as the subtle hints within your free report directing them to the paid product, you are now also emailing them another CTA.

After this, my personal choice is to burn their email details. I call this sort of list an earn and burn list. You are only sending them ONE email after the initial email is sent with their download link on, and the purpose of that email is to send them to your paid product.

So after that, I manually go into my GetResponse account and delete everyone who has received that last email. After all, the purpose of the list was for the customer to get their free report, and I have already sent them an additional email that they probably didn’t expect, so sending any more may be considered spammy. But this part is down to you.

Just before I finish off with Killer Strategy #4, I do want to warn you about one thing.

Giving away free stuff can also have the opposite effect of what I describe above.

It can kill your sales.

The freebie you are giving away MUST be QUALITY. Don’t just go and give any old trash away. Anything you give away will be scrutinized and judged by your freebie seeker – and it goes without saying that if it’s excellent quality, then the chances of a conversion on your paid product greatly increases.

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#5 Blogging

If you haven’t got a blog yet, why the hell not?

Having a simple blog in the niche of your eBook further establishes credibility and authority. It also means you can promote your eBook on your blog, and to subscribers of your blog.

Additional benefits also include the ability to promote other products as an affiliate. We can also tie this strategy in with #1.

Imagine being on a forum, and a member asking a question. You have a blog post that answers that question – meaning all you have to do is link them into your blog post. Once they are there,

Again, I am not going to go into too much depth here – but if you haven’t got a blog to go alongside your product yet, then you should be asking yourself why.

#6 Amazon Kindle

How could I forget Amazon!

Actually, I didn’t forget, I’ve left it until last because it is not something I currently use to promote my eBook – for very good reason.

Amazon pay what is called ‘Royalties’. Meaning for every copy of your eBook they sell, they take a huge commission. For me personally, it wouldn’t make financial sense to put my ebook on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace. This is because my eBook sells for £17, and for books that sell over £6.60, Amazon takes a whopping 65% of the sale price.

Yes, you read that correctly. They take 65%!

So if I was to put my eBook on there, I would receive only £5.95 out of £17.

My product is worth more than that. Because in my eyes, the content of my eBook is not just information – it is years and years of mistakes, trial and error, and experimentation. All of that is worth more than £5.95 to me, and to be honest, I would rather not sell it there.

However, what I haven’t discounted is using strategy #4 on there in future, as I believe you can offer eBooks free of charge on there. Perhaps next year then, I will look at doing a more basic eBook which doesn’t have my years and years of product sourcing experience in it, and giving it away for free. Within this free eBook, would be a link to the sales page of the full eBook, where I could sell and keep the £17 for myself.

However, all being said, I can see the positives of Amazon, especially if you are offering your product for £6.60 or less (and where the commissions are fairer). They have a huge installed customer base and are a recognized and trusted household name – they are just two of the many positives.

#7 Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many others. All of them can help you gain exposure and connect with others in your niche or industry and help you sell an eBook in high numbers.

For me, the best one is YouTube. I can create a video, and then link to my product under the video. It is extremely powerful, and a very clever and cost effective strategy enabling you to market and sell an eBook to a much larger, varied audience. Give it a try!

I am not going to go in depth on the whole social media thing – all I will say is continue to provide value, continue to help people, and you should see a natural gravitation towards your product.

7 Ways To Market And Sell An eBook Effectively

Yep, I know this should have been the title of this blog post. But I  like to provide value – over and above initial expectations.

If you can take that last sentence and integrate it into the above strategies, then your eBook will be a success – I can guarantee it.

Because number #8 is Word Of Mouth. There is no better way of selling your product than customers shouting from the rooftops about it.

If you can make this happen, then the potential profits you could make from selling an eBook will absolutely skyrocket.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found the post useful.

If you did, drop me a comment below. (And if you found it super helpful, you could always click one of the social media icons to your left and share it with your community!).

If you didn’t find the post helpful, well, drop me a comment below and tell me why.

And if you have any further strategies, or comments on any part of this post, again, drop me a comment below!

All the best,


  • April 16, 2014
Richard Martin

I'm just a normal guy, earning money online, hoping to help you do the same.

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Welcome to Smart Income Detective - Start Here! - Smart Income Detective Blog - April 16, 2014

[…] Ways To Market and Sell an eBook […]

Kevin - April 16, 2014

This has given me food for thought! I have been an avid reader/subscriber of your blog for the last 2 months now and one thing I want to recommend to you is that you create a product or members site where you share this sort of information.

I have purchased WSO’s which were less informative than this single post.

Keep up the great work Richard!

Kevin (Releasing an eBook this Summertime!)

Samir - April 19, 2014

Awesome post, I have almost finished writing my very first ebook and was gathering all the steps or tips to sell it on most of the places and then I found this informative post.

Thanks for sharing.
Samir recently posted…Top 5 Most Underpriced TechMy Profile

Kuldeep - April 19, 2014

Hi Richard,
Nice tips to market and sell an ebook. I would like to add one more point in this list and that is solo ads. You can use other’s email list to sell your book. What you think about this way?
Kuldeep recently posted…How to Download WeChat for PCMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 20, 2014

    Kuldeep, thank you for taking time to comment.

    Yes, I agree with solo ads. However (and complete honesty here), I have never, ever used solo ads. Ever!

    I don’t know why, maybe it is just one of those methods that has always been on the ‘to-do’ list, but never actually gotten around to it.

Enstine Muki - April 24, 2014

This is an excellent post with lots of details Richard. A lot of people who have written on the same topic have barely scratched the surface.

I totally agree with your point 4 being the hot cake. It works in the day as well as in the night. People like bonuses and free stuffs. Sometimes, giving the first 2 chapters free works better. It creates a strong desire to get the complete product. You know you can even go ahead and create a special discount link or promotion code that’s only available in the free report.

That’s for the meaty post Richard. Hope you are having a wonderful week
Enstine Muki recently posted…Blog commenting contest – Make money commenting on EnstineMuki.comMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 24, 2014

    Hey Enstine,

    Thank you for your comments and valuable insight!

    I like the idea of giving away the first 2 chapters, and agree with you that it would create desire.

    Thank YOU for the meaty comment, and I also hope you are having a wonderful week too. 🙂

Adrienne - April 29, 2014

Hey Richard,

I think I needed to read this because I’ve been weighing back and forth as to whether my product needs to be an eBook or a little more. Right now it’s a eBook and the main reason was because I had freaked myself out last year about everything involved getting a product put together that I talked myself out of it. Being a one woman show and having to do most of this myself I just bailed.

I decided to go the easier route and it’s almost complete but what I’ve been learning is that no matter how good the material I’m not going to be able to sell it for much so I’m thinking of putting the information on a site and then being able to add even more to it.

Do you have any thoughts on that and I’m asking because you’ve had success with yours but I obviously don’t know the price point so I’m still trying to decide.

This is really great information though about how I can go about marketing it even more then what I’ve been contemplating right now. Bravo for all your hard work putting this together for us.

Adrienne recently posted…DoFollow or NoFollow: Heated DebateMy Profile

    Richard Martin - April 30, 2014

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thanks for your comments and question.

    My eBook actually started out as a blog. It was my first real attempt at blogging, and it ended up failing because I got hooked on the idea of making money from the blog (Adsense and Clickbank). I lost focus of the blog, and went from trying to help people to trying to get them to buy stuff based on hollow recommendations.

    I pulled the blog and content, and repackaged the best content into an eBook. I added to it, gave it a sense of order and put it up for sale as an eBook.

    Here’s the thing: On release, people were clambering all over to buy it. They were paying me between £7-£27 in that initial period (£7 was the early launch price to the first 10 people) – for content that they could have got for free from my blog.

    I will be honest. I was uncomfortable with it all at first.

    But here is what ONE person said to me in an email:

    “…I have found it well structured and well laid out, the learning is at exactly the right curve, and everything follows in a good logical order. Well done Richard, I will be recommending this on the forum you mention in your resources chapter…”

    Here’s the thing, Adrienne: Yes, a customer like this could have gone to my blog and got most of the content for free. BUT, it would have been spread across multiple blog posts, in multiple locations. There would have been multiple distractions, and the content would not have been structured and ordered in a way that promotes active learning.

    I once had your doubts – it won’t sell, nobody will pay me for it, etc.

    My best advice is to go out there and try it. I have seen your superb site at http://www.adriennesmith.net and you are, in my mind, an authority on engagement. Hell, you won an award.

    So for instance, if you had an eBook course on blogging and engagement, why wouldn’t people pay YOU for it?

    You even say yourself here: “…people started coming to me to learn how the heck I’ve been able to build such an engaging community…” (Read more: http://www.adriennesmith.net/about/#ixzz30MYOR5Ue) – so are you missing a trick here???

    And the strange thing is, by the your comment above I am unsure if you are even talking about an eBook that links into your current site!

    From my standpoint, there is one glaring omission from your nav bar:

    Home > About Adrienne > Contact Me > Free Updates > My Products

    Thanks again for the comments, and if you need any help at all, just ask!


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David Ryan - May 10, 2014

Also, you’ll need the help of a virtual assistant or a publicist to spread the word about your book.
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    Richard Martin - May 10, 2014

    Sure David, a publicist or assistant helping you is always good – the downside is they usually cost money, and if you are just starting out then your budget may be tight.

    But definitely one to think about – and another great way to market and sell an eBook.

    Thanks for your comments!

Kanika - July 31, 2014

Hi Richard,

I am new to your blog and i must say i have learned a lot about affiliate marketing. I was also planning to launch and promote my eBook. The points you have shared will gonna help me a lot in my campaign. Thanks

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Nisha Pandey - September 2, 2014

Hello Richard,

Thanks for this wonderful tips.

I have just launched my e-Book. This will be very helpful to market and sell my e-Book.

Thanks again and Have a great week ahead!
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